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  1. For god so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son, that who so ever believes in him shall not perish, but have eternal life. I would just like to say that having faith and trust in the lord had helped me so much through this. I contracted this disease in june of 2012. I never actually got blood results done, but after 5 years its pretty evident. Now im not like most people i read about. I never went on medication, hardly tried doing any natural supplements and I heavly drank on weekends along with taking the usual workout supplements of pre, protein and bcaa. I did get OBs every month or so, sometimes 2 months but they were recurrent. I never wanted to go on medication, i just dealt with it, convinced myself they'll make a cure and live on. This went on until 2017 when i met this girl that i instantly had deep emotions for. However having this disease and all, plus ive only told 1 person, i fell into deep depression knowing there was nothing that could ever be between her and I. This brought me to the point one nighy were i drank so much i became slightly suicidal over the fact. The next day i fell into depression, but instead of drinking i looked up to god. i prayed and prayed for a cure and began looking into natural supps once again. I spent 30 some hours constantly scouring every area of the globe and internet for relief from this. I can say its been almost a month and i have 0 symptoms, none of the tingling id get and i even tested out high arginine preworkout and i also drank. here is the list of everything ive been taking, also mind you i never really ate junkfood, i run and lift weights. I hope this list of supps can help someone. I feel there is a cure and God has given us plenty in nature to defend us. pokeberry tincture-about 3 to 5 drops twice daily in water. olive leaf extract-3 pills 3x daily Neem-4 pills twice daily Llysine-2000mg twice daily Garlic- 5000mg 2 to 3 times daily. I did the above for about 2 weeks while researching more, here are the other supps i added, mind you i didnt take all these at the same time after 2 weeks. I combined what attacks the lipid membrane with anti oxidant supps. DMSO- applied to base of back 2 to 3 times. At night i added a layer of pure oregano oil, yes it burns you can dilute it, but i wad lazy and wanted max effect. Monolaurin- 3 pills twice daily. Cats claw tincture- twice daily, 25 drops a time. Black cumin- 2pills twice daily with cats claw. BHT- 250 mg morning and night St johns wort- 2pills twice daily with BHT 2a.m.- i dont sleep well and i usually wake up at 2 so i started putting 20 drops of elderberry tincture and drinking it. Iodine-25mg once daily with 400mcg selenium Now there is a little bit of method to my madness, but mainly i just pick a few herbs for the day and stick with that for 3 days and switch around. i take supps at 730am, 10am 1pm, 5pm and 9pm along with the elderberry at 2am. I am commited to destryoing this disease. I have not yet been tested, im going to do this regime for anothet month but i wanted to share my findings and hopefully someone with some more research and testing can find a way to get rid of this disease. It will never be my intent to make any money off this disease, id rather help hopefully a few than makr profit. Ive been dealing with this for years and know the pain. Any questions ill try and anwser. Until then god bless and keep hope alive.
  2. I am looking for your secret to success! Feel Stressed Angry Unloved want to prevent OB So far I am not successful when I don't get my negative thoughts/ emotional well-being in check or am super overwhelmed for a day or longer-I will break out. I lost my sibling to cancer when I came in. I am getting sued by his ex who thinks she deserves the home. So far, I have about 25 thousand in this case and we have only been to court once! Then my sis informed me that my mom gave her her entire estate! My mom is needy and guess who always rescues her? I feel crushed knowing that! Of course they are acting stupid and lying. The list goes on... How do you stop an OB? List natural remedies or lifestyles...food...please because antivirals make my hair fall out!and any humor is welcome. I will do my best and see if my current bag-o-goodies works!!!?!?! I am on DHEA, 4000vit D, DEA-EPA 1000mg.ish immune vitamins, B complex, iodine, 1t standardized elderberry, selenium 1G vitC, Colostrum 500 mg. Digestive enzymes. Workout, 30 sleep 6-9hrs broken half healthy /comfort food! Heh heh. Zinc -boric acid inserts. Food grade hydrogen peroxide zinc sulfate DMSO and1 T MSM sulfur. Lemon balm-jasmine tea. Kimchi. No sugar since it wrecks the immune system! Hah, when my ass itches I spray with zinc lactate! It takes the itch away, right away! So far no blisters, but looking to add your fave! Techniques-thought stopping and guided meditation. Goal- Stop Out Break @ my HSV buddies and will tag a few too! @LatentBloomer @Scooby2112 @cracked @WannaCry @Divon @WilsoInAus
  3. IcantThinkofaName

    Vitamin D Check your levels

    I don't see a lot of posting about Vitamin D3 in natural supplements. Of course you can get Vitamin D from the sun, but that also is a trigger for some. Vitamin D (d3) is critical in immune health. I suggest to have your levels checked. My level is low, and I get OBs every month. I was surprised it was so low since its summer time and I wonder why? Maybe I don't go outside enough, but I only wear sunscreen on my face. BTW , one only needs 10 minutes or so of sun exposure daily to get a nice full daily dose of Vit.D. It also helps with depression. I have this feeling if I can my levels up to 40 ng/mL ( a minimum level suggested by Dr Rhonda Partick and several others) then I might have less OBs. Just something to consider. This chart is from the lab. It has been suggested that some people need more than 30ng/Ml to be optimal and maybe need to go closer towards the 100ng Reference Range:Vitamin D status RangeDeficiency <20 ng/mLMild Deficiency 20-30 ng/mLSufficiency 30-100 ng/mLToxicity >100 ng/mL
  4. So my sister was doing research for a patient who does not have herpes, but the doctor who recommends the therapy mentioned that she uses it on herself to heal her herpes sores and relieves pain. She said with the lazer therapy, lesions heal within 2-3 days. I would love anyones input and experience with this therapy. Here is the product she used. It also states on the website that it heals herpetic lesions. http://www.bioptron.com/
  5. Salgr2020

    Just Diagnosed : /

    Hello everyone, First post and Im pretty sad because it is also my first outbreak and it is a doozey. I have been doing some google research, and trying to find some kind of natural remedy for my cold sores. Any suggestions? My friend suggested oregano oil, but it is honestly pretty hard to use, not to mention . . . potent. On a similar blog someone recommended to me a oregano oil lip balm on a site called heensapothecary.com. Anyone else try to treat their sores with oregano oil and have any success?
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