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Found 21 results

  1. To speak off my title it is no different than any relationship. Normally I chat with others, chat is down and I wanted to open this up to anyone with questions. I chat with so many people that tell me that they fear dating, disclosing and giving HSV to someone else. I don't know where to begin, I lay here unable to sleep with this wonderful man next to me sleeping so peaceful and I am so thankful for him and the love he gives me. I wondered through the kitchen checked the fridge to make sure our leftover dinner was sealed proper so he will have a good lunch tomorrow at work. I noticed he ch
  2. TiramisuTheGOAT

    New to this, shaken, but not deterred

    Hello everyone.... Welp, turns out my suspicions were legit and I can say that I'm now another person living with HSV 2. It's only been a week since I got the results, and I've been taking acyclovir everyday since. After a brief pity party, I picked myself up and decided to fight this and live my life. With that said, I have questions....many questions....especially considering that I'm talking to a really wonderful person (the feelings are reciprocated! Yay!) and would like to pursue a relationship with her. Can we still give each other oral sex? What are the best drugs to take? How did
  3. Hi guys, like to share my story of disclosing to a very special person. First like 7 moths ago i was diagnosed with hsv2. I felt depressed and focussed on my kids and my new job..not thinking of love because i was trying to block that. I was already sure that nobody could ever love me again. After a few moths i met somebody in town. I knew his face and person a long time because he is an artist in my hometown. we never met in person but i saw him and liked him a lot... we got in contact and we met on a official date.. i was blown away by this man. we talked on the phone every day and
  4. happypath

    HSV2 - 4 weeks - experience

    Hi All, I have been a silent member reading posts here and am grateful for all the support. I hope this post will help someone in need: I was diagnosed with anal herpes (hsv 2) 4 weeks ago. I have had a few partners in my life and know all of them, have practiced safe sex, had them all tested (yes, the tests don't cover for herpes, and some had blood tests - but I am aware of the accuracy levels), and never had anal sex in my life (again, am aware that it can pop up in the boxer short area), and have not had sex in a long time also. What are the chances?. LOL. I first had some sympto
  5. My husband cheated on me with a younger girl in 2015. Last year, he was diagnosed with HSV-2. Since we were married, and I loved him, I didn't care too much because I knew we'd always be together forever. Well now I'm uncertain. My husband is a recovering addict. And last March, when his dad passed, he relapsed. Which caused us to split momentarily and during that split he had sex with two different women, And entered into a short relationship with one of them. This hurt me badly, but he finally decided to get clean and has came back to work on our marriage. It was about two weeks ago that he
  6. How hard was it to find love after being diagnosed with herpes? I have hsv-2.
  7. Amg17

    First Disclosure

    So I have not dated or anything since my HSV2 diagnoses... mainly for the fact that I didn't want to have to tell someone about my little problem. Well in the course of events over the past 3 months, I stumbled upon the most amazing guy I've ever met... literally just my luck that he comes along AFTER my diagnosis. I wasn't looking for anyone, I wasn't hoping to find someone I could potentially fall in love with but here we are & I am worrying myself into a tizzy thinking about how in the world I'm going to tell this person I care about that I have herpes & then what is his reaction go
  8. Hi everyone, I have SO many questions. As of yesterday I found out I have HSV1. My boyfriend spread it to me through oral after he recently had gotten over a cold sore, yet it is still on my genital area. I found out yesterday what it was and I have not stopped crying since. Neither of us had any idea the virus could spread like that and he feels extremely guilty, yet fully supportive. I love him so much, but I'm only 17 so I think everyone can agree we most likely will not be together forever. I'm extremely nervous for my future. How do I tell a potential partner I have HSV1? When do I
  9. Hi! Recently a guy that I had just started dating got an outbreak and found out that he has herpes. We had been dating for a little less than a month and everything was great, I was really falling for him until he found out that he had herpes and decided to stop dating me. To give more context, we had sex before he found out, but after his diagnosis I took a test and came up negative, so neither of us passed it to the other. Anyway, he said that he was too depressed and shocked with the news to even think about getting in a relationship or keep dating me. I got very upset because at no point I
  10. Poisonflower

    Sex. Is. Boring!

    I haven't received oral sex in a million years. Not good anyway...they are often too scared to do it properly. I hate it i been frustrated for years. It's been more than one occasion with different men so no its not a wrong person thing. Or maybe it is idk...anyone else dealing with this?
  11. I'm smart, creative, beautiful and had an awesome future ahead of me. I'm only 21 but always am in a constant search for a boyfriend, to feel loved. By immature men. Through my search for love I contracted hsv-2 by a guy who never wanted to commit. My current bf of two months just ended and I think it might be because of the herpes. This virus is really hard on my self-worth. I've always wanted to get married, I don't want to be alone. I'm looking for empowerment, or similar stories. Life is beautiful, we all deserve peace.
  12. So recently I took a trip to the doctor to treat my horrible bv. Also months after telling my bf for the second time I tested positive for herpes 2.( Previously I've been positive then equivocal and back to positive). Well anyway Saturday after we had unprotected sex as we always have, he asked me did I take another test. I explained to him I didn't but I did speak with a new doctor she wasn't sold on me having herpes and thought I was being "too worried," recommended i see a dermatologist. Well he then continues to say if i really have it, he just wants to know. He said he didn't care but I'm
  13. So recently I took a trip to the doctor to treat my horrible bv. Also months after telling my bf for the second time I tested positive for herpes 2.( Previously I've been positive then equivocal and back to positive). Well anyway Saturday after we had unprotected sex as we always have, he asked me did I take another test. I explained to him I didn't but I did speak with a new doctor she wasn't sold on me having herpes and thought I was being "too worried," recommended i see a dermatologist. Well he then continues to say if i really have it, he just wants to know. He said he didn't care but I'm
  14. I've had this for 8 years. It's made me very insecure...so insecure in fact I've found myself in horrible relationships. When they find out its like they don't even try anymore. Never mind how unsexy it is to have the "talk" in the first place it totally kills the sexy vibe for me. It emotional, and it's heavy and with all the reading of other ppls blogs and stories it does not bring me any closer to anyone, more like makes me not want to pursue it anymore. I'm very attractive, not being biased, this is just something I know commonly from other points of view. It's not hard to attract a guy al
  15. Jack Blakeway

    UK TV Documentary

    Hello all, My name is Jack and I work for a TV company called Blakeway North based in Manchester. We create factual programming for all the major UK broadcasters but specialise in access documentaries, where we have worked with an array of institutions, companies and charities to produce critically acclaimed, popular, and award-winning content. We're currently working on a documentary for a major UK channel about dating with herpes and wondered if anyone who is single and currently dating would want to share their story with us? I'd love to hear from people who would like to ta
  16. I'm really concerned about my ex-boyfriend not accepting the new HSV+ me. I was diagnosed with G&OHSV1 in August. He left town 10 months ago, assuming opportunities would be greater for him now He's doing great and we've always kept some contact since he left. He has been asking me for months to consider relocating. I was stubborn, the type to only think about leaving the city when I'm outside of the city but HSV has really changed my whole outlook on life. We were together since 2011 and I've always imagined when things get right and stable {we are still young} he would be
  17. lostgirl1212

    My life ruiner

    Hey everyone, I've known about my genital herpes for about 3 months now and I need to share my story.. I had been in a relationship with an older guy (I'm only 17) and as much as I regret it now, I believed him through everything. Unfortunately I do believe now that he lied about everything. Things were great I thought until one day I thought I had a UTI I got azo and patiently waited for my mom to get back into town. While I waited I noticed little spots appearing on my genitals, as any normal person would be, I was concerned. I had never had a UTI before so I first thought maybe
  18. So I was diagnosed with hsv2 in 2014... I'm still sad about it. I had a bad breakup in 2012. I felt like he was the "one" but how do I tell him I have this? I'm so ashamed. I feel like I'll be alone forever. I've stressed about this so much that I now have an outbreak. I still love him but I know he won't accept it
  19. Assalaam Alaikum Brothers and Sisters, I just just signed up and thought this is worth a try in helping me InshaAllah I am hoping this website will help me in my search. I reverted last year to Islam. Alhamdulillah. However, I am living with hsv2 after contracting it from an ex who never told me. I am very embarrassed by this virus and I prefer to marry someone who has the same situation InshaAllah. I believe it's easier for me. It decreases the chances of me being rejected, I believe. I am Black. 31yrs young hehe Never married. Have no kids. Living in Toronto, Canada. My ideal mat
  20. livingsilently

    my first disclosure 6 years pos

    OK so before I go into this please understand I know what i did was wrong and I truly never ment to hurt anyone. Long story short I was... raped... by my ex boyfriend while in high school. I agreed to have sex but when the time came I told him to stop but he didnt listen and it was the most painful thing ive ever experienced. I never told anyone and a month later I was diagnosed with HSV2 but the NP whole confirmed my results blamed me for this disease and was utterly disgusted by me. I was 19 and pretty much fell into a deep depression until recently. I never told anyone about my disease
  21. I have signed up not to rant, but to spread hope. Here is something from by blog I'd love you all to read, if you feel like your life is over. http://clomyquad.blogspot.com/2015/08/an-open-letter-to-individual-that-gave.html?m=1
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