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Found 213 results

  1. I have hsv2 and I’m having a outbreak literally 2 days before I leave. Does the base have antiviral a on hand since it’s on my file would they have some for me I’ve already processed through meps and they weren’t worried about it but they are aware that I could have an outbreak while in boot camp. Please help I’m going on 6 months of having it
  2. Thanks for the add. Currently experiencing my first outbreak on my lip which has made me a downer. Will visit my doc to get tested in a day or two.
  3. I'm unaware of where viral shedding occurs in relation to the OB site? I have a unique situation, where my OB's occur on my upper outer thigh, nowhere near my genitals. Is it still possible to have viral shedding in and around my vagina, or does the shedding take place at the OB site? TIA
  4. Can someone have BOTH HSV1 & HSV2 in the same location, i.e. orally?
  5. SO after taking daily AV therapy for 2 months, I was having severe dehydration, dark urine a few times last week and right back (kidney type) pain too, so I called my doctor and pharmacist. My Dr (gyno)said that wasn't a side effect from Avs. My pharmacist said to stop taking the drug and call my Dr. Another DR (dermatologist) also said AVs were perfectly safe and it couldn't be the reason for my dehydration unless I had AIDs/HIV ( my test was negative for that). A third Dr (primary care office) wouldn't even discuss the AVs relating to my issues during my appt to find out whats going on--not sure if because it "was too embarrassing" or if because they didn't prescribe that med. (They wouldn't even release my urinalysis despite my calling them twice, even though the results were" in." Finally I got the results from 2 days ago online this morning.) I stopped taking AVs for almost 2 days, I started feeling better immediately, but on day 2 , of course I got an OB. This time its in another new location, Usually in the past its always on the left side of my body (genital or butt area but various locations --rarely the same place), but this time its on right side. Of course it hurts, but not any real majorly noticable prodomal symptoms beside the on and off tingling I have almost everyday anyway. Just woke up last night a little itchy in one spot. And of course -- there it was this morning. I did have a hard workout at the gym yesterday and my muscles were sore this morning but I did a recovery with protein and L-Glutamine. I also drank 4 -5 ounces of coffee earlier yesterday too. This disease is totally interfering with "Living my Life normally" There is no riding a horse by the lake like in the Valtrex ads going on here. I don't know what to do anymore. Drs don't care. They are not listening or trying to figure out how to help me. Some treat me like I am a leper or a crazy person -or i feel like they are treating me that way anyway. I feel like I have some immune system problem because this is so constant. None of the Drs know about, or want to hear about, or will consider prescribing LDN. Even when taking the AVs I got a small OB 2 weeks ago- very minor one, but there none the less. This one hurts however and is making me sad and miserable. Do i risk my kidneys/renal failure? Or constant PAINFUL Obs? I think dialysis might be worse, but I am not sure. I cannot deal with all this bullshit anymore. I am losing all hope.
  6. Hey. I’m a native Charleston guy here that was recently diagnoses with HSV2. It came as a shock to me and for the person that gave it to me! Both pretty blindsided but our goal is make the best of it. It’s not a death sentence; it just changes the game a little. I’d love to connect with other in the Charleston, SC area that would like to share their stories, maybe meet for a social hour and help chip away at the “shame factor” associated with something that’s really nothing more than a skin disease.
  7. Recently I went got tested 7 days after exposure and my numbers were 1.51 , should I get retested ?
  8. Leg pain hsv2

    Hi . So I caught herpes 2 in mid December only had 3 little ulcers under my forskin they healed up fine within two weeks but ever since then I have been getting tingling feeling down there and the main concern is i have realy sore knees and leg muscles . Before December i was running over 5 km now even just walking my muscles are in pain and cramping . Does this sound like herpes 2 or something else. I've been suffering alot of anxiety and stress worrying that it's something else
  9. Hi everyone. Last Sunday I was a bit itchy in my clitoral area so I decided to snap a pic of the area. Please see the attached picture. It didn’t hurt, burn when pee touched, or anything. Also the spot was gone and completely clear in a matter of 12 hours. I did have a yeast infection but the medicine took care of all itching, albeit mild. Can someone please tell me if this looks like herpes? I’ve shown 2 doctors and a member on here and they’ve all said it doesn’t look like herpes. Please let me know. Thanks
  10. Confused and concerned

    Hi, New to this forum. I am slightly concerned and confused based on going out with someone for a short time. I had been talking to a woman for about a month but we hadn't gone out yet. We went out 3 times over the last week or so and have only kissed and nothing more. Last night we were kissing while watching tv and she told me that she had to tell me something. She said she had HSV2 and wanted to tell me before it got further along. I have never done any research or am not well educated on HSV2, and am a little afraid. She said that she is 100% confident that us kissing was safe and I had nothing to worry about. She said that HSv2 can not be transmitted by kissing and that she has never had any cold sores or anything related to HSV1. I like this woman, but I am confused and scared a little. What are the chances that I might have been exposed and it transmitted to me? What is the best approach as far as finding out and getting a peace of mind? Do I call my doctor or what? Sorry for posting here I am not sure what the correct area was. any thoughts or information would be greatly appreciated
  11. I have been getting these weird red spots randomly on shaft and my shaft looks red in certain areas.. Anyone ever had this? Bad picture but you can see the discoloration.
  12. Greenish Discharge

    Hello ladies, I have never had an outbreak of lesion ulcer type that I know of, but have experienced the annoying itch and redness. I have had this greenish tinged discharge on and off with labia irritation and dryness. BV, Gon, Trich, and yeast tests done. Have done these tests several times all with normal results. Have any of you experienced this? I am wondering if this is cervicitis from internal herpes outbreaks. Has anyone on here been diagnosed with this from herpes?
  13. Weird symptoms

    I see people writing on here that when they contact herpes they mostly get an outbreak and get tested and Are confirmed positive.. Are there any people on here who never had a breakout, but have Weird symptoms like me, but never test positive? I get itchy testicles all day, heat feeling on right side of my body, headaches constantly, and pain on my butt cheek like after you get a shot.. Any input here please??
  14. I just had what seems like a good idea in my head. Billboards are expensive, a march for HSV is hard to organize, and most other methods are difficult to make happen because people don't want their identities to be exposed. I'm sure most of you have seen vehicles such as cars or trucks with ads on them, right? What about raising money to have a message or slogan placed on trucks and other vehicles which would be willing to be paid for that? Those vehicles travel long distances and more people would see the message every day without us having to do anything extra and they wouldn't be stationary like a billboard, right? I'm not sure how much this would cost per vehicle, but I think it would be negotiable and not as much as a billboard? If we raised enough money on a crowdfunding website for this, would anyone be interested in donating or willing to ask in your area how much it would cost? I think this is one of the best ways to remain anonymous while still doing something that allows us to get the message in front of people. We could include the stats for how many people have HSV, how people should get tested, or anything else that's short but to the point. You can message me if you'd like if you don't want to post here. Thanks.
  15. Here’s a newly published and a pretty good article by BuzzFeed on HSV. It’s a long article, but very informative for any new people registering on here freaking out and worrying about the virus that anyone can get: https://www.buzzfeed.com/carolinekee/herpes-how-to-treat-cold-sores?utm_term=.kw7Jk3Nl8#.qxEPBVaNZ “A lot of people are infected with the herpes simplex virus. According to the World Health Organization, an estimated 3.7 billion people under the age of 50 (or 67%) are infected with HSV-1, globally. HSV-2 is less common, but still prevalent. "If you were to give everyone blood tests, the number would be very high — up to 80% of people have HSV-1 — but a lot of people who have HSV-1 don't realize it because they never have any symptoms”
  16. Has anyone actually tried the colloidal silver protocol? testimonials please Did it help? did it do nothing? did you turn blue? etc etc...
  17. Low Positive HSV-2

    About four months ago I decided to get a full panel STD test. I didn't have any symptoms or reason to get checked other than just wanting to. I went to Labcorp and got my blood drawn. A few days later I received the results, and to my horror I came back positive for HSV type 2 with an IGG score of 1.99. I was in complete shock when I saw the results. I started googling herpes since I knew next to nothing about it, and discovered that there was a chance that it could be a false positive. Anything under a 3.5 falls into a low positive zone where the test could be a false positive. The only way to know for sure was so send my blood off for a Western Blot test, which is 99% accurate. So I waited the three months that they recommend and then sent off for the test. The process was really easy. I just contacted Terri Warren at westover heights clinic and she helped me with everything! It was by far the longest three months of my life though. I got the results back today and I am NEGATIVE!!!!!!! If you are diagnosed but fall into that low positive zone, do yourself a favor and get the western blot. It isn't cheap but it is worth the peace of mind. This is a forever diagnosis.
  18. Hi everyone today i sent an e mail to herpes.org.uk asked them to contact with researchers from Einstein School of Medicine as herpes foundation and ask about their vaccine work. I am sure this will be better. I also want from others to do the same we can contact with foundations and give them idea. I will wait for answer from them and will share with you. I also wanted to contact with American herpes foundation but they dont have contact mail or phone. We can ask these foundations to contact with excision about their work, To contact ongoing trials. I am sure that we will br helping them by our findings and researches. We can make a lake by drops.. If everyone here tries to drop we can have a big lake... Then i will be hopefull really.
  19. So i just want to put my 2 cents in so people will have a reference now that im 100% sure its HSV2 as i tested positive. After exposure 2 days later the girl i slept with said she has some pain down there and she is visiting a gyno i said well ok. She came back and said the gyno said its herpes and she might have gave it to me and i said i have no symptoms at all! Than 10 minutes later i went to the toilet and begun inspecting and seen a white 1x1 cm patch on the shaft nothing even close to what herpes looks like! The second i saw it i knew well damn... This lasted for about 10 days and the white patch started to put puss out like when you get a wound infected but no pain at all. Next day i would up around 4 in the morning with a sudden feeling like i will faint and i started sweating like crazy and had diarrhea, it lasted for 10 min and passed i went to sleep... I started to put my penis pointing downwards in my underwear because the patch was at the shaft middle facing away from me and if i keep ip upright it would scratch the underwear and i thought it would make it worse by iritating it. But by pointing it dowards it was touching my scrotum and the same lession appeared on my scroutm than it scabbed in a circular from small cuts like scabs. When it was scabing i was afraid and took ancyclovir on day 15 but first i went to take out blood and make a test that came back negative 1&2.. I started noticing my toungue was white and has spots like someone has revealed new skin while other was white-ish. Made a new HSV test at day 100 and came back positive, i also made other STD tests all negative for 3 times in a row.. Summary: Day 2: White patch, sweating, diarrhea. Day 10: The white patch had puss coming out similar to a pimple (green/yellow) Day 15: Startet using acyclovir for 5 days From day 15: visited 4 different dermatologysts all confirmed it is not HSV and im fine Day 16: Testing: Syphilis, HIV, HSV 1&2 IGG,IGM, Hepatitis B -----> All negative (first laboratory) Day 20: I had like sudden stabbs in my bladder like someone would put a neadle to it a few time 5-6 times all laster a milisecond and gone.. Day 30: Went to a doctor as my groin got inflamed just red flaky skin that got diagnosed as dermatitis and got a cream called Triderm a cortisteroid cream to use 7 days and it did help a lot it basicly disapeared after 10 days Day 35: Bloated, pain in stomach, growling noises presisted for 30 days and growling A LOT totaly odd like i was hungry.. Day 50: Testing: HIV, HSV 1&2 IGG,IGM, Hepatitis A,B,C -----> All negative (second laboratory this time) Day 100: Testing HIV, Syphilis,Chlamidia -----> All negative (third laboratory) HSV1/2 (this lab had no specification on type unfortunately) ----> IGM Border positive HSV1/2 ----> IGG (Negative < 1:230, my resutl 1:1100) So im 1100 and neg is under 230 so its positive on IGG. Day 110: Urine culture too see if i had any bacteria and came back all good nothing to worry about -------------------------- Day 115 now and i have issues like itching, burning, sudden zings ect. in my groin / thights no lessions whatsoever... Hope someone will find this helpful...
  20. Yes, its time to be realistic. I come to visit website to see is there any new vaccine news or cure news but unfortunately there is no. Yes almost all vaccine trials failed. There are new candidates but even if they start to their clinical trials this year it will be years at least to be on the market. Crispr is a different method i dont know about how would be its clinical trials because if they can eradicate the virus from body, the trial process should be different than a drug. If they eradicate the virus from body they will not wait 10 years to prove its effectiveness i think. Anyway in neares future pritelivir will be doing their phase 3 and they are promising. We wont have a vax we will have a better pill also there is a viblok option. If that cream will be available on the market then we can have safe intercourse. What a good life... 30-40 years later we get one better pill and a gel. Plus we will buy supplements... I only hope that Crispr will work in nearest future and we will get a cure otherwise we will wait for 10 years more. And i will be 40 that time. Not bad ofc but there is not guarantee also for future vax candidates will work...
  21. Hi, is there anyone from Turkey ?
  22. A nervous wreck

    Hello So roughly 5 days ago I had a one night stand with a female who told me she was positive for HSV 2. She had been diagnosed about a half a year back but said she had an outbreak a month back and was on a daily medication. At the time of intercourse she said she had no symptoms at all. Anyways, we had intercourse in which during this time the condom did break I put another one on we finished. I immediately felt regret but didn’t want to make the lady feel bad but I washed my genitals off with hot water and soap, also plenty of rubbing alcohol and peroxide as I was in a frenzy. I do have HSV 1 oral. I have no symptoms therefore my doctor would not conduct a blood test. Am I over worried? Should I not have sex for the 3 months? Anyone please put my mind at ease, it seems a lot of physicians are uneducated in the field. If I don’t have symptoms in 2 weeks should I calm down or just pay for the test out of pocket?
  23. Any hsv2 folks get very bad headaches, to point of getting out of it?
  24. Hi guys, like to share my story of disclosing to a very special person. First like 7 moths ago i was diagnosed with hsv2. I felt depressed and focussed on my kids and my new job..not thinking of love because i was trying to block that. I was already sure that nobody could ever love me again. After a few moths i met somebody in town. I knew his face and person a long time because he is an artist in my hometown. we never met in person but i saw him and liked him a lot... we got in contact and we met on a official date.. i was blown away by this man. we talked on the phone every day and felt i got attached already and worried. so i told him on the phone that the next time we see each other i needed to tell him something that he was not going to like and that maybe everything was about to change for us. he liked me, and he told me that i could speak, and maybe it would be easier on the phone. of course he was courious and he promised me that everything that was said would stay between us. that was very important because half our town knows him.... it scared me a lot. i took a leap of faith and told him about what happend to me. He told me that everything was ok, he was amazed by my honesty. He told me that it spoke for my personality. he asked of course how life was since i was diagnosed. This man has been amazing for me ever since. He is not scared of my body. He is not worried.. we enjoy each other. I told myself that 9 out of 10 would walk away...this was the first man i disclosed.. he looks at me as the person i am.. we tend to make te virus take over everything. i hope we take matters into our hands and start building the life we want and deserve...
  25. Hi all, As you know, Prof Ian Frazer is working on a HSV2 vaccine. He is known for having developed the HPV vaccine. The company that he works for is Admedus Immunotherapies, which has Admedus as the major shareholder. I was watching the video from the Nov 2017 annual general meeting (see below) and at about 42 min the COO of Admedus says that they have addressed the issue of not enough cash going to Admedus Immunotherapies by getting an external party to major a major investment (announcement to follow soon). You will see that the COO talks about the HSV and HPV research they have going on. Initially I thought this was great, but when I looked at their annual report on page 10, it says the following: ----"Last year Admedus Immunotherapies (AI) continued to progress its core technologies. During the period, AI received the final results from the Herpes Simplex 2 (HSV-2) Phase IIa study, which showed a level of activity in people infected with HSV-2. The board of AI are currently assessing its options in terms of next steps with this program. In addition, AI has continued to progress its Human Papillomavirus (HPV) programs. The HPV DNA vaccine targeting HPV related head and neck cancer is progressing towards its initial clinical study looking at its safety in people with HPV related cancer as well as secondary markers around activity. In addition, the team has continued to progress the collaboration with Translate Bio (formerly RaNA Therapeutics) on RNA vaccines targeting HPV and related cancers. AI has operating capital for the coming year, including sufficient capital to initiate the HPV head and neck study. The board of AI are currently undertaking a review of the potential strategic options available to the them to secure the continuing development of AI’s technologies in a manner that balances maximising their potential with returns for its shareholders." https://admedus.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/2016-2017-Annual-Report.pdf Now to me it sounds like Admedus are a lot more optimistic about their HPV research than their HSV research. I mean there's basically nothing there about HSV. Any thoughts?
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