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Found 139 results

  1. Hi all I had an unprotected exposure 14 months ago after 4 months after the encounter i saw a wart on my glans penis my doctor said its HPV and removed the wart with RF. He also said i have candida blantitis and asked to apply antibiotic cream for it ..After this i start getting some small red dots on my glan penis along with painful urination and tingling pain inside my urethra my doctor said i have NGU and asked me to get HSV IGG,IGM sero done ..The results were HSV 1&2 IGG 0.18<, he said its not herpes ..This was after 5 months after exposure ..These red dots used to appear on the glans penis and tip of urethra and disappear after few days ..In septmber 2017 again i had sex with someone using protection before having sex i had these small red spots on the glans and after sex next day they urethra become raw and reddish and when i touched it with tissue it was bleeding and my doctor said to do HSV1&2 again this was almost 12 months after last unprotected exposure this time the result came negative but with higher range 0.64 HSV1 IGG and 0.62 HSV2 IGG My doctor said it is not herpes but we don t have swab options in my country its only the blood test ..Now its been two months since the last test the red dots are appearing all around the glans penis in more numbers plus i also have very bad urethritis burning sensation on urination and sometimes tingling pain ..i am attaching the pictures here can someone tell me is it herpes or something else ..As i am totaly confused is it herpes or something related to the HPV i already have and if its herpes i just don t want to delay my treatment and i will restrain from having sex with anyone as i cannot take the guilty of giving this to anyone ..I don t even wish my enemy get this Herpes ..It just destroys your inner peace of mind ..Can someone here really help me looking at these pictures .. plzzzzz
  2. I just had what seems like a good idea in my head. Billboards are expensive, a march for HSV is hard to organize, and most other methods are difficult to make happen because people don't want their identities to be exposed. I'm sure most of you have seen vehicles such as cars or trucks with ads on them, right? What about raising money to have a message or slogan placed on trucks and other vehicles which would be willing to be paid for that? Those vehicles travel long distances and more people would see the message every day without us having to do anything extra and they wouldn't be stationary like a billboard, right? I'm not sure how much this would cost per vehicle, but I think it would be negotiable and not as much as a billboard? If we raised enough money on a crowdfunding website for this, would anyone be interested in donating or willing to ask in your area how much it would cost? I think this is one of the best ways to remain anonymous while still doing something that allows us to get the message in front of people. We could include the stats for how many people have HSV, how people should get tested, or anything else that's short but to the point. You can message me if you'd like if you don't want to post here. Thanks.
  3. It is pretty obvious that getting a petition signed can be difficult on social media. People are worried that their face and names are going to be placed everywhere. This is part of the reason why the herpes movement has such a hard time changing the stigma. I'm not going to sit here and blame people for making their own personal choice because in the past I have also made a personal choice to stay hidden. This was only until I was able to benefit from a vaccine that has placed me in remission and now I can no longer stay hidden. Regardless, I'm not going to ask you to blast your personal herpes business all over the Internet but you can still sign this petition. Your name and face will not be blasted all over the Internet. Please remember, change doesn't happen if everyone remain silent. We are just asking for some help to get movement forward in the United States. Please read more information below and a message from Dr. Bill https://liveherpesvaccine.com/2017/01/15/please-consider-signing-a-petition-to-get-me-a-moment-with-congress/
  4. Hey everyone. Im 25 and from malaysia. Been itching for few days now. The last time i itched like this was a month and half ago. I was told if you have Hsv 2 you would have gotten sore or lesion around genital area. My case, i don't see any lesions or sores around my genital. I've been itching randomly all over my body and been getting like tingling sensation. Is this herpes? How would i know if its herpes? Im scared to death to get checked. Living with my family.. Honestly i dont know what to do
  5. *SING THIS* Hello, its me. I'm just a brown skinned, young woman with H-S-V. I've tried to change...... my avi, but nothing seems to work so someone pleease he-elp me. All jokes aside, hey y'all! I realized something was up in Nov 2016. My, once very smooth, lips were feeling chapped and a little bumpy. I was confused. My top lip tingled.... and then tingled some more. For some days, I sat & pondered & researched. Then I came to a realization. These were cold sores. REWINDDD to about 3 weeks before then , I had smoked a blunt (i dont smoke anymore btw yippy!!) with 2-3 others. They were my seasonal coworkers. About 2 weeks after that, I was out of weed (and I was fiendin') so I smoked the end of "this dude"s cigarette (searching for a high i guess)!! "This dude" was an old friend of my mom's and was staying with us for a little while. Who was the culprit?? WE WILL FIND OUT ON THE NEXT EPISODE OF 'WHO DONE IT'!!! jk the world may never know. Mind you, I am a virgin and at that time, hadn't kissed anyone in 2 years more/less. Weeks pass as I watch it unfold. My confidence slowly plummets. FAST FORWARD to June 2017. I couldn't take it anymore. I was embarrassed and did not want to be out in public. I had been having outbreaks almost every 2 weeks. Once one outbreak was done, the next was ready to take it's spot!!! I decided to go to the doctor for pills *DUN DUN DUNN* I took pills for about 4 months and felt like, each day, i was swimming in a pool of hypocrisy! I say this bc my mom is on maybe 5-6 different pills (for high cholesterol, joints, etc) and I am always advocating for natural ways to heal herself. I soon decided I was not going to refill the meds!! I began to research....... I know I am taking a lot of yall's time so I'm gonna FAST FORWARD again. After the one year mark, Nov 2017, the outbreaks became less noticeable. I feel that my yoga, meditation/ de-stressing & clean eating, have something to do with that. .....will talk soon, peace.
  6. In the study, published in the medical journal Nature, researchers were able to show an inhibitor could be developed to break down the herpes virus associated with Kaposi's sarcoma. Scientists say the research could help in the development of antiviral drugs for both herpes and the Epstein-Barr virus which researchers believe have almost identical structure, a UCLA Health release said. The Epstein-Barr virus is estimated to be present in over 90 percent of the adult population https://patientdaily.com/stories/511324251-ucla-study-indicates-inhibitor-could-break-down-herpes-virus
  7. Trinax0

    Should I be concerned ?

    So I had a rash on my vag. Peeling skin, burning and swollen. Two doctors confirmed it was an allergic reaction to clyndomyacin. While they were checking, they ran an STD test which showed I was positive for chlyamidia. I took meds and cleared that up. My urgent care doctor said I should do a follow up visit and check for syphillis and HIV because those are sometimes connected with Chlamydia. I then went and got tested & my primary care doctor also put on a herpes IgG blood test. All my results were negative except HSV2 I tested as follows : HSV1 negative .02 & HSV2 positive 8.0. In my head I was thinking there no possible way I’ve never had a bump lump lesion nothing ever that resembled herpes before. I did tons of researching and freaking out. My doctor then calls me on Monday and told me “all your tests are negative you do not have any STDs” and i said no no no hold on my “mychart” says I’m HSV positive and it’s a high positive and she said correct you have had it in the past but not currently. And I said that doesn’t make sense once you have it you always have it and she said yes it stays dormant but because you have never had a break out it’s notning to worry about and I’m STD free. I then called my Gyno and asked her the exact same thing & she said “your primary care doctor should not have given you that test that test has a very high rate of false positives and being that you have never had symptoms of herpes in your life it doesn’t make sense that you have herpes. She then told me “your other doctor was correct to presume your test is negative and your STD free” and I said so I’m good I have nothing to worry about? & she said “nope if you ever see a lump bump or open sore I want to see you immediately, however I don’t see that happening” (side note all I could see were the test results not any extra notes or anything else that doctors can see) shoukd I still be concerned ? Should I tell future sex partners i have HSV2? Should i get another blood test ? Do I have herpes or not ?
  8. Hi. We all know that in theory it usually takes 12-16 weeks (sometimes up to 24 weeks) to get positive IGG blood test for HSV2. What are your personal experiences of testing positive for HSV2, i.e. time since exposure? And IGG score? Can you also state if you had HSV1 (oral or genital) and took any Antivirals prior to IGG testing? TQ
  9. Hello people well let me start by saying I've suspected that I've had HSV for years now me and my wife. But I've been to afraid to come to her with it. She's had fever blisters as she calls them and she gets huge painful bumps and clusters of blisters at the top of her butt crack and she has major irritation down there often. Which makes me believe we have it. I dont usually get anything but itching and as of lately I have irritation inside my penis and on the head but never had an outbreak. Well I had an encounter with a sex worker I used a condom but for some reason she decided to put lotion on the condom I only received oral from her no sex. After doing some research I found out that can damage condoms. But it didn't tear. But I've been feeling very irritated down there like I described earlier. Is it possible to be re-infected with a different type of HSV or do you guys think that it is something else going on? I've been so depressed lately and having major anxiety. I want to get checked so bad but I'm afraid she will accuse me of infecting her. Also I just want relief I've bought acyclovir online and have been taking them for a day now hoping to make the irritation go away. My friends says it's all in my head. I've been tested for most STDs and all negative.
  10. https://www.change.org/p/give-rational-vaccines-a-moment-to-speak-to-congress-about-the-burden-of-herpetic-disease?recruiter=659087102&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=twitter&utm_campaign=share_petition
  11. I found a research on herpes by using crispr. You may want to take a look. https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0168170216306943
  12. http://ir.genocea.com/releasedetail.cfm?ReleaseID=1041589 This was kinda expected after the phase 2 results? So, what's next? Which vaccine should we be rooting for?
  13. Piyush


    Who else have had a hope that our scientist ll bring the cure within 7-10 yrs from now..!!!!
  14. Need some advice
  15. cracked


    Hey everyone. I’ve read a lot of posts and have talked to some people from the forums who suffer in various ways from this virus. I’ve also heard the term ‘neuralgia’ being thrown around in posts, but have yet to figure out what kind of pain and its origin is for all the people that said they experience it. Please do me a favor and comment below about your experience with it and where it causes you problems and what kind of pain is it exactly? This might help some other newer members also understand. Thanks.
  16. Confusedmw

    Anti virals

    When you guys have prodrome symptoms how many doses of acyclovir does it take to knock out your OB if you catch it quick?
  17. Jimmyjimmyhuapua


    Why we are only looking for local herpsters ? I think we can have it from distance as well for a while
  18. Jimmyjimmyhuapua

    For People Who Puts Genital Pictures

    Dear friends, please stop putting your genital pictures on website. I hate to see someones private area. We are not professionals i understand your worry and anxiety about herpes. But the best thing is to see a doctor and show. It can be something else and people here can say you its herpes. Or it can be herpes bur people here can say its not herpes. So dont show that kind of pictures please ! If you want to show it to someone first open a topic with your sympthoms then if someone will try to help you can pm them. But please dont put it for general.
  19. https://www.change.org/p/minister-ministry-of-health-and-long-term-care-hsv-1-2-to-be-added-to-the-std-panel-of-testing?recruiter=44235138&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=copylink&utm_campaign=share_petition&utm_term=share_petition
  20. Found a good article what do you think ? https://www.smithsonianmag.com/science-nature/can-we-gene-edit-herpes-away-180968551/
  21. One more good research on herpes. I hope soon one of these studies will be available as a product to help us. https://m.medicalxpress.com/news/2018-03-infection-herpes-lurks-nerve-cells.html
  22. Yeah rational vax will have more trouble.. https://www.medscape.com/viewarticle/893989
  23. Jimmyjimmyhuapua

    Herpes diagnosis and other std tests

    Are you getting tested for other stds’s after your herpes diagnosis, all news that we read on internet says about we need to make sure that we dont have other std’s too, my doctor only diagnosed me virtually didnt take swab or didnt make blood test plus she didnt even ask me to get tested for other std’s. My suggestion to you is to get tested for other stds too. Because doctors may not mind this but other stds can lay dormant in body for years and in future can cause more serious problems. ı tested for hiv, hepatitis and syphilis all were negative and my igg was also 1.9 which is low positive.
  24. Here is some very valuable information by Dr. Halford in the past about people that are asymptomatic vs those with symptoms I saw. Thanks to someone else’s post elsewhere: “ The difference between an asymptomatic HSV-2 infection versus a disease-causing HSV-2 infection largely reduces to the duration of HSV-2 replication and/or spread following a primary infection. Asymptomatic HSV-2 infections may be thought of as lasting for 2 – 4 days, and may lead to seeding of <100 peripheral nerve fibers with 1 to 50 copies of HSV-2 DNA per latently infected neuron. While this is still a “life-long, latent HSV-2 infection,” in quantitative terms this might represent less than 1% of the latent HSV-2 DNA load that exists in persons who experience disease-causing, primary HSV-2 infections that progress to recurrent genital herpes. By contrast, a disease-causing, primary HSV-2 infection might last 7 – 21 days, thus allowing far greater HSV-2 viral amplification and seeding of the peripheral nervous system. Such a latent HSV-2 infection might seed 1000s of peripheral nerve fibers (coming off the lower backbone) with 100s of copies of HSV-2 DNA per latently infected neuron. This >100-fold increase in the size of the reservoir of latent HSV-2 DNA is what places who people who experience symptomatic, primary HSV-2 infections at a >100-fold higher risk for a lifetime of recurrences of genital herpes relative to people whose first encounter with HSV-2 causes only an asymptomatic infection. (3) The idea of a preventative HSV-2 vaccine is simple. In an unvaccinated population, 80% of people infected with wild-type HSV-2 will have no symptoms, whereas 5% of HSV-2 infected persons will fail to initially control the primary infection, and thus will be placed at risk for a lifetime of episodic recurrences of HSV-2 genital herpes. In contrast, in a population of individuals vaccinated with an effective HSV-2 vaccine (vaccinated before onset of sexual activity), essentially 100% of people would experience only asymptomatic infections, which last for 2 – 4 days, if exposed to wild-type HSV-2 later in life; this would be insufficient to produce the symptoms of genital herpes. Importantly, the load of latent, wild-type HSV-2 DNA in such persons would be too low to support recurrent genital herpes. Thus, an effective HSV-2 vaccine would prevent both primary and recurrent genital herpes caused by HSV-2, and would likewise prevent the downstream consequences of neonatal herpes and enhanced risk of HIV infection.”
  25. Jimmyjimmyhuapua


    This is the link : http://www.tmz.com/2018/03/04/oscars-weekend-herpes-spike-academy-awards-herpalert/ Yeah we saw on news that herpes rate was declining, how it could be possible if herpes is spreading still ? Its spreading rate should be declining i think but thats also not i say. Just next day to Aaron Traywick's self injection on live video we saw news about how herpes is declining, ratios were saying it dropped to %12 of people so i need to ask them how a disease can decrease if there is new diagnoses everyday ? People with herpes are dying more compare to new infections ? Can anyone tell me the logic behind this ? Shame on them really, they try to play with numbers and statistics to show everything is okay.
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