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Found 6 results

  1. Hi, I've posted several times before about whether or not I might have OHSV2. All I've been told by doctors and people (well intentioned) is that they don't think that's the case. Kaiser even did a test that was negative for HSV1 and HSV2 which was interesting given Kaiser was the one that originally diagnosed me with HSV long ago. As much as I would like to know what I have, I've accepted that I probably never will. My doctors think telling me what they think I don't have will make me feel better. Since they're wrong and I have daily reminders, I'm hoping someone can help me with these horrible symptoms: Right corner of mouth feels kind of numb...feels kind of strange when talking. Tingling in right cheek and corner of mouth (was much worse last year but still there) The right side of my head feels like something is pressing against the top of it. Sometimes the pressure feels like burning instead, but I feel this constantly, all day long. I also get headaches in this location. They've gotten so bad that I'm seeing a neurologist to deal with the pain. Random pain in right eye. I get random, intense, uncomfortable goosebumps/skin tightening sensations on the left side of my head near the top. Uncomfortable burning sensation in right collarbone area that never goes away (I actually put cold packs on it during the day). I have never had an outbreak in or around my mouth. Just these horrible symptoms. I have Valtrex, but it doesn't seem to be helping. Two questions: Is there anything in addition to Valtrex I can do to get this under control? I'm trying Elderberry, but I just started. Is this the virus being active 24/7 or is it likely nerve damage from the initial infection? I have no idea how infectious I am. Once again, this is no longer a "do I have it" post. I just want some relief from whatever I do have. The headaches, skin tightening, "goosebumps", etc. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks
  2. Alwayssmile_

    Hsv 2 oral/face

    Has anyone experienced hsv2 on the face/lip/cheek? I know everyone is different but does it look the same as hsv1?
  3. I went to the doctor 6 months ago and had a blood test for herpes. I went because my boyfriend had his first breakout. We've been together 3 years. During his breakout I gave him oral sex (we thought it was just an ingrown hair, since there was no history of stds). But it got worse and he went to the Dr and confirmed herpes. I've never had sores, only small canker sores inside my mouth. but my bloodwork was positive for both types. My only issue with this is my child since then has had similar small circles in his mouth, and a few months ago had burning redness around the underneath of his penis head. There weren't any sores but of course I've only been able to think the worse. Could this of been herpes related? If I have oral hsv2 could I give genital hsv2 to my child? Please help.
  4. OK, I've posted before about this...I have GHSV2...had oral sex with an ex-girlfriend with GHSV2 on 10/1/17. Several days later, I didn't feel well, then had what looked like a razor nick in the right corner of my mouth. That went away after a few days. Since then, have had the following sensations every day: Occasional tingling in upper lip like a twitching feeling Some small white spots on upper lip near right corner of mouth (not really noticeable unless I stretch my lip though) Cool tingling sensation in various areas...right corner of mouth, right cheek, and right side of chin Tickling sensation in right cheek/chin/mustache...find myself rubbing/scratching my cheek/chin/mustache often Sometimes tingling/tickling sensation on right side of head and neck Wet feeling in right corner of mouth...sometimes feels like I'm drooling when I talk Every now and then a very faint stinging sensation in right upper lip All of these sensations go away if I slightly rub my lip or jaw, but they always come back. Pretty constant since 10/1. So today I "tasted" something on my lip (right side) and noticed this (see attached pics). I squeezed it fairly hard to see if it was a blister but no fluid came out. It didn't hurt at all either. This is so horribly frustrating. Some things point to me having OHSV2, but some don't. The sensation in the corner of my mouth is CONSTANT, although it seems to be fading over the last 5 months (knock on wood). But everything I read says the first OHSV2 outbreak is a bitch. I haven't had anything painful blisters or even any redness. But I've felt these sensations every day for the last five months. Experts have told me it can't be OHSV2 because I wouldn't have symptoms for so long and not constantly. But when describing how my mouth/cheek/jaw feels to my doctor, he thinks it is nerve damage, which I know can be caused by OHSV2. But I haven't read about anyone with OHSV2 suffering from constant sensations for months. Then again, all these issues have occurred on the right side of my face. The left side has been absolutely fine. Somebody told me online that since I already had GHSV2 that it may have lessened the severity of the OHSV2 infection. But why would I have the constant tingling then? Or does everyone with OHSV have constant tingling in their face? I can't find anyone on the internet with symptoms like mine...just my luck to have the most unique case of OHSV2 on the internet (if that's what this is). Has anyone had anything like this on their lip that goes away in a day or two? Or had to keep rubbing/scratching their cheek/jaw to relive the tingling? Or had the wet corner of the mouth feeling? What makes this even worse is I already suffer from anxiety and this is making it much worse. But it's hard not to think about this when you're reminded every day...before this happened I could go months feeling completely normal between GHSV2 outbreaks. Now I have to keep wondering if I have it and if I can give it to someone else. This is so frustrating.
  5. LostinTranslation123

    Second Oral HSV2 Outbreak

    Hello everyone! Im kinda flipping out because I got my second Oral HSV2 outbreak in a little more than a month from being exposed after the doctor said that I would not see another Oral HSV2 outbreak since they are rare. How many recurrences do such Oral HSV2 outbreaks have? The doctor told me that since I have had two Oral HSV2 outbreaks in a month (the last one following a major cold that he had along with major stress about this whole ordeal), that he is fairly certain that I did not contract anything down there since the HSV2 virus is forcefully coming out of an "unpreferred" location already twice (on the lips) rather than its preferred location down the waist when it should have already come out in both places. Is this true? Thank you in advance!
  6. Came across this : You have to download full article. Seems a bit extreme. Any thoughts? https://bmb.natsci.msu.edu/faculty-emeritus/zachary-f-burton/research/
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