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Found 169 results

  1. ExhaustedGirl1

    Genital HSV1 scare

    Hi everyone, I’m new to this forum but have asked similar questions on medhelp and to Terri Warren via her website. I’m wondering if anyone can help me with these symptoms that I’m having. This is my story— it’s a long one. I’ve never had any kind of sex until the end of September 2017 when someone performed unprotected oral sex on me once for 2 minutes. I later learned he has had around 50 partners but he claims he has never had a cold sore. -End of November experienced itchy patch on inner thigh that later scabbed over. Never had fluid in it. Currently experiencing similar itch on ribs. Before and after images of my thigh below. It has completely healed now. -Start of December intense burning/tugging feeling of pubic hair began when touched. Dermatologist did biopsy, found that my “skin flared up” and said it was hyper dermatographia although odd that it was only in that area. Recommended allergy medication but didn’t work. Also tried fungal creams, polysporin, steroid creams. Started to feel much better once I shaved. Still have irritation but not as bad as before, especially worse when wearing tight clothes. Sometimes small red specks of irritation are visible but usually doesn’t look like anything. (See third photo) -Also start of December, Buttocks turns red and feels irritated when sitting, only to totally disappear once I stand up. Still happening. Mostly just on left side, a big patch flares up. -mild fever for 2 days with congestion mid Jan (could have just been the flu). Accompanied by a lot of watery discharge that continued until I got my period Feb 2 (odd black and chunky period). Discharge started back up after period ended and still happening now. Experienced headaches and back pain while on period, unusual for me -had a swab of itchy area with no lesions, negative but it wasn’t a PCR so probably useless -had small spot swabbed 6 days after appearance, negative. (Fourth picture) Maybe just an infected hair... didn’t burst or scab over really and stayed for about a month which is too long to be herpes. Had other areas swabbed, need to check with the clinic to see if this was a PCR or not. -two small blister type spots, disappeared after a couple of days. (5th picture is before, 6 is after). Never burst or scabbed, just kind of “peeled”. -Slight burning feeling in vaginal opening a few weeks ago -fatigue since period Tested for all STDs multiple times, HerpeSelect IGG blood test done at 9 weeks and 19 weeks, negative for HSV 1 & 2. Also did a combined IGG test at 16 weeks that was negative. Had bacterial swabs, urine tests… all normal. What’s been really bothering me these past couple of weeks is the watery discharge that won’t stop and the nerve pain that gets worse at night. When I lie in bed I can feel it from my belly button down to my knees mostly but also in other areas at times (felt I slightly on my arms last night, a bit on upper back, lower back) I realize my encounter was low risk, I’m having atypical symptoms, and my tests have been negative... everyone is telling me I’m absolutely crazy and needn’t to move on with me life but I can’t. I found a clinic in San Diego that does the Western Blot and am wondering if I should do it since Terri Warren says 30% of HSV 1 is missed through IGG tests. Am I being ridiculous? I started having extreme stress about my health after I saw the patch on my thigh in November and slowly the symptoms have been racking on. Could I be doing this to myself through stress? Thank you for any help!!
  2. Hi guys I am worried if I got herpes. I have gone to the doctor and they have all said I am fine, I recently had Oral sex from a girl I met. I had it done two times. The first time I was fine and the next time, I felt pain in my urine. Uti tests and stds tests expect for Herpes was done and I was good. The pain went away but I have these red sores and I am confused if they are anything? The doctor said they are normal but I just want some feedback. Thank you guys please comment. My pictures are there https://ibb.co/mV8jbp https://ibb.co/jqnubp https://ibb.co/fGze99 https://ibb.co/dP6gNU https://ibb.co/m9Sz99 https://ibb.co/jcfK99 https://ibb.co/nbg4bp https://ibb.co/kxv82U https://ibb.co/enKCU9
  3. Toolong

    Los Angeles

    Hey seeing whos in the LA area. Ive had HSV1 for the past few years and it sucks not really being able to talk about it.
  4. Curious1998


    Got the call this morning that I’m hsv1 and honestly I’m so sad about this I told myself I wasn’t gonna cry when I got my results but I can’t help it. Just knowing I got this and there is no cure I’m just so hurt about it I feel like my life is over. I feel so dirty and disgusted with myself. I don’t know what to do.
  5. Hi all I had an unprotected exposure 14 months ago after 4 months after the encounter i saw a wart on my glans penis my doctor said its HPV and removed the wart with RF. He also said i have candida blantitis and asked to apply antibiotic cream for it ..After this i start getting some small red dots on my glan penis along with painful urination and tingling pain inside my urethra my doctor said i have NGU and asked me to get HSV IGG,IGM sero done ..The results were HSV 1&2 IGG 0.18<, he said its not herpes ..This was after 5 months after exposure ..These red dots used to appear on the glans penis and tip of urethra and disappear after few days ..In septmber 2017 again i had sex with someone using protection before having sex i had these small red spots on the glans and after sex next day they urethra become raw and reddish and when i touched it with tissue it was bleeding and my doctor said to do HSV1&2 again this was almost 12 months after last unprotected exposure this time the result came negative but with higher range 0.64 HSV1 IGG and 0.62 HSV2 IGG My doctor said it is not herpes but we don t have swab options in my country its only the blood test ..Now its been two months since the last test the red dots are appearing all around the glans penis in more numbers plus i also have very bad urethritis burning sensation on urination and sometimes tingling pain ..i am attaching the pictures here can someone tell me is it herpes or something else ..As i am totaly confused is it herpes or something related to the HPV i already have and if its herpes i just don t want to delay my treatment and i will restrain from having sex with anyone as i cannot take the guilty of giving this to anyone ..I don t even wish my enemy get this Herpes ..It just destroys your inner peace of mind ..Can someone here really help me looking at these pictures .. plzzzzz
  6. Pretty cool article discussing a study done in Vivo with rabbits targeting latent HSV1 and using what looks to be a different approach than CRISPR to prevent latent reactivation. I’m not a scientist, but the percentages quoted here sound pretty promising. https://jvi.asm.org/content/92/16/e00812-18.full
  7. Puni

    Finally Positive :(

    finally i had test after stopping anti virals 4 months ago, last week i had small blisters on my penis tip. now it's confimed that i'm GHSV1 positive.
  8. Herpetic nosodes, homeopathy, micro/energetic-vaccination, decreasing your outbreaks/symptoms.... ok, so what if all the dollars on research to make a therapeutic vaccine were really inappropriate and there's already something out there that can help on a similar level? What is this product? It is essentially a way to homeopathically vaccinate yourself to some herpes viruses (1&2 and others), thereby giving your body insight as to what HSV looks like, enhancing your body's ability to identify, tag and destroy it. What are nosodes. Nosodes are a homeopathic (very minute concentration) dilutions of an energetic impression of a pathogen. So with herpetic nosodes, it'd be energetic impressions of some herpes viruses. Please, I know, I really don't like explaining homeopathic medicine because the more one read or hears about it and the more I explain it, the less I feel others are convinced and the more confusing it is. -But for $16, this is worth a try... So I'll tell about my personal experience. In the beginning of my herpetic initiation, I found a homeopathic nosodes remedy for 23 pills at $40. It helped when prodrome happened but it wasn't incredibly powerful. That company discontinued their product but, by then, I had build up an immunity and things were better. I still experience symptoms of tingling on/around my genitals, sacrum, perineum/crotch and low-level sores on my lips. I'll take SJW for a day and will feel liberated for 3 days then things will steadily creep back. Depending on other symptoms, I have other things I take to address them... But the prodrome will return and the cycle continues.... So I just received my Herpetic Nosodes tincture yesterday in the mail and I tried it. I tried too much of it. I think it says 10 drops and I put half a dropper under my tongue. It was wild, the tingling and whatnot got slightly worse for a minute and then subsided. I felt my spleen organ (to the left in the rib cage) get tense. Usually when an organ is tonified, it will become literally "toned". The spleen is the major lymphatic organ that is in charge of, among many other things, adaptive/learned immunity. So taking this herpetic nosodes shows my body what the virus looks like, just like a vaccination, and my body learns and makes smarter antibodies to identify, tag and destroy the virus. $16. If you have frequent outbreaks, give it a try. you really don't have anything to lose, except $16, which is nothing. Here's a site of the product that I got. https://www.pureformulas.com/herpetic-nosode-2-oz-by-professional-formulas.html I don't know how the long-term effect is. I just got this and started using it 3 days ago and have been amazed. Just thought I'd share my latest find/exploration.
  9. Dopa.lene

    Viral load??

    So ive tested negative for most std's but my doctor never gives me the viral load count?... Is this because im testing negative??.. How can i contract something if its undetectable?? Does that mean it's gone??
  10. Hello all, First of all, wow. What a wonderful community of people here on honeycomb and across the web. I experienced my first outbreak of HSV 1- genital last week and I am so grateful of all the helpful tips and tricks and stories I have read. It truly helped me get through what has been the most painful week of my life: physically and emotionally. I got married in May 2018 to the man of my dreams after 4 very happy years of growth and love together. Literally days after we returned from our honeymoon I thought I had some severe chaffing from walking around and sweating. I was so tired, my vagina was inflamed, and soon after days of ignoring the issue/assuming it would go away, I had ulcers form all over my genital area. And I mean ALL over! Peeing felt like passing razor blades, I couldn’t clean myself properly, I was afraid to eat or drink, I could barely move and most of all the pain was unbelievable. Before I went to the Gynocologist and got visual diagnosis of herpes I thought it was anything, but that. I have been in a steady relationship for 4 years and I was certain there was no way this virus would sit dormant in me for that long. However, the Doctor took a look and told me it looked a lot like herpes. Through my sobbing and shock, I could barely pull myself together. I actually spoke to an on site therapist for about an hour about my fears of my new husband finding me disgusting and viewing me as a burden he was stuck with. I was terrified to tell him. However, when I shared the news I was met with unconditional love, understanding and concern. This negative situation actually brought us closer as newly weds. He has been a great support system for me. Now, the outbreak has cleared up, but I am experiecing some nerve and “phantom pains” down there. There’s a numbing pain in my butt and left leg that is incredibly irritating. Has anyone else experienced this? On another note, I am curious to hear stories of over coming the lack of sexiness and lack of libido after finding out you have herpes? How do you get back the confidence and urge to have sex again? Thanks for your time! -K
  11. I just had what seems like a good idea in my head. Billboards are expensive, a march for HSV is hard to organize, and most other methods are difficult to make happen because people don't want their identities to be exposed. I'm sure most of you have seen vehicles such as cars or trucks with ads on them, right? What about raising money to have a message or slogan placed on trucks and other vehicles which would be willing to be paid for that? Those vehicles travel long distances and more people would see the message every day without us having to do anything extra and they wouldn't be stationary like a billboard, right? I'm not sure how much this would cost per vehicle, but I think it would be negotiable and not as much as a billboard? If we raised enough money on a crowdfunding website for this, would anyone be interested in donating or willing to ask in your area how much it would cost? I think this is one of the best ways to remain anonymous while still doing something that allows us to get the message in front of people. We could include the stats for how many people have HSV, how people should get tested, or anything else that's short but to the point. You can message me if you'd like if you don't want to post here. Thanks.
  12. Dear all, I have created a group on Facebook called Theravax HSV1 & 2 as a platform for people to share their experiences from the Theravax Trails. This is a closed group. Please avoid any negativity as we already have enough of that in the outside world and we don't need it here on this group. You can share your experiences on the consultation, pre and post travel as well so that it helps every one make better decisions. Members of this group can also help each other to travel together to get the vaccine (Not necessarily by means of funds) but just support as it's not always easy to go to a new country for an objective as strong as this. This group is for support. We are with you. <3 I urge the aspiring participants and the people who have been selected for the trails to join the Group and share their experience. I uger
  13. Ok boys and girls, I felt like I needed to share my life experiences with this shitty diesease, its not that bad. I have read and tried everything, even back before the internet. I have HSV1 genital herpes and very rare outbreaks, and they are minor. I can get it down to an outbreak every few years or less if I follow my own advice, some years I have some I haven't. Here is what works: Supplements, in order of importance: Monolaurin Black Elderberry Lysine Olive Leaf Echinacea Vitamin C Red Mineral Algae Reishi D3 Multivitamin Garlic Take those everyday. Base dosage off recommended daily allowance, nothing fancy. If you have an outbreak rub organic raw coconut oil on it, but then let it dry out a day or two, then again one day if needed, but you need to dry out to let the scabs heal and flake off, damn that sounds gross lol. Buy a big jar, add it to food, cook with it etc, its solid but melts in your hand, they sell it at Walmart now, love that stuff, and it will take care of you. I drink, for those who say you can't drink beer read this> http://www.dietandfitnesstoday.com/arginine-in-alcohol.php Drink in moderation, and remember it does prevent nutrient absorption and weaken your immune system - use common sense. Take your supplements early in the day on a Friday party night etc... Heres is what NOT to eat/drink, also stay the fuck away from caffeine! Decaff - nope - it has caffeine in it, chocolate too. DONT EAT: seeds and nuts (peanuts are a no no, I do eat pistachios, in moderation) coconut (only the meat, the OIL IS FINE) *orange juice *chocolate *wheat products *oats lentils protein supplements gelatin *caffeine *all junk food too much red meat processed/white flour products food additives artificial sweeteners Yes I still eat pizza once a week, let me put a star by the biggest No No's up top.... Good luck, you can follow this, and you can have no outbreaks. -DTS
  14. cracked

    Western Blot Results

    I have exceeded the attachment capacity for posting, so wasn't able to attach the results in this post. Here is the link to the report instead: https://ibb.co/dECGEx 1) Initial IgG (August 16; 13 days post unprotected exposure with someone that I found out was asymptomatically HSV-2 positive and 2-3 weeks later she had her primary outbreak): *HSV-2 = 2.00 *HSV-1 = they never tested me for it Took Valacyclovir for 10 days (did not help with any symptoms) (August 17-26, 2017) 2) Retested IgG (November, 2017; 4 months post exposure) *HSV-2 = negative (no reference range or numerical value given) *HSV-1 = negative (no reference range or numerical value given) 3) Western Blot (blood drawn on March 16, 2018 (7.5 months post exposure; copy of results retrieved from physician's office on April 10, 2018) *HSV-2 = negative *HSV-1 = indeterminate *The reasons for the indeterminate value in Western Blot are given in the report; so either I'm still seroconverting or I have an autoimmune response to something which distorted the test results.
  15. Confusedmw


    How many people take just one 800 mg acyclovir and have it stop an outbreak immediately?
  16. Is one worse than the other?
  17. Confusedmw


    Still unsure if I’ve contracted Genital herpes. (Hsv1, and I already have it orally for 20+ yrs) Everyone is saying no but I just am not convinced. Just a question for people who have hsv1 orally and genitAlly: do you have outbreaks in both places at the same time?
  18. Hi yall, so I got tested for HSV and I had my index show up .10 for both 1 and 2. Then my buddy got tested and he's index were .35 for 1 and .20 for 2. My question is why are there different ranges of the IgG testing. Both are negative I understand that but why the ranges in the test results? Can anyone help explain this to me.
  19. Mrbrownstone

    Oral Hsv1 Ghsv1

    Hello heres my situational I have been diagnoses with genital hsv1 my parther has oral hsv1 we have and had unproteced sex with no active lession what are chances of me transmitting to her genital does having the same hsv1 diganoses but in differnt areas mean that antibody with proteced the rest of body? Any one else in a simlair siuational? With a parther having the same virus but in a different location?
  20. Thanks for the add. Currently experiencing my first outbreak on my lip which has made me a downer. Will visit my doc to get tested in a day or two.
  21. Chris Taylor

    IgG results

    Since June I had a risky encounter, tested and have been negative till this point , but back in August I was 0.72 on hsv 1 , never had oral hsv1. I know it's negative but then a month later and 5 months after that I was at 0.20 , I took another one recently and it jumped to 0.58. What could that mean? Thanks everyone.
  22. JeepGirl21

    A New Diagnosis

    Hi guys, I just joined here! I was diagnosed with HSV1 the other day and my counselor had recommended that I try to find support groups. My first outbreak was about 3 weeks ago in the genital region and it was extremely painful. Luckily, I have a really great support system and I think I am doing well considering! My OB/GYN and mom have told me that I did not do anything wrong, which helps a lot. It's important to remember that this is common, and it won't end your sex life or social life. I am trying to overcome some social stigma but I know it will be okay. Is anyone else here college aged? I would love to hear from you. Thanks!
  23. Can someone have BOTH HSV1 & HSV2 in the same location, i.e. orally?
  24. rgreen

    HSV1 Diagnosis & Igg

    Hi All, My recent HSV1 diagnosis was over a text from the Doctor. YEsterday I went into the office to see the full report. I have an IGG of 3.92 positive for HSV-1. Can someone she a light on what the number means? Does it signify a recent infection, the severity of it?
  25. Hey. I’m a native Charleston guy here that was recently diagnoses with HSV2. It came as a shock to me and for the person that gave it to me! Both pretty blindsided but our goal is make the best of it. It’s not a death sentence; it just changes the game a little. I’d love to connect with other in the Charleston, SC area that would like to share their stories, maybe meet for a social hour and help chip away at the “shame factor” associated with something that’s really nothing more than a skin disease.
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