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Found 14 results

  1. This week I went to an Urgent Care with the complaints of vaginal itching.. Today I just so happened to look at my visit summary and noticed that Herpes Virus 8 DNA Real-Time PCR was ordered. Is this test normally used for genital herpes??? I’m confused
  2. justagirlxox

    swab tests

    Hi, I have a friend who a few years ago had a swab test done which came up with hsv2 however still to this day they test negative on every blood test including western blot. Apparently they only had bumps/blisters the first few weeks but nothing has happened since, including no tingling or soreness and its been years for them. Theyve never gotten a positive blood test, always negative. What are the chances of a false positive swab test? Is it possible their results were mixed up at the lab?
  3. Hello I'm new here, scary and unsure but 90% I got HSV2. (I'll test again on first week of April and let you know.) My story so far. Went to a wonderful trip to South east asia... oh those nights, yes, I was silly, had orals non protected with sex workers (full always protected)... is crazy how being silly and the seeking joy of sex can lead to such mistakes and depression. About 15 days I came back, have oral with another girl in my country and the same night I find first few tiny spots on my glans. I start to freak out, my glans becomes all full of tiny pimples, bumps, like a
  4. For those with questions related to IgM and IgG antibodies and the body’s immune responses here is an explanation an actual Herpes researcher himself (whose name I will not reveal) so new members are not stuck in the dark with explanations from unqualified members: IgM is produced upon primary exposure, but those wane and never come back. IgG is produced after what's called class switching, and appears late in the first response (at extremely low levels), then higher and higher levels upon each subsequent exposure. If there is no exposure for a long time, the levels of IgG drop and are no
  5. Confusedmw

    Hi guys please help

    Hello everyone. I am confused by some test results I received. I was having some vaginal issues i.e. Burning and uncomfortableness. Went to the dr and they said it was bacterial vaginosis. Prescribed antibiotics and symptoms subsided. However, test results came back and I was negative for stds and also for an bacterial infections. Decided to get an hsv test. I have had hsv1 orally since I was a child and I've never experienced problems sexually. When I got the results back I was igm positive 1-40 for hsv1 and igg negative for hsv2. From my understanding, igm means a recent or current infection
  6. Confusedmw


    Hi guys. Still confused about test results. Positive igm hsv1 negative igg hsv2. I get coldsores and have since i was 8. I knew I would test positive. But igm means a recent infection? I was having some vaginal issues i.e. Burning and uncomfortableness but tested negative for any panel of stds or bacterial infections. The symptoms went away with antibiotics though. I have never produced any lesions genitally.
  7. To have a clean slate after a break-up I decided to get tested for "All The Things." Perhaps curiosity has killed the cat.. I sorta expected the IgG to be positive, as my ex & other partners had HSV I, although I myself, tested Negative years ago and have NEVER had any sort of break-out. But, my IgG for HSV I was negative at .20, as was my IgG for HSV II negative at .11. But, my IgM came back positive at 1.13 (cut-off is 1.10). OMG!!! As bad as the IgM test is known to be, this *might* mean I just recently exposed and I haven't controverted yet, or a false positive? W
  8. idontevenknowwhattoput01

    Very Confused with Results

    I deleted my other forum posts out of embarrassment. I was not accepting of this diagnosis whatsoever. To make a long story short, I went to the gynecologist on February 28 for an IUD. I decided I didn't want one, but went to the appointment anyway. The nurse practitioner looked down there and noticed a little paper cut or two. I have a connective tissue disorder and my skin everywhere is very fragile and can tear easily. I also wipe myself pretty roughly when I go to the bathroom. She said she was almost positive it wasn't herpes, but took a culture anyway and told me to get blood drawn. Mind
  9. A technical question for those who might know, does the standard IGG and IGM HSV1 and HSV2 blood testing detect the various strains of each? I know these tests actually detect the antibodies and not the virus but would the antibodies be different if the strain was different?
  10. Hi so I have some questions over my test results I received last week. I get tested regularly for all stds, including herpes. I was last tested in October and my blood test came back clear. Fast forward to now, I recently had sex one time without a condom about a month ago. That same day I had a fever, the fever lasted on and off til the weekend after and I have not been intimate since. At that point I also noticed some soreness- discovered ONE small bump on my labia that I have never experienced before. I picked at it (thought it was a pimple) and it started go away as did my fever. That
  11. I have been reading online and there are people stating that when they originally tested positive for herpes the numbers were elevated but when they retested while on Valtex that their numbers were low but still had symptoms. Does Valtrex mask test results?
  12. The results of my second IgM and IgG tests for HSV I and II came back negative. Back in July I tested a slightly positive on the IgM, but negative on the IgG. (I have never had any symptoms at all, but after my relationship with my Zero symptoms HSV1+ gf ended I decided to be tested for "all the things"). I waited to re-test and here we are... The IgM is USELESS as fk. Here are my results with dates for what it is worth. Good luck out there. HERPES SIMPLEX IGM 09/01/2016 (#3612894, Final, 08/30/2016 4:45pm) Report Result Ref. Range
  13. This is a story about my misdiagnosis with herpes. I was inspired to write this after reading a post by another member with the profile name, Wonderful. Like her, I wanted to provide others with information about herpes and herpes testing. Lots of information can be found in forums like this however, you have to worry about the reliability. Information can be found in scientific articles but, they are dense and much of the terminology was over my head. This is my honest effort to tell my story and what I have learned about HSV along the way. While I am confident everything I have written
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