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Found 14 results

  1. Alladvicewelcome

    Please help - unbearable pain

    Hi. Sorry for the very long post. I'm still waiting for swab results for which strain of HSV, but fairly sure after hours of reading on here that it's most likely type 2. I got tonsillitis 2 days after first contact of who I believe passed the virus on to me. Followed by 3 lots of thrush in 7 weeks. Within 48 hours of the last sexual activity with this man I developed what I thought was just the third case of thrush. Having suffered with reoccurring thrush and BV since a teen (now 30) I knew I'd need a high vaginal swab to confirm nothing else was going on. I also suffer with endo
  2. Freefalling87

    Nerve Pain

    I contracted the virus anally 2 years ago without a primary outbreak, just the fever like symtpoms. Only had my first visible outbreak 4 months later and took valtrex for a few days. Only afyerni was done with the meds, that's when the nerve pain started. Ever since then, I never used any meds again and only have a small red dot outbreaks in my inner left and right thighs near my dick. However, the nerve pain is constant on my left inner thigh in the crease and it sometimes moves to the head and shaft (nerve tingly pain). This pain has been constant for 2 years. Just wondering if I'm the
  3. I am experiencing a lot of nerve pain, numbness, shooting pain, back pain, leg pain, pain in my butt cheeks... and I found some studies on nerve pain & HSV... https://jamanetwork.com/journals/jamaneurology/fullarticle/795486
  4. Hello, I was diagnosed with hsv1&2 earlier this year. I was prescribed 1g of valtrex (valacyclovir) a day for suppressive therapy. Valtrex helps greatly with my symtoms, but I recently had to leave my job for health reasons and will no longer have health insurance to get prescribed valtrex. Does anyone know where I can purchase valtrex (valacyclovir) online without a prescription?
  5. Hello, I have noticed that most people who suffering of daily nerves pain are mainly male and have mediteranean background: turc, arabic, spanish, jew, (indian, pakistanese are obviously not mediteranean but they might have some ancestor ).. It's also my case. I want to confirm this hypothesis. Among people suffering of nerves pain, can you post if you are/are not with mediteranean background? It could be interesting to understand the virus and adapt a cure for us. Thank you
  6. I am GHSV2 positive with a full credential--an unequivocal and indisputable blood test with lots of little antibodies in it. I even obtained an advanced degree--a biopsy of the first OB. I've had this nervous system infection for several years...yes, nervous system infection...not a dermatologic infection. It is a widely known fact that GHSV2 resides in the sacral ganglia. Pesky things, them facts!!! My first OB presented with all the bells and whistles...and sirens. Now, I rarely get OBs. By rarely, I mean that I can go a couple of years or more without one. However, I do frequentl
  7. CLS

    Nerve pain

    I have had herpes 2 since the 1970s and have learned to live with it quite well but after 40 plus years it started to become more frequent. It has always broken out on the buttocks never vaginally. Also in the early days, before I knew what I had, I had pain along the shins like shin splints and could never figure out what caused it. My questions are several, but am especially interested in others' experience with changes in outbreaks over time and in nerve pain. I feel that has changed. I have noticed unexplainable gas before an outbreak and not so much shin pain. Also recently hav
  8. Hi everyone, I’m new to this forum but have asked similar questions on medhelp and to Terri Warren via her website. I’m wondering if anyone can help me with these symptoms that I’m having. This is my story— it’s a long one. I’ve never had any kind of sex until the end of September 2017 when someone performed unprotected oral sex on me once for 2 minutes. I later learned he has had around 50 partners but he claims he has never had a cold sore. -End of November experienced itchy patch on inner thigh that later scabbed over. Never had fluid in it. Currently experiencing simi
  9. Well this sucks and I still can't believe I am in this position. 2 years ago I started to experience severe nerve pain. The pain started in my nether regions but moved around to my legs, bum, and tail bone. It felt like hot coals. I immediately went to my GYN. She had a long thorough look and declared everything looked perfect. I was sent for blood test (IGG and IGM) and they came back negative. The nerve pain persisted and was making me depressed. I did a lot of research and decided that perhaps I had injured my pudendal nerve (the pudendal nerve enervates your inner thighs, buttocks and geni
  10. My long story March 27 had sex with a new partner for a very long time condom broke 2 days later outside vagina was itchy felt like pins and needles and was redo also had a few pimple like thingd on my buttocks.... where i had shaved got cream for focullitis within hours pimples were gone and no itch. Few days later itchy vagina and it was swollen and red had mild yeast infection took medication noticed it was itchy at night. Middle of April started to get buttocks pain right underneath tailbone it went out to the side of my bum and disappeared by this time i had cleared the yeast and had a wa
  11. Hi everyone! I’m a 24 year old female. I was newly diagnosed with hsv 1 gentially. I have been married for 6 months and my husband has been my only sexual partner (and I am his only as well). I contracted it after he gave me oral sex at Christmas. Neither of us had any idea he had it and he showed no symptoms. Around New Years I started to experience flu like symptoms and dull pain on the right side of my vagina only after sex. It would also swell and feel sore afterwards. There was a tiny red dot on the outside. The flu like symptoms and pain lasted a full month. I finally went to
  12. Hi there, I'm looking for anyone who developed Elsberg syndrome from their herpes. I was diagnosed with HSV2 3 weeks ago....had lesions and all the discomfort that goes with those and developed a bad fever. Then I started to go numb around my genital area and around my anus and buttocks (apparently called saddle anaesthesia) I started to get really bad pain in my right buttock...excrutiating...couldnt sit down or lie down. Doctors gave everything they could...i was on codeine, tramadol, high dose ibuprofen and paracetamol. Finally i could sleep. Then one morning i woke up and cou
  13. Hi.. Was wondering if someone deals with this as well. My legs are aching so bad. Its like the nerves a fired up in my legs. I can not sleep whenthis happens. People say that's a sign of an outbreak coming but no blisters pop up. The pain is more severe at night and radiates through my whole body. I'm newly diagnosed (3 months) and I just wish I was one of those people who say "I never get outbreaks and even forget sometimes that I have it". Unfortunately for me the nerve pain is a constant reminder. Last night the nerve pain was do bad I just had to reach out to somebody. I'm trying to get th
  14. Beachguy

    HSV Journey

    Here is my story hope it helps someone out here. I usually don’t make long post. Had gHSV1 for many years but last year had a really bad ob and was placed on suppressive therapy I get few outbreaks but lots of nerve pain and other symptoms. I did a ton of research including on Terri Warren’s resources. Tried lots of supplements and went to a ton of different doctors. A few times I really felt this was a losing battle. I had really strange symptoms like twitching and random body wide nerve pain. I don't get many ob though just pain and twitching. Many so called experts said it can
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