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Found 4 results

  1. Mrspinkk

    PICTURE- help me

    https://ibb.co/c9O08L Hi everyone, I have Ghsv1. I'm itching burning sensation and redness. After, I have paper cut look lesions. My doctor said that it was fungal infection.. I am not sure... Do you have any idea what it is? Yeast infection or herpes lesion? Cute ladies please help me
  2. Glitter and Golden

    Only paper cuts or little scratches?

    So I just had a dr at urgent care test me for herpes. She looked at my sores and she did a swab test but she said she could tell by looking at it that's what it is... Anyways I'm pretty sure she's right and this isn't a "do I really have herpes?" post. My real question is about the sores.. I have had small cuts usually just one in the same place over and over again. I always thought I scratched it during masturbation or that it just tore but its always in the same place. The reason I got tested was because for the 2nd time in the last few months I had sores. At first I just thought i had clawed myself because the top one was in the same place as the tear and the 2nd one was by my clitoris. I've been under alot of stress this year so I figured that is why i had this outbreak but i've had the small tears for a long time. I don't remember having any sores ever. I read your first outbreak is the worst so how is it possible that i've never had a full blown outbreak until now??? Or maybe I just dont remember having the first one???
  3. Leafybranch

    Paper Cut Like OB

    Hi All, I was diagnosed with gential herpes in 2014 sadly after a night of protected sex- go figure right? Anyways, my initial OB appeared to be the 'standard' OB. I had a sore, painful, it oozed a little but never scabbed up and disappeared after a week or so. I hadn't visited my obgyn so I wasn't I meds but it came back a day later. I eventually saw my doc (I knew I had herpes but I was in denial) so that I can get Valtrex. I was assured the sore would go away but it never really did. I stopped taking Valtrex after a week of using it. The sore disappeared but showed up on the opposite side of my initial OB. I was put on suppresive therapy w/ valtrex and even acyclovir but nothing worked- I even had my dosages increased. I decided to give natural remedies a try. I used tea tree, oregano oil, colloidal silver, hyrogene peroxide, dsmo, you name it. Nothing worked. I was tested for HIV- negative. After a few months the sore went away. I read your first OB is always the worst but two days after the sore went away, I started getting these paper cut like fissures on my vagina. I assumed they were herpes related so I went back to the old natural remedies and incorporated lysine, garlic, zinc, burdock, olive oil extract- you name it, I've tried it. Three years later, Im still HIV negative and have never gone more than three days without herpes related symptoms. Whether it's vaginal itching, itching on my lower back, sheding, paper cut like fissures, vaginal discharge or the sores- I ALWAYS have some sort of symptom. I noticed the sores are no longer visible tho. I can feel them but I cant see them, they're not nearly as painful as before and less frequent, but they don't ooze, bleed or anything. I can just feel them there. Has anyone else dealt with this? I would also like to mention that my viral count was pretty high once I received my results, it believe it was anywhere from 10-14. Is this really herepes??
  4. sarah333

    Is it herpes??

    Greetings! First time user here! This is the story...I was diagnosed with HSV2 at the age of 18. I am 34 now and have had just a handful of outbreaks since that first diagnosis. I have started getting these papercut sores in 2 different spots on my vagina. This has been happening ever since I started working out 3 months ago. The thing is, they don't really go away. Maybe for a day or 2 but they come back quickly. My doc put me on supressive therapy. 800mg Acyclovir 2x a day. This hasn't helped at all. These little sores are not typical herpe blisters. I am so discouraged and I wonder if anyone else has any papercut herpes. I'm not even sure if they are herpes because the antivirals aren't working. I just got tested for all other STD's just in case but I am pretty sure that's not it. Also, does anyone know if working out/sweating is connected with outbreaks? If anyone knows or has experience with anything I've spoke of I would greatly appreciate some help. Running out of hope, Sarah
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