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Found 57 results

  1. So, I found some one who was willing to have sex with me .( He doesn't have HSV2 or 1. ) I hadn' t had sex for over 7 months. I am really disappointed. It did not go well. The condoms didn't make it any safer. They kept falling off or slipping down, Its just not safe sex at all. Plus, He couldn't stay erect. He couldn't feel anything. I couldn't feel anything... Maybe from the lubrication I had to use so I wasn't rubbed raw to cause an outbreak. So we had to stop every time. We tried for 4 days. It just wouldn't work. The last day he thought it was Ok to have anal unprotected and just did it. I didn't stop him. I thought he knew it wasn't safe but didn't care. ( so that was the only good sex we had) The next day he said he thought it was safe and I had to tell him it wasn't. There is no point to have sex anymore if I can't get oral either. I tried a barrier over and it was pointless and I felt nothing. And the whole 4 days I was obsessing and checking my vagina to make sure I didn't have any Obs to infect this guy, And everyday , even while taking AVS, i still "felt" sensations or something that is herpes-like, like I do every day. I had what turned out to be an ingrown hair that I wasn't sure about either .So 2 of the days I had to explain to him I wasn't quite sure and I handed him latex gloves. Total disaster. Pointless. pointless to risk his health for unfulfilling half-real sex He was a good sport though. He didn't get so scared. He was willing to try at least. He trusted me to know. But honestly, I don't see how I can be sure and know. I don't know when I am getting an oB- cuz everyday I have some issue that makes me think I am getting one. every. damn. day. Fuck this shit. I just want to cry and die. I want my old life back before this disease. I know the sex would have been awesome this past weekend if not for HSV.
  2. flowerblossom245

    I need help.

    I was recently diagnosed with HSV 1 a week ago and the emotional strain has been horrible. I’m the type of person who hates the unknown, so I’m trying to figure out if I have it genitally or orally. I had sex with someone who has been tested for herpes, but he doesn’t remember which strain he has. He hasn’t had an outbreak in years and has taken medicine, so my doctor initially said the chance was extremely low that he gave it to me (especially because it was only for about 1 min and that was it.) I get mouth ulcers regularly and I also get what I believe is a cold sore right in the corner of my mouth (which I’ve read isn’t a real cold sore?) so I’m wondering if that’s why I tested positive. We had sex a month and a half ago, and the symptoms started about a week and a half ago. Burning while peeing, and the occasional itching. When my doctor looked (she also did a Pap smear) she said she saw no lesions which I took as a good sign. I’ve been taking Valtrex for 5 days now but my symptoms haven’t improved at all. I just need people to talk to who know how I’m feeling. Thank you all
  3. seanriley213


    Can I please get someone to talk to here?????? I think I'm drowning in pains
  4. Hi. First of all, let me explain... I have been in a relationship with my partner for 28 years. For the past three years, I have been living in Spain and working. - still contibuting to the house, and my youngest son is enjoying a free private education because of my benefits at school. In the past my partner has used sex as a weapon - meaning that he refuses me - for the last 15 years as a kind of punishment for me getting pregnant with our youngest who is nearly 17. He loves my kids to bits, but I went through major depression as a result of emotional blackmail and pressures at work. However, even though he doesn't admit it, he was having major anxiety and depression in his business. So, I get it, but only to a point. For my kids, I have stayed with him. Recently, I have connected with someone and have agreed a kind of sexual arrangement where we will meet once a week- He doesn't want a relationship as his wife has seriously just cheated on him. Even in the last three years that I have separated from my partner, I still remained true. But, I have found things difficult. So, yesterday, We had our first hook up yesterday, and have planned to hook up not seeing anyone else, unless arranged together. However, this morning I started to see the signs of a cold sore. They were not visible before. Should I be worried?
  5. Hello everyone. I've never joined a forum before so I am curious to meet you all. Here's some background: My ex-bf gave me genital herpes back in 2010 - it passed from his cold sore through oral sex (neither of us had any idea that this could happen - we were only 20 years old). I was diagnosed with GHSV-1. I had really awful symptoms this first time - I was really ill for around 10-14 days with muscular pain, tiredness and huge lesions on my vagina (even the doctors were shocked when they saw it!) that have even left some scarring. I initially went through all the feelings that everyone else on here has described: anxiety, fear, shame, guilt... I was very depressed, upset, "why me?" etc. When my boyfriend and I broke up (for unrelated reasons) around 9 months later, I became very sad and scared again that I would never be able to meet anyone else that would want to sleep with me, let alone be my life partner. As I started educating myself, however, I felt a little better about it (GHSV-1 is milder, reoccurrences are rarer, they get less severe with time etc.) I was told by the sexual health nurse that if I didn't get a second outbreak in 1-2 years, the likelihood was that I would never have another one again. I got on with my life and started to forget about it. I am fairly open about having herpes when it comes up in discussion with friends, passing it off as something happened to me back when I was 20, but isn't part of my life any more. Now, exactly 8 years on, after spending the weekend at a music festival (so running on low batteries and lack of sleep), I've gotten another outbreak. Smaller and less severe for sure, but tender, painful, very itchy and uncomfortable... and I am in total shock. I'm worried about the following things: - Has this 'opened the floodgates'? Will I now start getting more outbreaks more frequently, or is the likelihood that I won't get another outbreak for another 8 years, or more? - I know the outbreak occurred when I was run down.. but really, no more than I occasionally get two or three times a year (from working too hard, going out too late etc.).. so why this time? Will this happen every time/more often when I go to a festival or something from now on? - This outbreak has been accompanied by quite bad lower back pain and constipation (although this could also be because I started my period at the same time) - has anyone else experienced these symptoms? I'd love to know if anyone out there also had a break of around 5-10 years with no symptoms - and whether their next outbreak after that was sooner or later than that. Thank you to everybody for your input and support. I hope I can help others too with info about my story.
  6. arorasmith

    Drunk and Dumb

    Ok so.... i was very drunk last night and I started fooling around with a boy who doesn’t have the HSV2 virus... We “dry” humped and I mean he had a Condom on and my vaginal lips are quit large so my vagina wasn’t too exposed.. and then I remember him inserting his penis in, but only once and I said “no” so he stopped but then we continued to fool around.. i just want to know what are the chances of him contacting HSV2 if there was a condom on and I didn’t have any Out Breaks etc.... Help me SOS
  7. Snjt

    Freaking out

    I'm freaking out, I must be such a horrible person. It was a little over a year since I've be in any kind of relationship or had sex. Recently, things got heated with a guy and I. For various reason I solely wanted a physical affair. But now I feel like I made yet another mistake. We did not have intercourse because we didnt have condoms. We did fool around and he gave me oral sex. I'm freaking out because I have HSV2. I'm scared with him giving my oral sex I've passed the virus on to him. We havent spoken since that night which is another reason why I'm so distraught over this. Any thoughts? Please, also, dont judge me. I have yet to come to terms with myself in telling ANYONE that I live with this virus. I dont know how I'll ever have a regular relationship or fall in love. I just need a little light shed, if any..
  8. helpme12345


    Hello everyone, I am curious to know what is going on with me. I tested positive for hsv1 about a year ago when i went in for a std check just cuz i was curious, which is no big deal. My docs and I believe it to be oral and i dont think my body is that amazing at suppressing this either if i did have it in the genitals since im also a chain smoker (my immune system sucks), and when i was a kid i remember having sores in my mouth that burned and stung like crazy. Also my family gets cold sores every once in a while. But something odd happened and im just curious. my gf and i are doing long distance. she came to visit me for a week in aug where we basically had sex everyday, twice a day. oral, vaginal and anal, all unprotected. Please dont try to convince me that my gf is also cheating. Anyways, a little after she left back in august i switched to E-ciggs and have been smoking that a lot to the point where i had cotton mouth and dehydration. When i pee in the morning it would hurt a bit, nothing crazy, mostly since pee is concentrated in the morning. A week later while playing computer games, it was really hot and humid and i had an itch on my scrotum. I guess i was really frustrated i lost the game so i took it out on my itch by pulling the skin through my boxers and i was left with an abrasion that my doctor took a look at the very next day. My doctor told me it was a simple abrasion and if more pop up or doesnt heal within a few days then come back. well, in about 2 to 3 days it healed up with no scab. After two weeks and still having some burning urination, i still masturbated thinking it was nothing. While masturbating I guess i didnt want to finish and i squeezed my penis while it was on the verge of ejaculating and my cum went up and down and then i shot. It left this throbbing feeling in my urethra, and again thought nothing of it and went to sleep. The next day my urethra was super itchy, it was for a few days until i had white discharge. Got seen by a urologist and my test came out as negative, nothing and said it was NGU. I asked my gf to take an std test and she did. She was positive for HSV 1 IGG and also had BV ( common in women), ureaplasma urealyticum, and mycoplasma hominis. I found out through some research and my urologist that it can cause ngu and rarely/uncommon for ngu to be caused by herpes and i dont think it was in my urethra otherwise i would be in extreme pain. I also had Ureaplasma U back when i was in Korea and took two weeks of doxcy. my urologist gave me 7 days of doxy, while taking the doxcy it took about four to five days for my symptoms to clear up, but i still had some burning urination. I also still dry masturbated and felt some friction burns under the helmet of my penis next and thought nothing of it and took a shower. I used this exfoliating soap by dove that contained micro beads( at the time i didnt know), lathered it in my hands and washed my penis with it, which afterwards my penis helmet was pink and had some bumps and a cool burning sensation. This was gone the next day after flushing it with cold water. But stupid me i kept masturbating and it really irritated my penis. I feel like the soap stripped my penis of its natural oils and dried out my skin. But somehow i didnt feel like the doctors were helping me. So after a full blood test for HIV, HSV 1 & 2 IGG, hep B, C, and syphilis, all negative except hsv 1, after 6 weeks. and seeing 5 general doctors, PCP, and 2 urologists that tell me im fine and its friction burn and burst blood vessels under the helmet of my penis, which are called petechiae( not too sure), im going nuts. Im hyper aware of every little movement thats going on down there and its driving me crazy. Also i used this lube from tenga (sex toy company) and a fleshlight so i dont dry masturbate and it seemed to have made it worse. does any of this or these symptoms say i have ghsv1? I do have some burning every now and then and some pee that hurts every now and then, (still didnt give my penis a break from masturbating btw) but i dont know if this is all in my head or just something else. My doctor and a friend who has hsv tell me you would definitely know if you have it in your urethra and herpes arent going to stay teeny tiny there going to swell and cluster. I also am fully aware of some of the symptoms hsv cuz of a scare that happened a few years ago and i did some crazy research and went to about 12 different doctors, which ended with i just tore some skin off my penis while pulling off the condom. Could these broken blood vessels be the cause of my burning sensation near the tip of my urethra or under the glans? does herpes have pain for a few hrs and no pain for a few hrs? cant seem to pin point where the actual pain is coming from. Is this contact dermatitis or allergic? also the glans of my penis seem to be pretty red, or from what i see but my doctors say im fine. please help me, its driving me insane. just to add, i didnt have flu symptoms, no initial out break ever or so i recall, maybe a pimple or two in my pubic hair area, which actually looked like a pimple and went away in a week. i was cold but not to the point where i was shivering, i guess its due to my anxiety and stress and i check my penis like every day or so, did have back pain in my buttocks and behind my knee, but i sit in this cross leg position dont want to be sexist but how usually women sit with there legs crossed, for hrs. also no blisters or sores other than that one abrasion which healed up and never came back and broken blood vessels that look like red dots examined by the doctor, i mean its tiny tiny purple dots. Sorry, one more thing i also did a urethra swab but apparently the doctor who did it, said it was the wrong one after a few days, but by then i didnt have symptoms since the doxcy cleared it up. that urethra swab was extremely painful and pee that came afterwards was nothing ive felt before. it was worse than breaking your collar bone. Male in my late 20s. thanks guys!
  9. So I’ve noticed some Orange like bumps in the back of my throat. I’ve searched images and so many relate to pharyngitis and many other people say they have it too and it’s normal. Thing is I’ve never thought of it as an issue until after my first time giving oral to my ex, I started over thinking and then started to over examine my throat and noticed these bumps. Can anyone assure me if it is herpes or I’m just going crazy? Lol. That would help a lot. I know no one here is a doctor but anything helps. Heres some info: my ex I was with for about 3 months. knew him for a year before. He is the first person I’ve ever done oral with. I’ve never even had sex before this to be honest. I’m in some terms a “Virgin” still. Anyways after I gave oral, I noticed he had a bump on his penis. I asked him what it was and he said it’s been there as long as he can remember. So I let it pass my mind but I don’t know anymore. I let my panic get to me once I saw these bumps.
  10. You partner A has a diagnosis of hsv 1 orally. Partner A contracted hsv2 on mouth location as well from oral sex with an hsv2 partner B (cold sore showed up 3 days on mouth of partner A after oral sex performed on hsv2 partner B). Can partner A develop hsv2 on the genitalia too, or will it be confined to the mouth? The partners have not engaged in physical sex yet.
  11. Lisa777

    Oral herpes

    Is it possible to develop oral herpes symptoms 45 days after unprotected oral sex? I developed a sore throats which tested negative of strep this happened 45 days after. The soar throat lasted 5 days but the bumps are still in the back of my throat and they get inflamed on and off? The first day It was burning of the lips and throats tightness which I thought was from eating too much pineapple... then I got hit with Pharangytis the next couple days after the burning lip sensation....also I had pimples above my lip the week before symptoms I don't know if they were blisters or just pimples they had a white head
  12. Hi Friends , If a person having Cold sores gives a Blowjob for A , Does A will have hsv 1 or hsv 2 , Second Can Hsv 1 spread from utensils or Clothes
  13. Hello all! i have a question. I have a HSV2 and my partner who I have been with for 4 years doesn’t. My question is, if we have sex and then after intercourse I perform oral sex on him, can I spread herpes to my mouth? We never have sex while I am on an outbreak and I am also on a daily antiviral. Thank you!
  14. Hi All, First off I want to say thank you to everyone who has given me advice from my previous posts. I'm not posting again to invalidate or disregard your advice. It's just to provide some more information. I'm still not sure if I'm having symptoms of OHSV2 or not, I already have GHSV2 and performed oral on a GF with the same. About a week later, I didn't feel well and had what I thought was a shaving nick in the right corner of my mouth. Went to urgent care and the doctor said she didn't think it was anything. From October until December I would feel like I was getting sick and then feel better. Since December I've felt well but there's a spot in the right corner of my mouth that feels numb and feels funny when talking sometimes. And I've been feeling tingling in my right cheek, chin, and the corner of my mouth. These feelings have been pretty much constant but have been fading over time. Fast forward to now: the feelings have diminished greatly, but are still there. Right now I don't feel tingling at all and the numbness isn't as bad as it was. But I sometimes feel the tingling. It's not as strong as it was. If I talk for long periods of time the right corner of my mouth feels a bit weird and sometimes feels like it's leaking on that side. It never does, it just feels like it. What's weird is that I've only had two genital outbreaks since October (I usually get them 4x a year). I had a blood test done in late November that showed me positive for HSV2 only (negative for HIV, syphillis, gonorrhea, chlamydia). I plan on having another blood test done since it was not even two months after the encounter, but I don't see how this can be anything other than oral HSV2. I'm thinking my symptoms are mild because I already have genital HSV2 and have some resistance. Questions (all assuming I have OHSV2): How could I have a mild, painless infection but it's causing me constant symptoms? I've been to two urgent care doctors, one primary doctor, and two dermatologists and they all say it doesn't look like OHSV2. I haven't had any painful outbreaks. The only thing my primary said is that I probably have nerve damage based on my symptoms. I've had a couple of nicks, but others have dismissed those from the pictures I posted. So why the constant prodrome? I've dealt with GHSV2 for 25 years and I've never had constant symptoms until now...makes it very hard to deal with. Will the symptoms continue to decrease over time to the point where I won't notice them every day? That's the only thing giving me hope. I definitely feel a lot better than I did 6 months ago. I'm interested in another woman with GHSV2. She likes to perform oral. Is there a greater risk contracting OHSV2 from kissing than from oral sex? I've read about people with OHSV2 on here being careful about kissing, but is that risk any different than oral? My throat has been scratchy for the last couple of weeks. Would this be something that would happen after 8 months with OHSV2? I'm hoping that it's just my chronic sinusitis (three surgeries!) since it currently burns when I bend over. Sometimes I feel warm on the right side of my head and neck going down into my shoulder. There's a spot on the back on my head (right side) that feels a bit tender. My lymph node on my right collarbone is bigger than the one on the left, but it doesn't hurt. I'm really hoping this is just an infection from my sinusitis. This has coincided with my scratchy throat. I really hope I don't have OHSV2. But I have something and these doctors have been worthless. For those who still think this isn't OHSV2...is there anything other than OHSV2 that would cause these symptoms for so long? Would EBV do this? Should I ask my doctor for a PCR swab? Would it show anything since I haven't had any cold sores? Thanks so much for any advice you can give me.
  15. TolkienNerd42

    Gave to Boyfriend

    Some background before I explain- I have not been formally diagnosed with herpes but I do get cold sores. It's been at least 2 years since my last one and since my life is very fast paced it's always the last thing on my mind. So when I got into my current relationship I had totally forgotten that I actually get them. My current issue is that I didn't realize I was getting a cold sore because I recently changed acne treatments and disregarded the tingling sensation as a reaction. I gave my boyfriend oral sex and that night after work saw what has now become a sore. I was up till midnight looking up all the research I could and type 1 can effect genitalia. So long story short I probably gave it to him and I feel like crap to the point where I think he should breakup with me. And he thought it was curable(he grew up in a bubble) which makes me feel even worse. I know it's not the worst STD out there which is putting my mind at rest a tiny bit but I still feel like a terrible person and a walking plague sack.
  16. new person

    oral sex with herpes.

    hey, it has been a one and half year since I have been diagnosed with herpes. But I also want to say that, I haven't experienced an outbreak for 6 months. Even while I am eating loads of sugary items. I know my herpes hasn't gone but I have come to this stage where I have to no longer take medicines. I have a question in my mind. Can someone perform oral sex on me if I take medicines? This is the major question.
  17. Hi, I'm new with this disease. I was herpes 1 positive, I only had an outbreak once a year or two years (oral herpes in the corners of the mouth). I was in high school when I got it (I was 17 years old). . 6 months ago I went to a concert, I met a girl, bla bla bla and she gave me oral sex. A week later I had a horrible itching and transparent urethral discharge. The itching felt the same as when I get oral herpes. I did IGG exams at 2 weeks and only type 1 positive came out (which I already knew) herpes 2 came out negative. After 3 months I returned to take the test and the two positive ones came out. After 4 months I did all the tests: HIV, hepatitis, syphilis, gonorrhea, chlamydia. All negative. Only herpes type 2 positive. I never thought that for a blow job I could get herpes type 2. In these 6 months my only symptom is horrible itching that lasts about 3 -4 days. The first attack, it lasted 45 days. Yes, herpes 2 can live in the mouth and can spread, I had that experience. My main question, my only symptom is the itching (currently every 3-4 weeks) can I get worse? Currently I do not take antivirals (only when I get it in my mouth), and I do not take the arginine diet, I eat normal. What do you think?
  18. I told the guy I'm dating last November that I have genital HSV-1, and he said it wasn't a big deal (he gets cold sores). So today it gets to the point of almost having sex, and he makes a comment about being skeptical about getting genital HSV-1. I told him it's hard to infect another area, because you body provides some sort of protection. Right? I felt pretty bad about what he said. You have herpes too, but because mine is in a different area it's worse? He said he needed protection so I don't get pregnant (STD's checked and clear, and I've been on birth control for the past 2 years, and he knows this). He's just scared to get genital herpes. Fine. I understand. We ended up not having sex, and now I don't think I ever want to have sex with him. So for my future partners I want to be able to provide more factual information about having herpes. I have genital HSV1, lets say my partner has oral HSV1 can he still get it on his genitals? I don't have oral HSV1, but lets say I kissed him with a cold sore can I still get HSV1 in mouth despite already having it in my genitals?
  19. Question one: if you get herpes via giving unprotected oral sex will you get symptoms in the genital area as well? question two: how easy is it to spread it? I am going for testing this week for oral std. In july of this year I performed unprotected sex on a man for less than a minute and he did not cum but keep in mind before performing this act he sucked so hard on my lip I got "lip hickey"...on September 4th which is 45 days after I performed the act I developed strep throat/pharyngitis symptoms (NO fevere whatsoever just chills, red cobblestone apperence on throat, enlarged tonsils/uvula, white patches on tonsils, coughing up yellow, brown phlem, barking cough). I was rushed to the ER because of my barking cough, swollen uvula, tonsils and severe wheezing where I was diagnosed with bronchitis and was given antibiotics. Its been 3 weeks and I feel great but still have a painless cobblestone throat appearance? some look like little white pimples...they get bigger after eating a heavy meal sometimes...chances of std? What should I get tested for? thanks again
  20. Kee

    Any LESBIANS with hsv1

    This is just a chat for lesbians,as sex is a little different.
  21. Okay... so about 2 weeks ago I went over to my friends house and he preformed oral sex on me. That's it. In the last 5 days I've noticed changes in my vagina lip. At first it was a hard pimple looking thing so I didn't think anything of it. All of a sudden it was making my vagina lip swollen, then started hurting. I'm not having pain with urination at all though. Then my bum started feeling dry and itchy but when I looked I noticed what appeared to be tiny cuts around it and it's kind of swollen and hurts to go to the bathroom. Really my bum is the only thing that's super painful... feels like glass and makes me not wanna go. Today I started getting really bad aches under my right butt cheek... something I've never felt before. This weekend I developed a bad cough but then again it is winter and we did just go through this arctic weather. I've done a lot of internet searching and everything's coming back with genital herpes... I'm trying to think of anything else it would possibly be. I just recently had my Mirena out after 4 years and at that appointment was told I had BV and a yeast infection so I was put on this heavy gel antibiotics... idk if this whole thing could possibly have to do with hormonal changes from getting off birth control or if I really did get herpes after receiving oral sex... i have a doctors appointment tomorrow Quote
  22. Okay... so about 2 weeks ago I went over to my friends house and he preformed oral sex on me. That's it. In the last 5 days I've noticed changes in my vagina lip. At first it was a hard pimple looking thing so I didn't think anything of it. All of a sudden it was making my vagina lip swollen, then started hurting. I'm not having pain with urination at all though. Then my anis started feeling dry and itchy but when I looked I noticed what appeared to be tiny cuts around my Anus and it's kind of swollen and hurts to go to the bathroom. Move done a lot of internist searching and everything's coming back with genital herpes... I'm trying to think of anything else it would possibly be. I just recently had my Mirena out after 4 years and at that appointment was told I had BV and a yeast infection so I was put on this heavy gel antibiotics... idk if this whole thing could possibly have to do with hormonal changes from getting off birth control or if I really did get herpes after receiving oral sex... i have a doctors appointment tomorrow
  23. HopefulGirl04

    Receiving oral sex

    Hi everyone, I was diagnosed with ghsv1 about a month ago, and I have a quick question about oral sex. I am aware that the chance of transmitting ghsv1 from genitals to genitals is low, but what about receiving unprotected oral sex? If it doesn't shed often, would that mean that the chance of transmitting that is low too? Also, I have been quite depressed since my diagnosis, so if anyone has some tips or information, it would be very much appreciated. Thank you in advance!
  24. taurusgirl18

    Can I give my boyfriend blowjobs?

    So, I've been getting cold sores about once every other year since I was a child, usually due to stress + a poor diet. I've met this amazing guy in college, and we've started dating. I told him upfront about getting cold sores, because I know from extensive research and my parents being doctors that it's transmittable to genitals. He's fine kissing and making out, but we've been using condoms during oral sex, which I completely understand. However, both of us dislike this, and would really rather not be using a condom during oral - it's one of our favorite sexual activities, and he can barely feel it with a condom on. He went to his regular doctor, who told him that we can give unprotected head because HSV-1 doesn't shed like HSV-2 does. We've been really excited thinking that I can give him head once I get back home (we're in different states right now) but after reading up on it some more there just seem to be too many stories of HSV-1 spreading to genitals. The doctor's statement seems like bullshit. What is the real risk? How likely is it to spread when there are no symptoms? Obviously, I'd never give him head while I had an active sore, but I know it can be transmitted asymptomatically and I would never forgive myself if I gave it to him this way. I love this boy so much, and he's the sweetest, most caring person I know. Not to mention the fact that we're so young - only 18. What do I do?
  25. I’ve been diagnosed since a year and 4 months with Herpes type 2, I haven’t had any outbreak since my intial one. I have been testing my IGG level every three months and it’s always a low positive (sometimes it’s slightly higher when I’m stressed out). Which technically means that the virus is not that active in my body. Anyway everytime I would suspect a sexual activity with someone, I’d take valtrex before days. This guy gave me oral sex, what’s his chances of contacting herpes?
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