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Found 11 results

  1. Never thought I'd ever be posting something like this online, but life takes many turns and some decisions are not the best. This is my first post and here's my story, I'll try to keep it short. About nearly a month ago I received unprotected oral sex for about 20 minutes (in case time is important) and rubbed the tip of my penis at the entrance of a woman's vagina for a brief moment before putting a condom, and the penetration only occurred after I was wearing a condom. Since yesterday I noticed two quite small red areas on my penis, got no idea how long its been there but it doesn't itc
  2. This first showed up on my labia (pic included) and then about 3 months later it's on my mouth (I couldn't figure out how to attach without exceeding the size limit?). It looks so small but I feel like it might be herpes? They seem to look the same..
  3. Had unprotected sex aug 14, got std tested results came back positive for chlamydia I then got medication which gave me positive results for bacterial vaginosis. Told tdoctor my symptoms and after taking a swab of my cervix during a wellness exam she told me nothing looking out of the ordinary. Fast forward to now, I'm still getting itches and stings from time to time in my vagina and for about a month now I have been having back main mostly lower back pain arm aches leg aches feet aches hip aches and pelvic aches. (Could this be prodrome?) During this time I have had a big bump that looked so
  4. So I’ve noticed some Orange like bumps in the back of my throat. I’ve searched images and so many relate to pharyngitis and many other people say they have it too and it’s normal. Thing is I’ve never thought of it as an issue until after my first time giving oral to my ex, I started over thinking and then started to over examine my throat and noticed these bumps. Can anyone assure me if it is herpes or I’m just going crazy? Lol. That would help a lot. I know no one here is a doctor but anything helps. Heres some info: my ex I was with for about 3 months. knew him for a year before. He
  5. I took an STD mid November to ease my mind because I’d been getting a redness around my foreskin after having sex with my girlfriend, I haven’t had any other partners in the past 10 months so once I passed the STD testing I did some research and concluded it’d ben balanitis. So so here’s when things get tricky, this Tuesday after sex I pull out and feel a painful bump on the side of penis and now it seems to be a blister woke up the next day has another and I woke up this morning with another! I’m freaking scared as hell right now setting up a doctors appointment ASAP
  6. Almost a week ago or a little over I got two noticable bumps on the side of my private area. I didnt notice them until wiping myself down there while using the restroom. At first I thought it was nothing but as soon as I found it there was a very bad oozing, itching sensation, occasional burning, and it hurt to walk some times but the itching is the most common sensation. When I posted on this formus most people said this didnt look like herpes but after days went by it looks worse
  7. Is thia herpes? I notice this for a week after suspected exposure. (Kissing) or am I overthinking? my lips sometimes itch but the white spots doesnt hurt.
  8. So around the forth of July I started getting itchy bumps that were very tiny and spread out. Before that I had in and off bacterial vaginosis. Anyways all of the bumps disappeared painlessly except one. I then scratched that bump and it bled. The next day I started itching inside my lips and I noticed there were more bumps. They're painful to pee on but they were never blisters and I never had flu symptoms. I've been with the same person for 3 months HOWEVER my groin lymph nodes are swollen. Please help. PS the bump on the far right is a razor bump
  9. Previously tested negative, this would be the primary outbreak. Single blister, approx one inch away from outer labia toward butt. Didn't open, no scab. Turned into pink bump and disappeared within a few days. Looks like a classic herpes blister to me according to what I've found online, but was hoping I could get some input?? Thanks so much. Ps Am waiting for the 16 week mark to get tested and was out of the country when this happened so couldn't get swabbed. Tested neg igg at three weeks both 1&2, though I know far too early.
  10. So this happened today. How can you tell?
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