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  1. Gracieluewho

    HSV 1 positive

    I was just diagnosed with HSV 1 and this was the first time I had been tested for it. I am not sure how long I’ve had it and now I’m feeling a lot of stress and anxiety. A lot of my friends have had cold sores before and I know they’re super common but I am so afraid of passing it to someone else with an unknown outbreak. I know that HSV 1 can be oral or genital but is most commonly oral. I don’t think I’ve had an outbreak yet because I figured it would be easy to recall. I’ve had a small fluid filled bump above my lip for a month or so that at one point I picked off and it grew back. It hasn’
  2. I was diagnosed with herpes-2 about 3 weeks ago, I had gone in for std testing because my boyfriend cheated. I had been having strange side cramps then some discharge I anticipated a yeast infection. I told my gynecologist that I had been getting chafe a lot but only on one side of my vagina. She suggested getting full testing as it may be herpes that has not come through (a breakout) yet. While I did have a yeast infection two weeks later I learned I had herpes. I have been with him 3 years and was tested and clean before him and one year later after finding he had another girlfriend I teste
  3. I’m so fucking upset. I found out I had HSV2 this last June and I was so sick in hospital (before I knew) with fever chills my whole body felt like it got hit by a truck. They thought I had meningitis. Then I realized I had sores and got tested for herpes and came back positive. So since then I keep having outbreaks! I have a healthy diet I don’t drink I live a normal life. I even got vitamin C powder and L-lysine to take. My doctor ended up putting me on Valtrex to take every day since I kept getting outbreaks. But nope! Still Happening. I swear I get them every other week and it makes me SO
  4. imtryingmybest

    Just Diagnosed

    Wow. So, I just got the test results about an hour ago. After calling my mom and sobbing uncontrollably, I did some reading. I read a lot about other women's experiences, and also ended up on this website. Needless to say, I am incredibly upset about it. I feel disgusting. Dirty, gross, like nothing. The worst part: I don't know who gave it to me. I have had more than one sexual partner this past month, and frankly, it is going to be fucking hard to tell them. I don't know how I am going to tell these people, how they will react, if they will tell our friends. Who will I be known as? Who will
  5. Bhbr2018

    A poem: Death To My Giver

    Since I am having such a hard time dealing with my GHSV diagnosis, I thought it would be beneficial to express my emotions via a poem. I welcome all feedback, and thank you for reading: "Death To My Giver " My giver was a male, and his penis looked clean I looked and searched around, but no bumps were seen We had sex on the couch, and sex in his room He had an open invitation, as a guest in my womb My vagina let him in, with a hug and a squeeze His penis returned the favor, with an incurable disease Six days later, feeling symptoms in my bed
  6. Hi everyone, This has been the worst week of my life and I’m glad to have found this online community. Trying to wrap my head around this and the pain has just been excruciating. I’m on Valtrex since Tuesday and slightly feeling better now. I am still waiting for my lab results but the symptoms and my doctor make me think I definitely have Herpes. My doctor also is pretty sure, due to severity of the outbreak and recent sexual history, that I got it from the most recent partner I had (my ex and I were really long term and neither of us ever had any symptoms, I know that’s not a 100%
  7. New&Scared

    Desperate for advice!!!

    Hi all, I'm desperate for advice as someone newly diagnosed who made a silly decision. Please don't judge, just hear me out. Following the first sexual encounter with someone I have been dating, I starting feeling weird down below. I had had a Hollywood wax 2 days before I had sex, so I attributed it to this, until it got worst. I went to the sexual health clinic convinced I had picked up some kind of infection from the waxing , but was diagnosed with HSV 1. To say that I was devasted was an understatement. I knew I had to disclose to my recent partner as I am sure that he had
  8. Hey. I’m a native Charleston guy here that was recently diagnoses with HSV2. It came as a shock to me and for the person that gave it to me! Both pretty blindsided but our goal is make the best of it. It’s not a death sentence; it just changes the game a little. I’d love to connect with other in the Charleston, SC area that would like to share their stories, maybe meet for a social hour and help chip away at the “shame factor” associated with something that’s really nothing more than a skin disease.
  9. TheKittiesTitties

    Black Friday

    Originally posted September 2017 under the name "KittiesTitties" This is the first time i've come forward with this... To anyone or anything. So, I'll start it with a simple question for all of you: If you could go back in time, what would you change and would you change it? Most who would go back would take the chance to set their lives on a more stable path before winds of life change took hold or to reclaim a past that has slipped from ones grasp. Others who wouldn't change anything have since come to peace with their path and have come to the conclusion that things are the w
  10. Hi there, Feeling very lost and worried about the constant outbreaks I’ve had since my initial diagnosis 3 months ago. My first outbreak was terrible, lasted 3 weeks, after my first round of valcyclovir I had about four clear days then immediately had another outbreak. Took another round of valcyclovir and went on suppressive therapy. Started at 500mg/day and was still having constant outbreaks, I spoke to my dr and he upped the dose to 1g/day and also tested for HIV to cover all bases (came back negative). My outbreaks are becoming increasingly mild and I hardly notice them but I ALWAYS
  11. KittiesTitties

    Black Friday.

    This is the first time i've come forward with this... To anyone or anything. So, I'll start it with a simple question for all of you: If you could go back in time, what would you change and would you change it? Most who would go back would take the chance to set their lives on a more stable path before winds of life change took hold or to reclaim a past that has slipped from ones grasp. Others who wouldn't change anything have since come to peace with their path and have come to the conclusion that things are the way they should be. It's very 'black and white', close the book questio
  12. Hi everyone. I'm glad I found this board. After a little over a week and nightmare pain, itching, burning and no sleep, I went to the doctor yesterday. As you can guess the diagnosis is herpes HSV2. I am an older woman (late 50's), in menopause, and I've been divorced for 1.5 years after 36 yrs of marriage. I had a little fun after my divorce but nothing crazy and have now been with the same guy for 7 months and we are both in complete shock. I'm trying to wrap my head around the question of where did this come from? He has had no symptoms at all and I'm in a full blown break out. The s
  13. 2792

    Newly diagnosed. Help

    Can someone please give me an opinion? I've just recently gotten into a new relationship with a really great guy. We just started having sex about 3 weeks ago. A week later I have an outbreak. I go to the doctor and I'm told I have herpes. I'm still waiting for the official results but I'm pretty sure she was right. Of course it's possible for my partner to have no idea that he has it and give it to me. My question is, what are the odds of me having had it all this time only to randomly have an outbreak a week after becoming sexually active with my new boyfriend? Are the odds more likely that
  14. Thatguy604

    Newly diagnosed confusion

    Hi, I've been recently diagnosed with herpes. I started dating my gf in early august of last year and starting experiencing nerve pain in my leg by January. I got a test done and tested negative. Fast forward a year and a few months later and I have herpees under my foreskin. Now my confusion lies in where my gf said she has never had an outbreak. She went to the dr and the dr refused to give her a test because she has no symptoms. The dr said you can only pass it when you have sores and doing a blood test would be useless. So what now? Idk how else I could have got it...I have a strong feel
  15. I am a 24 years old female. I have had 7 sexual Partners in my life. I have always been safe and selective with whom I have sex. I have been dating my boyfriend for four years in a monogamous relationship. As of recent, we had made the decision to bring another female into our bedroom. I was contacted by her a few days after the threesome. She informed me That she had an abnormal Pap smear, and that she tested positive for HPV. I made a doctors appointment for myself afterwards. Upon going to the doctors, they found lesions on my cervix that we’re bleeding. So, I left with a
  16. So i was recently diagnosed with hsv1 due to an outbreak genitally. I have never had a cold sore. The day before my outbreak i had sex (obviously i had no inclination i had hsv1 or any symotoms otherwise i wouldnt have had sex). (The outbreak i guess it would be called the primary outbreak, i literally wanted to die, The pain and discomfort was the worst pain I have experienced in my entire life) The blood test showed i had hsv1 antibodies but not hsv2 antibodies. I want to know whether or not i have type 1 or 2 genitally but it took her so long to reach me i have to wait 3 months before i ca
  17. Hi, I am going to the "Veterans" for this question in hopes you can help. I'd like to get a few names of "Herpes Experts" that will do a phone consult with my husband and me to see if there is anything we are missing or if there are any other tests we can do. I am willing to pay for a phone consult. Can you all recommend anyone? Thanks!
  18. vitacoco

    I Want To Try Again

    I was diagnosed with gHSV1 about 2 weeks ago. My outbreak is all cleared up and I am off the 7 day treatment my nurse gave me. I want to try getting back into sexual activity with my partner, but I am nervous about pain or discomfort. Can anyone give me any advice or what to expect? It can be as simple as oral to actual intercourse Any response would be greatly appreciated... I am very nervous.
  19. I am a newly diagnosed (<1 year) HSV2 positive female. For the first time since my diagnosis, I started to hook up with a guy and things got heated. Being the fact that I didn't tell him about the situation, no intercourse happened however, at one point he fingered me and in the heat of the brought his fingers to his mouth. Although no direct oral sex from him to me happened, we are worried about the rate of transmission. I am on valacycolvir daily had no sign of an outbreak and no prodrome pain from shedding (I've experienced nerve pain in the past). I also went down on him and, even thoug
  20. Hi folks, Been trolling the forums for about a day, since I took my "allergic reaction/ UTI/ definitely not herpes but please dear god make it go away" to my Obgyn. She took one look and said "herpes lesions," at which point I lost the ability to focus on what she was telling me. Waiting to hear on whether it's HSV 1 or 2, and trying to cope with the outbreak (dozens of lesions in and around my vagina as well as massive flu symptoms and body aches) as well as a UTI and bacterial infection. Literally my purse is full to bursting with meds. Doc put me on Valtrex along with an antibiot
  21. All day today I've been constantly crying and have just been in the absolute shittiest mood. I woke up crying, cried throughout the day, and ended the day crying. I got the news 2 months ago and it still hasn't fully settled in yet that I'm going to have this for the rest of my life. I watch ted talks, try to educate myself as much as possible to realize H really isn't THAT bad, I try to remain positive. But, it's all so overwhelming. Today I woke up wanting to just end it all, today I cried enough to flood a river. I'm so sad, disgusted and miserable with my life right now. It sucks because
  22. Hello! Well it's come to light that I have contracted HSV-1 after my boyfriend had his outbreak of genital type 1. I have not had an oral cold sore or anything perculiar looking down below to make me think I have it orally or genitally so I have no any idea what to look out for and where! Can you guys educate me on your personal symptoms and how your infection shows its self? I have always been prone to what I thought was a UTI. Whenever I get one I usually get a few more in the following weeks. On one occasion last year I had my worst one yet, in which my urine was straight
  23. Hi my friend was diagnosed with herpes almost two months ago. She has broken out of the cloud of depression and that is fantastic. We were talking and our conversation shifted to diet and she got really excited. She said that she believes alkaline diets can cure herpes. I told her if she feels if it will contribute to your overall health then fine but not to get off the meds and that I didn't believe it would cure her herpes. She has a negative view of the medical industry and believes for every doctor it is solely a business. The doctor she went to was also very cold. She believes they are g
  24. Tannerbrown977


    I have never signed up for a forum before in my life but with my newly found circumstances I really need some advice right now and no one knows about my situation so having it all bottled up had been crazy hard on me. Two months ago I found out I had herpes.. I could go into the longest spill of my life but long story short it has felt like the end of the world for me. I was a good person and a good girl.. I fell in love with a addict who always insisted on not wearing a condom when he knew he had herpes and her I am now.. obviously we are no longer together. We weren't together when I found o
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