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Found 5 results

  1. I just gotta say that I absolutely hate some people out there. I have been reading some forums on reddit, honeycomb and others. So many of you people want to believe that your risk to transmit is so low or non existent because of pills or the years you have had this bullS*it virus, and especially the asymptomatic ones. BULLSH*T !!!!! You do infect people and you need to do other people the service of not screwing their life over by giving them a fair chance. I was infected but a real estate lawyer in Denver. This B*tch lied about her age by 10 years, saying she was 43 years old a
  2. Hi, ive posted here before about this strange spaced out rash that I have on my groin. It’s now been about 16 days since I first noticed one red spot. Then a few days later I noticed this blistery/pimple thing that popped up nearby and for two weeks they just kept popping up individually. On my last post I had comments from people saying it most likely looked like something bacterial. I’ve been trying to do some research on outbreaks with no prodrome but I can’t find anything! I had no tingling, burning, itching sensations in that area before I noticed the first spot. I literally just not
  3. lilspirits

    Newly 18

    So I just turned 18 in April. I had a fwb thing with a man I'll call J. I asked him if he had tested positive for anything before we had sex and he said no. I continued on to have sex with him multiple times. Fast forward to now and I am head over heels for a 28 yr old man I'll call D. I still had no symptoms and had every intention of sleeping with D. Me and D had sex multiple times, unprotected. 3 days after, I got my first outbreak. I knew what it was and I have still yet to officially diagnose it but its pretty obvious. How do I deal with the thought that my life is ruined? or
  4. Tay2x

    Help, Any Advice?

    So if you've seen any of my other posts you know my story, but I'm freshly 17 as of December, freshly an active member of the sex world as of last August, and freshly GHSV-2 positive as of march. I've been with 3 boys since I lost my virginity. I gave it to a male friend I trusted because I didn't want strings attached and bad memories associated with it if anything went left. It was nice. Then I got into a relationship with this boy and we fell in love and before you ask (yes, im sure, im not too young to know what love is) but we boke up at a point. During this point I had sex with a male fr
  5. 2 random encounters in March. A steady boyfriend from April till now and I have hsv 2. Everything says initial outbreak will happen 2-10 days after infected. Nope. 8 months these little virus bastards hung out. Monday I noticed something ain't right- got to the dr on Wednesday who started me in valtrex 2x a day for 10 days. My bf hasn't gotten tested yet but just "knows" he doesn't have it. Hell- this time last week I KNEW I didn't have it. I called the 2 other guys to ask. 1 informed me he may but he doesn't think so. Which is guy talk for yea. My boyfriend. Older guy. European. T
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