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  1. I’ve been diagnosed with hsv1 and have had some cold sores on the inside of my lips. I’ve been diagnosed for some time with that. But around July 2020 I went in for an std panel and to my surprise my hsv2 IGG levels were equivocal. My doctor at the time told me that I indefinitely had hsv2 although I’ve never had any symptoms. This began a whole craze. I switched doctors and ordered another hsv2 test that also came back equivocal and was told that what the first doctor said was correct, that I do in fact have hsv2. The fact that I wasn’t testing positive and none of my p
  2. I just tested HSV 2 (IGG), Type-Spec AB 0.95 H index does that mean I am positive for HSV 2? This number falls under equivocal but my doctor said I'm positive based off of this number. Is this true? I’m going for a second opinion and another lab test on Monday. I’ve been feeling tired lately but I think it could be because I’m stressed out from these results. I’ve never had an outbreak.
  3. I just tested HSV 2 (IGG), Type-Spec AB 0.95 H index does that mean I am positive for HSV 2? This number falls under equivocal but my doctor said I'm positive based off of this number. Is this true? I’m going for a second opinion and another lab test on Monday. I’ve been feeling tired lately but I think it could be because I’m stressed out from these results. I’ve never had an outbreak.
  4. This week I went to an Urgent Care with the complaints of vaginal itching.. Today I just so happened to look at my visit summary and noticed that Herpes Virus 8 DNA Real-Time PCR was ordered. Is this test normally used for genital herpes??? I’m confused
  5. Hi. We all know that in theory it usually takes 12-16 weeks (sometimes up to 24 weeks) to get positive IGG blood test for HSV2. What are your personal experiences of testing positive for HSV2, i.e. time since exposure? And IGG score? Can you also state if you had HSV1 (oral or genital) and took any Antivirals prior to IGG testing? TQ
  6. justagirlxox

    swab tests

    Hi, I have a friend who a few years ago had a swab test done which came up with hsv2 however still to this day they test negative on every blood test including western blot. Apparently they only had bumps/blisters the first few weeks but nothing has happened since, including no tingling or soreness and its been years for them. Theyve never gotten a positive blood test, always negative. What are the chances of a false positive swab test? Is it possible their results were mixed up at the lab?
  7. New guy here. I am posting in order to add to the body of evidence, even if anecdotal, that the herpes blood tests are indeed fallible and, especially as this relates to so-called "atypical" herpes, the fact that herpes can be extremely difficult to detect with the current medical technology. I also wanted to share my experience that most of those I've come across in the medical profession have been at best misguided and at worst totally dismissive about H. In my case, I briefly dated a girl who was H1 and H2 positive. She disclosed this to me and told me she was on daily antivi
  8. Hi all, If you have flu/cold (i.e. fever, coughing, sore throat) and you have an Igg test, is there a possibility of a false positive? I.e. can antibodies reacting to the flu affect the outcome of the Igg test (cross-reactivity?). If you do have to wait between having the flu and taking the test, how long should you wait for? Thanks
  9. Okay I will provide a brief back ground then would just like opinions or advice. I had been extremely ill with a bad head cold for about 3 weeks that antibiotics were not helping. Even now 5 weeks later I still wake up with mild throat pain. I started feeling burning in my vagina and automatically assumed this was a yeast infection as I have been with my daughters father for 9 years now and have had 0 other partners during this time. About 4 days after the original vaginal symptoms I noticed small white ulcers inside my Labia (looked exactly like a canker sore but on my vagina). I immediately
  10. Scenario, I had a sexual encounter with a person in early January, I was afraid of any STD did two weeks after i got a full panel test. All results, except HSV1 were negative (I've had HSV1 for a long time). I got tested again (independent anonymous lab) 5 weeks 4 days post exposure and this time the IGG results forHSV2 cane back as 1.03. Scared, the next week I went to my doctor AND to an anonymous lab (just for comparison). My Dr results were IGG 1.08 and other lab was 1.06. My doc said positive and I stated daily valtrex. Now, 12 weeks and 2 days after exposure, my HSV2 IGG is
  11. Hey there! I'm hoping you guys can help me sort this out, as I'm really frustrated at the moment. Apologies in advance for the novel! So the situation is this... Trying to be a responsible adult, I had my doctor order a full STD panel a few years ago. In Dec 2015 I tested positive on an IgG test for HSV-2. My value was >8.0. Had them retest me again a year later (again an IgG) and my value came back as "positive" again (with no number value - the test just either said positive or negative.) When I had these tests done I wasn't showing any symptoms and I didn't have any scrapings
  12. For those with questions related to IgM and IgG antibodies and the body’s immune responses here is an explanation an actual Herpes researcher himself (whose name I will not reveal) so new members are not stuck in the dark with explanations from unqualified members: IgM is produced upon primary exposure, but those wane and never come back. IgG is produced after what's called class switching, and appears late in the first response (at extremely low levels), then higher and higher levels upon each subsequent exposure. If there is no exposure for a long time, the levels of IgG drop and are no
  13. I had unprotected sex January 28 2017, 3 weeks later 21 of February I tested positive for Syphilis 1.16 primary Syphilis , on February 26 (4 weeks) I got the rest of the STDs test including clymidia, gonorrea, HIV (4tg gen combo test), and HerpeSelect 1 & 2: all negative, can I trust my test?, I’m planning on retesting on the 3 month mark, what are my chances that my tests will change ( it’s been almost 2 month without any symptoms) I now that it may take time to create antibodies but my body did produce the Syphilis ( all do they are different diseases) really fast and dint have to wait t
  14. rgreen

    HSV1 Diagnosis & Igg

    Hi All, My recent HSV1 diagnosis was over a text from the Doctor. YEsterday I went into the office to see the full report. I have an IGG of 3.92 positive for HSV-1. Can someone she a light on what the number means? Does it signify a recent infection, the severity of it?
  15. About four months ago I decided to get a full panel STD test. I didn't have any symptoms or reason to get checked other than just wanting to. I went to Labcorp and got my blood drawn. A few days later I received the results, and to my horror I came back positive for HSV type 2 with an IGG score of 1.99. I was in complete shock when I saw the results. I started googling herpes since I knew next to nothing about it, and discovered that there was a chance that it could be a false positive. Anything under a 3.5 falls into a low positive zone where the test could be a false positive. The only
  16. Hi everyone, I’ve been reading some conflicting opinions on the forum... Do you believe that HSV+ people with atypical symptoms are less likely to have detectable antibodies and therefore have false negative blood tests? I don’t see how that would be possible but would love to get your opinions. Also, please see my other post about the symptoms I’m having, I’d really appreciate any input. Thanks!
  17. Month 1 Negative (hsv 2) at 0.2 igg Month 2 Negative (hsv 1) at 0.7 igg Month 3 negative (hsv 1) at 0.48 igg Month 3 negative (hsv 2) at 0.2 igg Month 3 negative (hsv 1 and 2 igM combined) Month 4 negative (hsv 1) 0.54 Month 5 negative (hsv 1&2) Pcr cell swab inside urethra , had pain, no blisters , or lesions so thought pain could be a sign of shedding. Month 5 negative (hsv 1) 0.50 igG Month 6 [26 weeks] (hsv 1 and 2) both 0.05 done individually Done at 4 different clinics, seen 2 dermatologists, 6 different doctors , planned parent hood, sex
  18. Will the use of Antiviral meds affect IGG blood test results?
  19. It has been almost 2 months of hell with my ongoing symptoms which I’ve detsiled on past posts. This week I’m having very bad headaches, twitching, a bit shaky hands, tingling, tinnitus, etc. I have been tested 4 times, once at 2 weeks, 3 weeks, 4 and 5 weeks but all so far negative. I know many here like to say it’s not herpes but my symptoms remain and it is becoming too much. I am going to try get some AV medication (Acyclovir or Valtrex) and see if this helps with anything. My question is, if I take the AV meds will it impact the accuracy of IGG blood tests going forwar
  20. To have a clean slate after a break-up I decided to get tested for "All The Things." Perhaps curiosity has killed the cat.. I sorta expected the IgG to be positive, as my ex & other partners had HSV I, although I myself, tested Negative years ago and have NEVER had any sort of break-out. But, my IgG for HSV I was negative at .20, as was my IgG for HSV II negative at .11. But, my IgM came back positive at 1.13 (cut-off is 1.10). OMG!!! As bad as the IgM test is known to be, this *might* mean I just recently exposed and I haven't controverted yet, or a false positive? W
  21. idontevenknowwhattoput01

    Very Confused with Results

    I deleted my other forum posts out of embarrassment. I was not accepting of this diagnosis whatsoever. To make a long story short, I went to the gynecologist on February 28 for an IUD. I decided I didn't want one, but went to the appointment anyway. The nurse practitioner looked down there and noticed a little paper cut or two. I have a connective tissue disorder and my skin everywhere is very fragile and can tear easily. I also wipe myself pretty roughly when I go to the bathroom. She said she was almost positive it wasn't herpes, but took a culture anyway and told me to get blood drawn. Mind
  22. A technical question for those who might know, does the standard IGG and IGM HSV1 and HSV2 blood testing detect the various strains of each? I know these tests actually detect the antibodies and not the virus but would the antibodies be different if the strain was different?
  23. Month 1 negative hsv2 igg Month 2 and 3 negative hsv 1 and 2 igg Month 4 negative hsv 1 and 2 igg Month 5 negative hsv off Month 5 negative pcr cell swab inside and outside urethra. Most painful experience ever. How accurate are these pcr cell swab tests? Since I have no so sores or blisters that they could swab I went when I thought I would have an outbreak, which was when I was having urethral pain and inflammation and nerve pain all around , I went to get it swabbed. Kinda took some skin off, still painful. Asking since my symptoms don't go away. Could it all be i
  24. On June 16 I may or may have gotten hsv because of a poor choice I made. 2 days after the decision I made in began to worry and thought, hey I might have caught HIV. I beagn feelingn symptoms and our dear friend Google was my daily symptom checker till this day. I had protected oral for about 2 minutes and penetration was protected as well for about 4 minutes. My results as of now. 4 weeks hsv 2 igg 0.2 negative 8 weeks hsv 2 igg negative no index value 12 weeks in hsv 2 igg negative no index value At this point I just thought about hsv 2 and didn't realize about
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