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Found 7 results

  1. Hello all. I met this girl who I get along with amazingly. She disclosed hsv2+ and that she does not have hsv1. Question is in two parts. Assuming she contracted hsv2 and was likely engaged in oral sex, what do I need to know? I’m seeing so much mixed information regarding hsv2, oral sex and kissing. Can she do oral on me? Am I at risk. And can I do oral on her if she’s ob free. And secondly: if she is outbreak free, am I safe to touch her “down there” if I wash my hands well before I touch myself ex: going to the bathroom? Thank you in advance for any help. Oh... I am hsv1 positive verifi
  2. ConfusedTN

    Confused and concerned

    Hi, New to this forum. I am slightly concerned and confused based on going out with someone for a short time. I had been talking to a woman for about a month but we hadn't gone out yet. We went out 3 times over the last week or so and have only kissed and nothing more. Last night we were kissing while watching tv and she told me that she had to tell me something. She said she had HSV2 and wanted to tell me before it got further along. I have never done any research or am not well educated on HSV2, and am a little afraid. She said that she is 100% confident that us kissing w
  3. When is it safe for a couple to kiss without transmission? I hear that some of my friend's friends have cold sores, but are also in relationships. Do they kiss after some time when their sore is healed? Or do they all remain kissless people in order to prevent transmission all times? I find the later to be really unrealistic and impractical. Are there periods of times where a person with herpes can kiss, but not transmit?
  4. If a person(male) has Oral HSV2, how easy is it to spread to a partner(female): 1) Through Kissing 2) Through Oral Sex 3) Through Vaginal Sex
  5. New boyfriend gets cold sores, AKA HSV-1. He's very careful to let me know when he feels one coming on, and won't kiss me until it's completely gone. I appreciate his concern, but have been reading a lot about this condition and have a question. Sounds like at least 70% of people have this virus. Given my past, I'd say it's likely I am in this 70%. But, I've never had a cold sore. If I DO have the virus, does that mean that kissing him when he has a cold sore won't actually do any damage? Or is there a possibility that I will start getting cold sores after kissing him, even if I al
  6. A cousin of HSV made it into the news recently! Researchers have found that HHV-6, a virus that nearly everyone catches before the age of 2, can be one (of many) explanations for causing otherwise unexplained infertility in women. There are antivirals for it however - so its a fixable situation! http://www.telegraph.co.uk/science/2016/07/07/careful-who-you-kiss-virus-found-in-saliva-associated-with-unexp/ Interesting take away here - this virus is much more common than genital herpes (HSV-2, and GHSV-1), and if the article is any indication, HHV-6 causes a bit
  7. newbiehelp


    i'm new to this still freaking out basically , ive done some research , learned lots but still new to this , kissing , i was diagnosed, im taking suppressive therapy , omg will use condoms for sure , interent tells me transmission is 2 1/2 % , ? what about kissing , stupid question maybe but again im so nervous with this , can i kiss , i love to kiss , i wont do anything when no outbreak is present but what are the risk i so love french kissing , as long as im not having an outbreak what can i tell my partner ?
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