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Found 5 results

  1. Valstic

    Valtrex 1000 MG

    How well does taking Valtrex 1000 MG once daily work with managing outbreaks & transmission? Anyone have any personal expierences with it ?
  2. Acyclovir, valicyclovir, Valtrex, etc? How many grams per day?
  3. eitak90


    I had a two week checkup today from my initial dx of HSVII. My doctor initially didn't want to have me on valtrex daily, but today he decided that he wanted to keep me on it across the board. - does this mean I am less of a risk during sex? - any particular side effects I should be concerned with while taking Valtrex?
  4. Hi everyone, I've just been diagnosed and I'm still wrapping my head around this whole ordeal. I can't sleep at all, even though I'm supposed to get plenty of rest. Anyhow, the thought of having to take medicine that could be potentially damaging to the kidneys is really troublesome. Is this a concern for anyone else? I was looking at alternative forms of medicine and read about the herb Prunella vulgaris and the mushroom Rozites caperata (Gypsy Mushroom) for suppressive therapy – in addition to garlic supplements daily. Does anyone have any personal experience with this WITHOUT being on the antiviral pills? Of course including a healthy diet, exercise also. Thanks for your input
  5. Hi all, I want people's opinions (or facts) on the use of suppressive medications long term. I have been diagnosed with HSV2 about 4 months ago while I had my first and only OB. Since then I have been using Acyclovir 400mg twice a day. (even though my doctor advised to only use the medication when I have an OB). My logic is that I would rather take precaution and make sure I can do everything I can to keep the virus inactive and reduce the outbreaks. Also, I am single now, but dating and feel like when disclosing to my future potential partners, telling them that I am taking suppressive medications would be more ensuring and comforting for them that I am responsible and doing everything I can to minimize the likelihood of transmission. That's why I personally (with no too much research) thought that the benefits of taking the acyclovir long term far outweigh the costs. What do people think? Has anyone seen any side effects? Related, but separate question - Can acyclovir cause short term memory loss? I do feel that I have trouble recalling and remembering things, nothing too drastic but I did notice a difference. Then again, it may not be acyclovir, I smoke weed sometimes which can definitely could be related. Then again I smoked way more often in college, and never had any memory problems, and its just weird that I start feeling this when this whole thing came about. But wanted to see what other people taking acyclovir have to say. Thanks!
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