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Found 5 results

  1. Hi, After getting tested for hsv2, my results were “indeterminate” and I was negative for all other diseases. I had protected sex ~20 days ago. Just a few days ago, these bumps appeared on my chin and over the course of 2 days have disappeared. Are these herpes? thank you in advance
  2. Hopefully someone can help me. So i have been masterbating alot lately and my penis has felt sore but two days ago there was some pain while doing it. In the morning i noticed four open cuts, i will try and get a picture but they were already starting to heal (scab) and i was confused. Today i called a doctor and he said it was most likely herpes due to scabs forming, even though i haven't had a encounter in 5 months. its almost healed now i can barely feel it when it gets touched. Its been 3 days. The doctor i spoke to over the phone said if its scabbing then it herpes? and then he said it could be physical injury from the masterbation. these are circular lesions tho.
  3. Needingsomeassistance

    Is this herpes??

    Hi guys this has appeared on Thursday. It started as just a bump under my lip, and then developed a white head later on that day. I haven’t been tested for Herpes as of yet, but I have booked a doctors appointment to get it done. I have been putting hydrogen peroxide on it to help kill any germs or bacteria present, and have also been applying an antibacterial spray any advice or help would be greatly appreciated, because I’m stressed out and it’s keeping me up at night worrying. Thanks! :))
  4. Hey folks. I posted here last week, I didn't include a picture so here it is. Also my previous post if no one saw it. Does it look like herpes to you? ----- Hey guys and girls. Anyone any advice for me? I feel at a loss. I haven't been properly diagnosed, only a visual diagnosis. On Friday night I was with my fella, we've been seeing each other for 5 months and always used a condom. Everything was fine, then Saturday I felt a little nippy down below. Sunday came and I decided to have a look down there. I was horrified at what I saw. In the entrance of my vagina was a rather large white patch,it looked like a hole, filled with white stuff. After that it got really painful to pee, very painful to walk and even sit down. I told him it looks like herpes, as I googled it. So that night I took a bath, and had another look after my bath. The white stuff had gone, and honest to God all i could see was a bright red looking hole. So this morning I went to my local clinic, and had a nurse take a look. she said it does look like herpes, it could be herpes, but it may not be. She tried to take a swab but the pain was that bad that everytime she touched it you had to peal me off the ceiling so she had to give up, gave me anti viral medication and an ointment to apply and I've to go back next week. I've had my suspicions for a while now as my ex had coldsores, and after a night with him I started to feel funny down there. This was a year and a half ago. Eventually I got diagnosed with vulvodynia, which I'm now thinking it may have been herpes all along. I don't know what to do. Feel disgusting. My boyfriend says if we'd never break up over it, but I'm an over thinker and I'm thinking the worst. I only done 2 things different last week, I used a hair removal cream, and used a different condom to the ones we had been using. Racking my brain trying to think of what else it could be, but honestly I do believe it's genital herpes and I'm gutted. It's the worse physical pain I've ever been in, peeing is the worst.
  5. Hi, I am struggling with burning in my thighs, and irritation at the end of my penis just below the head (where forskin would be - I am circumcised). There have never been blisters. There irritation is like long (2-3cm) thin areas that looks like the skin was stretched. It doesn't bleed. It just looks shiny and pink. This has been going on for 2-3 months. I have seen several doctors (general, dermatologist x2, acute care center), but all clam that it's just irritation. I did get a blood test as HSV1 + but all else negative. All Drs seem flippant about an HSV1 diagnosis. Still think that the irritation is not herpes. Did take famvir for a week. Didn't seem to help either. Treated it as a year infection, dry skin, powders, lotions etc. Scared to transmit herpes to my wife, but need some help. Does any one experience similar symptoms? Can this be herpes? And stay for so long? Any advice on how to help my previous heal?
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