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Found 5 results

  1. I've been having bumps appear on my face around my mouth for a couple years now. They usually take several weeks to disappear but these current lesions have been here for months now and don't seem to be healing at all. I've been applying salicylic acid and oil of oregano twice a week but am having no luck and it appears to be getting worst. This has completely destroyed my self esteem and I've given up on trying to date... I've attached an image if anyone could help me out with a diagnosis or some type of regiment to help make them go away i'd be forever indebted! Thanks
  2. 23year old Female; Been a year since a swab came back HVS1 positive on my vag! I’ve never had an STI in my life and Really compared to my friends have only had sex a handful of times.. so why me. *Tear sliding down my face. 6 partners.. 2 of which were after my first outbreak (unprotected one nighters - clearly didn’t learn my lesson) I didn’t tell them, is that bad of me? They didn’t ask.. and after all it’s just a cold sore nore was I having a flare up at the time I actually forgot I had it for a while! I have endlessly trolled website after website..most of them contra
  3. I recently tested a low positive (1.31) for hsv1. I plan to retake in next few weeks but would not be surprised if positive as I'm sure it would have occurred in childhood. I dont recall any noticable outbreaks, ever. In the last 15 years I have had two swollen areas that lasted a day or two but both in different locations on my bottom lips. About 5 years ago, I had a pimple like situation that was under the skin in the middle of my bottom lip that I popped like a pimple and sebum came out, left a slight hole and then it immediately cleared up. Now, within last two weeks, I've had a bump l
  4. Hi all, Today I went to eye clinic to check up the eyes.Doctor did dilated fundus eye test and said "fundus is ok but optic disc cannot be seen clear ". I said about my oral hsv1 and she said it is not the symptom of hsv1. Do any one have idea or know about these tests? Do any one experienced same?
  5. Goku

    Oral hsv1

    Hi, Recently I have tested positive for hsv1 oral,what could be average life of men with oral hsv1?my age is 26 and I am male from India. Is there any cure for oral hsv1
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