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Found 10 results

  1. I'm just reaching out to see if any other women experience these symptoms. I'm going on six years GHSV1 positive and my symptoms have calmed down greatly especially after getting off of birth control. With that said, after I got off of birth control I started tracking my hormone cycles. What I've found about myself is that life is great and symptom free from the first day of my period to the day of ovulation. And then things get uncomfortable, specifically I get really itchy and nothing other then cortisone cream gives me any relief. Does any one else experience this? Any feed back would be ap
  2. I started talking to a girl and we had sex. Two days later I find these spots on my penis and I’m starting to stress. I have jagged off without lotion so it can be that but still can you guys help me ? Does it look like herpes ..? https://ibb.co/5hf1F11 https://ibb.co/56qctQ6
  3. Dontknowanymoreagain

    Not sure pic including of rash

    I have this weird rash in my inner thigh. I have burning tailbone and nerve pain.. Been to several specialist including, dermatologist, infectious diseases Dr, primary Dr.. Have been tested for hsv 1 and 2.. Positive for hsv 1, but have cold sores since I was young.. Picture attached.. Anybody seen this before? Or have this? Inputs appreciated except for Wilso
  4. I started dating this girl in December and ever since then ive been going through the worst events. First my left testicle felt like it was being pulled out of my scrotum, the tip of my penis was in the worst pain, its hard for me to start urinating, I have a rash on my shaft, but it looks nothing like herpes, my tailbone and butt crack has been itching for weeks with no break out, I got pearly penile during all this, tingle crawling sensation under scrotum, no outbreak, frequent urination, and the worst depression ive every had. She said she was positive for chlamydia and i was treated for th
  5. Hi all I was visually diagnosed by my GP about 3 weeks ago with herpes after having unprotected sex the weeks before (not to my knowledge, he slipped the condom off). My first outbreak was quite painful and my vagina was covered in sores. After taking the antivirals my sores healed and I visited a GUM clinic two weeks after my doctor to get tested for everything else. The doctor there looked at me and said everything looked normal and that the skin on my vagina had gone back to normal, but ever since my outbreak, I have been extremely itchy all around my labia and vulva especially at nigh
  6. Hey everyone, I am 28 years old. I got diagnosed with herpes Hsv2 1 year ago. I had in 1 year around 15 outbreaks but always pretty typical with sores and the typical phases of herpes and always on my shaft area, never on the tip of my penis. For the last 1,5 months I have constant itchiness on my glans and it feels like it's getting stronger when I pee (Urin flows through the urethra) and my glans is inflammated on some parts. The redness level is always changing, but it's never normal. It also hurts sometimes as if someone would pick me. Now what I cannot understand i
  7. I had sex over a month ago with my boss (I had a few drinks after a work meeting and he invited me over so I wouldn't drive home drunk) I gave him a blowjob and we had sex with no protection. The other day I noticed 1 single bump just above my clit in like the prepuce area (nearing the hairline) it doesn't hurt, but it does get a little uncomfortable when I wipe. It started to go away, but it's just been the one actual bump. I'm afraid I could have caught something from him. Before that, I hadn't had sex in several months. I'm beyond scared. There is also some redness and itchiness along
  8. scaredbuthopeful2015

    struggling and discouraged

    Hi, anyone who has read my posts knows that I am usually very positive and supportive of members having a difficult time. But for the last couple of days I feel so completely overwhelmed, depressed and taken over by the outbreaks. Every time I think I am getting my symptoms under control they seem to get worse again. The itching was beyond terrible, and has now again turned to pain. Particularly in the skin area right above my clitorous. I am trying so very hard to fight the urge to give up...but it just never stops. I'm on antivirals...two a day of Valtrex, lysine two to four a day, go
  9. Snugglebuns

    Herpetic Whitlow?

    Hey all! Newbie here. I've yet to see a derma about this (smart huh?), but upon doing EXTENSIVE research, I've come to the conclusion that what I've been suffering from as a young child (9-10 y/o) is Herpetic Whitlow. Readings claim that people most prone to whitlow are dental assistants and children. Basically, every month or few months, I get a blister-LIKE bump on the sides of my fingers, or the pads of my fingers, or around my nail beds. Starts off as a painful bump, which then forms a small white almost center to it, under the skin. At this point of the outbreak, if I squeeze them, they j
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