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Found 4 results

  1. Just a few lines to introduce myself. I decided on the heading because unfortunately the defining characteristic of my condition has been PHN – Post Herpetic Neuralgia, which I've had since shortly after being exposed to the virus and it is with me every hour during which I'm awake. The range of symptoms makes incredible reading at times, since the vast effect that it has had on my nervous system has caused so many secondary complications. Principally, it has caused sacral radiculopathy, affecting my ability to stand, to balance properly and to raise my legs, furthermore mild incontinence. I have lost power in my pelvic muscles, as a result of the nerve dysfunction. It has also caused genital numbness, leading to other problems, as you might imagine. It also causes an almost constant stabbing pain, genitally and often when symptoms are particularly bad, a pressing or knawing pain, and a burning sensation. I have treated myself mostly, because medical care here in Thailand is very limited and is focussed almost entirely on providing expensive and profitable medical procedures since they generate the most revenue. Recently I have been treating myself with herbal therapies, the most successful of which has been red reishi mushroom and propolis. I hope that some of my findings with regard to herbal therapies may be of help to others, especially since my case has been such a difficult one to treat. I continue to live in hope for a therapeutic vaccine solution. James.
  2. Hey All, I have recently tested positive for HSV2 (IgG @ 3.63) Trying to figure some things out... I believe I am experience what is my second outbreak at the moment. I am wondering if my symptoms are typical, or if maybe there's something else going on other than an outbreak, like PHN (Postherpetic Neuralgia), or maybe shingles. Days before any symptoms on my genitals appeared, the skin on the back of my right leg hurt. It felt like a moderate sunburn, but the skin looked fine. Over a few days this 'sunburn' pain moved up my leg towards my butt, then to my scrotum and groin. Then I got my outbreak. It was very small, just one vesicle, less than 1 mm in diameter. The vesicle never opened, but scabbed over. Also, the vesicle never hurt. Is that normal? All the while, the 'sunburn' like feeling kept moving around my right butt cheek and all over my thigh. Although the scab fell off days ago, the 'sunburn' like feeling is persisting in my right buttocks and thigh. Is this typical for an outbreak? The pain on my butt and thigh was way worse than any pain in my genitals which was next to nothing. Is that normal? Am I experiencing prodrome on my thigh and butt? Is it PHN I am feeling now that my outbreak has healed, but the pain in my buttocks and thigh persists? Is this nerve damage permanent? What can I do to minimize this pain? Is this possibly shingles mixed with HSV2? What are your thoughts? Thank you all.
  3. I am currently having my first outbreak. I have no sores or lesions just unrelenting pain in my buttocks, pins and needles in legs, sweaty feet, and numbness in my arms at night. The worst thing is the pain. This has been non-stop for five weeks. Can someone please get back to me, if this has happened to them? Will it end? Would like to hear people's experiences. thanks
  4. OKAY!!! I've found a cure for this horrid PHN. And I can drink a cup of coffee with milk each day . Take one Valtrax daily. Drink or take in milk which is double lysine or arginine. I'm taking it in PUDDING which is delicious....butterscotch,, vanilla, tapioca. So easy to make. Get lactaid 5 mg cholesterol no fat milk . For each portion you get 1/2 cup milk (4 to a box). Eat pudding or fish for breakfast herring, nova scotia....expensive but works. LOAD UP YOUR BODY WITH LYSINE in food. Dont take a lot of lysine capusles. Someone taking 3000 mg day for 5 years ruined her kidneys and you know what that means. Icecream too.
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