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  1. My girlfriend keeps saying she wants to do oral on me and "swallow". I know for vaginal sex definitely we'd have to use a condom, but not sure for oral. I know HSV2 prefers the genital area. Would it be better for her to just use her hands to avoid the extended oral contact and then just "finish" in her mouth? The "swallowing" thing apparently is important to her because she's persistent with it. So is it in semen? Having the green light to just "do it" sounds to good to be true. So I'd like to know how to do this safely. Thank you. (I was diagnosed more than 10 years ago and I'm asymptomati
  2. Full paper here: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0264410X18315652 Note sure if anyone wrote about this. I couldn't find any results for VC2 in the site's search. This is a live attenuated vaccine from Louisiana State University. The results do not seem super promising, as reducing shedding/recurrance by < 70% pre-clinical is common in many discontinued vaccines. Still, research is being done, which is always great! Prophylactic conclusions: "Our studies also showed that VC2 vaccine decreases the clinical severity of acute and recurrent HSV-2 disease in guinea
  3. Hi, As expressed in the title, I am Dr. Todd Rider and I invented promising broad spectrum antiviral candidates that I have called DRACOs. I look forward to meeting you all here and hope my presence is helpful. I am here to answer any questions you may have for me --- Ask Me Anything you like. Please post your questions here and I will be online to respond during the following days and times. Oct 29th, 6-8 pm ETNov 1st, 1-3 pm ETI will also join the live chat during these times. Thank you, Todd Proof I am Who I Say I Am: http://imgur.com/PhF99cj Journal of PLOS ONE Scientific Results: http:/
  4. What’s up all!! I just wanna let you guys in on my first year of having hsv-2. I’ve had a very little first outbreak 2 small “sores” that were kinda apart, was scared went to urgent care and requested blood work and full STD PANEL, everything came back negative except for HSV-1 which I had as a young boy, and HSV-2 via IGG blood test. I must have had it for a while since it takes a while to build antibodies ( my levels were like 8 or9). Another reason I was scared was my gf was having UTI symptoms which she tested positive for it but I had her go get tested for HSV and she was positive v
  5. 48 hours ago I noticed an odd pattern of red, slightly raised marks on my inner thigh next to my testicles. (The smaller red bumps above it are from shaving and usually happen appear for a couple days then diminish) Went to walk-in clinic this morning and the doctor was confident this is not herpes but more likely a skin infection like folliculitis or acne (I have issues with acne). I asked for a swab and the doctor told me that it was not necessary and prescribed an antibacterial & steroid cream to apply twice daily. I also asked for a HSV blood test and the doctor said the test
  6. anom1990

    Well… here I am.

    Hi everyone. I’m still trying to process this but I am a gay male in my late 20’s that was recently diagnosed with HSV-2 in October 2018. I haven’t been sexually active since 2015 and have only engaged in sexual activity with four people in my life. I’m feeling a lot of emotions because of this; sad, angry, confused, violated, ect. Thoughts like who would’ve thought someone like little ole me, compared to all of the VERY promiscuous people in the world, would end up with Genital Herpes ESPECIALLY when I’ve been abstinent and just focusing on myself for years. That was a gunshot to my soul
  7. FIRST TIME TO WEBSITE. HELP.... Had a single small spot show up on my penis. Never had anything like it occur previously. Showed up the morning after having oral and vaginal sex with my wife, each of the two previous days, like 6 hours after intercourse. Went to my doctor the next day and he was unsure but suggested testing for HSV-1 and HSV-2 as precaution. Lab Test Results: IGG HSV-1 = <0.90 Negative IGG HSV-2 = 9.55 (>1.09) Needless to say I'm trying to wrap my brain around all of this.... Is it possible the above is a false positive? Have been tested in past a
  8. Since May I have been taking Valtrex. At first it was 500mg once a day then it increased to 1000mg once a day in June after frequent outbreaks persisted. I've had a total of 9 outbreaks since May and was diagnosed with hsv2 in March of this year. The past three weeks I've had severe dizziness, especially when lying down and getting up in the mornings. Today my doctor suggested taking acyclovir 400mg twice a day. Has anyone switched from acyclovir to valtrex and experienced better results/less breakouts?
  9. Hey all, Some people have posted about Tenofovir before - I found an article today that confirms a reduction in transmission with use of the gel. Medical Article: http://www.nejm.org/doi/full/10.1056/NEJMc1511338?af=R&rss=currentIssue Other articles giving a succinct report: http://www.capahc.com/en/tenofovir-gel-for-the-prevention-of-herpes-simplex-virus-type-2-infection/ http://www.medicaldaily.com/tenofovir-gel-may-lower-risk-herpes-simplex-virus-type-2-women-voice-results-308099 Due to the nature of the product, I thought it better to put this post
  10. Today Admedus released their Phase II interim results with the main points being, 58% decrease in viral shedding No safety issues relating to the vaccine Immune responses were generated only in the vaccine group Unblinded analysis on first 20 patients (15 vaccine, 5 placebo) recommendation following independent review to progress vaccine full results to be released 1H 2017 To read the full announcement the link is here http://www.asx.com.au/asxpdf/20161019/pdf/43c35546jbmprc.pdf What are other peoples opinions on this trial? they seem to be
  11. Hey all, I'm kinda new to this and have a question about being in a long-term relationship with someone who is HSV-2 negative. So there is someone I'm hoping to date (haven't disclosed yet) and I'm hoping he will like me enough to still want to go ahead once he hears I have HSV-2. So, crucial to the story is that I have a genetic disorder that means I cannot take the birth control pill, and hence have to use condoms. So, my question is, if I'm taking anti-virals and he is HSV negative, obviously we have to use condoms for actual intercourse (so as to avoid pregnancy) but d
  12. Hey there! I'm hoping you guys can help me sort this out, as I'm really frustrated at the moment. Apologies in advance for the novel! So the situation is this... Trying to be a responsible adult, I had my doctor order a full STD panel a few years ago. In Dec 2015 I tested positive on an IgG test for HSV-2. My value was >8.0. Had them retest me again a year later (again an IgG) and my value came back as "positive" again (with no number value - the test just either said positive or negative.) When I had these tests done I wasn't showing any symptoms and I didn't have any scrapings
  13. http://collections.plos.org/sti
  14. About four months ago I decided to get a full panel STD test. I didn't have any symptoms or reason to get checked other than just wanting to. I went to Labcorp and got my blood drawn. A few days later I received the results, and to my horror I came back positive for HSV type 2 with an IGG score of 1.99. I was in complete shock when I saw the results. I started googling herpes since I knew next to nothing about it, and discovered that there was a chance that it could be a false positive. Anything under a 3.5 falls into a low positive zone where the test could be a false positive. The only
  15. I’ve been talking to this guy for about a month. We are not exclusive, by we hangout regularly. Two weeks ago, we went out and got really drunk. Like, I was in and out of sleep drunk by the time we got to his house. He ate me out 2 times, we fell asleep then he took me home. When I wokeup the next morning, I felt really bad. I try to disclose before sex, but I was too drunk that night. I still haven’t told him. We haven’t done anything since then. I don’t know how to backtrack and disclose. I normally tell before clothes come off. He keeps saying that there’s something I’m hiding b
  16. https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/306175.php?sr “After looking for signs of viral exposures in blood samples, the researchers found that exposure to CMV, HSV-2 or toxoplasma is linked with aspects of cognitive decline typically considered to be age-related decline.” Fucking hell..
  17. http://www.nanobio.com/vaccine-pipeline/hsv-2-vaccine/
  18. http://www.profectusbiosciences.com/pipeline/pbsvax.html#hsv-2 HSV-2 Profectus is developing a GeneVax® prime/VesiculoVax™ boost therapeutic vaccine for herpes simplex virus type-2. This vaccine is designed to ameliorate disease and transmission by preventing HSV-2 reactivation and shedding.Program Status: Antigen discovery stage. Unmet Medical Need: Herpes simplex virus type 2 is a sexually transmitted virus that causes watery lesions in the skin and mucus membranes of the genitals. It establishes latency in neurons, from where it can sporadically reactivate to cause shedding/
  19. Have any HSV+ folks here gone ahead and fathered a child after diagnosis, either naturally or by AI/IVF?
  20. So my basic understanding is: 1. Virus enters via the skin or mucous membrane. 2. Seeks the nearest nerve and then generally, in the case of hsv2, migrates to the sacral ganglion at the base of the spine where it occupies the neuron of the nerve cell. 3. Once in the nerve ganglion it will shed virion which generally make their way to the surface to shed and spread to other hosts (where an OB will or won’t happen). 4. The virus will also replicate and may spread further in the nervous system but generally remain in the same area. Is the above generally correct? If
  21. Haven't heard much of this vaccine until recently. As far as I know, this is a prophylactic vaccine. Nice to see them get some funding. More about the vaccine http://www.nanobio.com/vaccine-pipeline/hsv-2-vaccine/ Link to news article http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/nanobio-receives-sbir-grant-for-genital-herpes-vaccine-300418367.html
  22. Does anyone know if systematic symptoms show up later after already having the primary infection? Diagnosed in August after losing my virginity and have had UTI’s nonstop, unable to sleep well, and feeling fatigued and overall crappy for 3 months now as you all know. No headaches, back pain, swollen lymphs, etc for this entire time, but now it seems like the various symptoms people point out about ghsv-2 are taking their turns on me. I had tender lymph nodes in my groin, under my armpit, and one in my neck last week. I got a colonoscopy/endoscopy last week as well for gastric issues I’ve never
  23. Is it possible for an HSV2+ man to have a baby with an HSV- woman by IVF without transmitting? Is the male sperm already damaged at the DNA level? Is the sperm contaminated or can it be during ejaculation for IVF? Has there been any scientific study on this?
  24. Quoted below; http://www.sciencemag.org/news/2009/11/herpes-never-sleeps Herpes Never Sleeps By Martin EnserinkNov. 18, 2009 , 12:00 AM A new study suggests HSV-2, seen here as orange particles, is constantly active even when patients don't have symptoms. Dennis Kunkel Microscopy Inc./Visuals Unlimited, Inc. Genital herpes comes and goes--at least that's what it looks like to patients. But a mathematical model published in the 18 November issue of Science Translational Medicine suggests that herpes never slumbers. Instead, nerve cells continuously pump out
  25. How can you best protect your wife and other family members from your infection?
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