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Found 16 results

  1. Fernie

    HSV IGG Equivocal 0.95???

    I just tested HSV 2 (IGG), Type-Spec AB 0.95 H index does that mean I am positive for HSV 2? This number falls under equivocal but my doctor said I'm positive based off of this number. Is this true? I’m going for a second opinion and another lab test on Monday. I’ve been feeling tired lately but I think it could be because I’m stressed out from these results. I’ve never had an outbreak.
  2. This week I went to an Urgent Care with the complaints of vaginal itching.. Today I just so happened to look at my visit summary and noticed that Herpes Virus 8 DNA Real-Time PCR was ordered. Is this test normally used for genital herpes??? I’m confused
  3. Hi everyone. I never thought I'd see the day that I would be posting in an online forum, let alone for this topic. I also never thought in a million years that I would get this. Im not really sure what to say on here, I just needed to say something. I was recently diagnosed positive for GHSV2... like "4 hours ago" newly diagnosed. I am still just in complete shock. It hasn't settled with me yet that I will be dealing with this for the rest of my life. I already picked up my medication, Valtrex, and it took me a solid 3 minutes to even bring myself to swallow the pill, cause I had this deep sinking feeling, like "once I do this, it's for real... this is actually happening... this is actually my life now.. this isnt some terrible nightmare that Im going to wake up from." Ive already called my (new) boyfriend and broke the news to him. He was much more understanding than I had expected and is actually going tonight to get himself tested, so we can decide where to go from there. So I had my doctors appointment yesterday with a new gyno who upon immediately examining me came to the conclusion that what I had was herpes. I didnt want to accept it and continuously reassured her that it couldn't be that because I had just gotten tested in June and those results came back NEGATIVE. Or so I had thought... Apparently, my results in June did NOT come back negative, and in fact came back positive for HSV2, yet NO ONE called me to review these results or follow up with a care plan for me. I don't remember much from that time, but considering the fact that I have been living for almost 5 months now, unknowingly with this virus, tells me that IF/WHEN I had spoken to someone at that particular doctors office, than they must have told me that I showed negative for everything, because I went on living my life like I had nothing. Im not sure what the protocol is in different states, but for VA (where I live) the doctor usually calls you and states that "they received your results and then they proceed to read off said results for each test" over the phone. I know for a FACT, that I would have remembered being told that I was positive for ANYTHING back in June.. especially considering I usually get myself tested often at and take testing very seriously, since I always dreaded the thought of ever catching something. And now.... look where I am left!!! I feel incredibly hurt and angry that this office failed to discuss these results with me! I never received a paper copy of my results, no email, nothing. The only thing I ever received from that visit was a bill stating the amount of money I had left to pay after insurance, and what tests the charges were for. Had I known that I tested positive back in June, I would have NEVER exposed my boyfriend who I very much care about and saw a new future with. I will feel incredibly guilty if his results come back positive and come to find out that I AM the reason for his diagnosis. Im sorry this is so long, I just have so much inside me that I need to let out. Clearly, you can see I am incredibly angry at this. I feel immensely isolated. I feel dirty. I feel like no one will ever love me again. I feel like even if I find a new partner, how can someone willingly choose to be with a person who has herpes, when they are not infected themselves? Why would they subject themselves to that exposure when there are plenty of other people they can be with who aren't exposed? I have always had a poor self image, I'm incredibly self-conscious. I consistently, on a daily basis struggle with self esteem issues and self-worth... and now, to have this psychological trauma and burden to add on top of all of that?! I don't know how to live with myself and I feel like my world is falling apart and I would be better off dead, than have to deal with a lifetime of loneliness and misery that comes from this psychological pain I am going through. I know I keep reading that "this isn't the end of the world", and "things will get better", etc etc. but being as this is DAY ONE for me.... and I feel like this... I can't imagine having to feel this way EVERY DAY, for who knows how long... until I just feel completely numb from it. I guess when that day finally comes, it'll also be the day that I start getting over it and dealing with this. But from this point A until that point B... the thought of that time in between just feels like so MUCH to deal with. So much pain, and hurt, and sorrow, that I just don't want to feel. not right now, not for a few months, not ever. I can't be the only one who has felt this way. I am trying to be positive and divert my energy into researching this illness and finding support groups and forums like this, but I just need to know that I am not alone in this. I know for right now, that in my physical, every day life, the relationships/friendships I deal with in-person on a daily basis, I will be alone for the time being... but I really just need to know that I can, at least, find some support online... from others who understand me or have felt similar to what I am feeling right now.
  4. WildFlowers92

    My Outbreak Story

    Hello, So I finally bit the bullet and decided to make an account. Since I'm a newby who's been dealing with HSV2 for about 10months I thought sharing my story would be a good ice breaker. So I was celibate for 1 1/2yr and I was minding my business at the DMV waiting in line to take my driver's test. When this guy came up to me and asked me how I did ( I failed!!!!). Instead of making me feel like a loser he encouraged me and we had a few laughs in then he asked for my number. While texting I quickly learned we're both scorpios and the sexual tension flourished quickly... After a few dates it happened and it was everything I thought it would be. Well not everything... fast forward a month later I was getting ready for my cruise and i decided to see him a few nights before I left. So I hopped in the shower and shaved my life away and accidentally nicked the tip of my cliterious. (If you're wondering yesss it hurt like hell). But after sitting in the shower for 15mins I mustard up the courage to still go and that it only felt a lil irritable. (BIG MISTAKE) Now I'm in Miami boarding my cruise and felt horrible. All I wanted to do was sleep my life away. I was also cramping b/c SharkWk was in full motion. My lympnoids swelled and became painfully infected, I had a burning sensation when I used the bathroom, and began having flu like symptoms. Finally I decided to get a mirrior and look at my lady bits and seen a lesion on my cliterious and left side lip. I thought it was just infected by my razor. Ignored his texts for the rest of my vacay b/c I didn't know what to think. I waited until my Gyno visit where by 1st sight she already determined it was Gential Herpes. I laughed and told her no way these have to be infected razor bumps. But my Gyno gave me a blank stare and that's when fear seeped in. She swabbed me and 1wk later it came back positive... I told him and he was pretty shocked. I ask if hes been tested and he said yeah but not for HSV2. He felt horrible and wanted to see me that same day but I couldn't. I was too upset at myself, at him, and at life. I thought my world was crumbling and felt like things were unfare. I'm still unsure on who gave it to who. In the beginning I was having 2 break outs per month which lasted 3-4days . Then I've researched my life away and looked into taking natural supplements. So far I've taken Oil Oregano, Spirilina, and Black Seed Oil. I'm only taking Black Seed now and it's making my. OB almost nonexistent. I'm just trying to find ways of making things easier and staying positive along the way no pun intended.
  5. FIRST TIME TO WEBSITE. HELP.... Had a single small spot show up on my penis. Never had anything like it occur previously. Showed up the morning after having oral and vaginal sex with my wife, each of the two previous days, like 6 hours after intercourse. Went to my doctor the next day and he was unsure but suggested testing for HSV-1 and HSV-2 as precaution. Lab Test Results: IGG HSV-1 = <0.90 Negative IGG HSV-2 = 9.55 (>1.09) Needless to say I'm trying to wrap my brain around all of this.... Is it possible the above is a false positive? Have been tested in past and been negative. I don't know how I contracted it. All very upsetting but my real concern is my wife. I'm married in a monogamous relationship and have not been with anyone else for over 3 years. My wife and I are very sexually active, having sex multiple times a week most weeks since August 2015. I think the longest we have gone without sex is like 2 weeks and that's been very rare. My wife has oral cold sore out breaks multiple times a year but to my knowledge hasn't had any genital herpe symptoms and has never been tested for HSV 1 or 2. What is the likelihood my wife has HSV-2? That she contacted HSV-2 from me, that I contracted it from her or that we both came into the relationship with it? The reality is none of this really matters, I'm just so upset that it involves her. My worst nightmare. Since the spot popped up I have refrained from being sexual with my wife. Felt like it would be a breach of trust to be sexual with her without telling her there could be an issue. I wanted the test results first and wanted to discuss with her so, if there was an issue, we could work through this together. Its been two weeks and she has started making comments about not having sex and asking if something is wrong SO I have to address this now. Shouldn't she go to the dr? Shouldn't we go together? Shouldn't she get tested? My doctor, whom she goes to for general stuff as well, has acted like no big deal. Told me I could have had this for years or gotten it six months ago, no one knows for sure and people have this and deal with this all the time. Obviously, if she is negative iy can't be a resent infection. He has suggested suppression therapy of 500mg Valacycovir daily for each of us. Any thoughts or comments? Thank you.
  6. Hi everyone, so im kinda in a tough spot atm.. my bf tested positive 2x for HSV2 at an IGG level of 1.22 & 1.40 i recently got tested and came back negative...we thought his results might be a false positive so we hooked up the day I got my results back because it made sense if I was negative he had to be too... which wasn’t the case.. we used protection... BUT I am going to get RE-tested.. is waiting a little over a month okay to get retested? Should we refrain from everything now? Is that one time protected after I got my results going to change everything? I’m really nervous now. a igG level under a 2 is pretty low, should I tell him to get the western blot next? Can it be two false positives??
  7. happypath

    HSV2 - 4 weeks - experience

    Hi All, I have been a silent member reading posts here and am grateful for all the support. I hope this post will help someone in need: I was diagnosed with anal herpes (hsv 2) 4 weeks ago. I have had a few partners in my life and know all of them, have practiced safe sex, had them all tested (yes, the tests don't cover for herpes, and some had blood tests - but I am aware of the accuracy levels), and never had anal sex in my life (again, am aware that it can pop up in the boxer short area), and have not had sex in a long time also. What are the chances?. LOL. I first had some symptoms about 7 months ago (extremely mild - like a paper cut) and I showed 3 doctors who dismissed it and said I was imagining/minor skin irritation etc. However, as it returned last month, I went and showed a different doctor who also insisted I had anxiety issues (which I did - and was the reason I found this - as if not I wouldn't have been checking myself and would have no idea). The doc couldn't even see whatever it was that I was showing. Few days on I went to a second doc (mind you, now the 5th doc), who also said it was not herpes but did a swab due to my paranoia. Bang, it returned positive. I was devastated the first few days, unable to go to work, 1. Beating myself up for insisting on checking (when the medical advise was to forget it), and beating myself up for my anxiety (as I wouldn't have been checking myself otherwise), 2. Angry at the few of my partners (most likely someone shed it without knowing from an area not covered by a condom). 3. Angry at the ignorance of the world (so many people live with it unknown - I was one) and the stigma. 4. Just depressed (coz I was so overly careful and paranoid about herpes, and here I am finally with that exact thing I was taking all precautions to avoid). Then followed the other emotions; future life, one more baggage to the few other types of baggage I am bringing to the table, I will have to stay in unhappy relationships if they accept me etc etc. The funny thing is, I lost my parents young, had to fight through numerous challenges in life including a divorce and several other things...but as minor as Hsv2 was, this was the worst I felt in my life (thanks to the stigma and the social conditioning). I am in my early thirties btw. I finally realised that, in life, no amount of precautions can stop some things from happening (unless ofcourse we lock ourselves in a room, which is not exactly living :), and we need not let this take over our lives. I listened to a countless number of talks on "life","impermanence", "uncertainty" etc, and also practice daily meditation/breathing exercises, getting some therapy/counselling, anti virals, and more importantly being kind to myself. It also made me a lot more empathetic, to understand the silent struggles people may be going through. 4 weeks on I have regained my confidence (yes, I will feel bad from time to time). My current/recent thoughts are/were:....I need not stay in unhappy relationships coz my herpes is accepted (I have been talking to someone in a diff country, but I need not continue just coz he is ok with herpes if other things don't fall into place). I can still be myself and if that means I end up single for the rest of my life, that is also ok. I may meet other people who will love me for who I am, and I may face rejection...As of now, I don't know. But the moment I "accepted" the uncertainty in life - it felt so much better (Uncertainty does not necessarily mean everything will turn out negative, Uncertainty is neutral). I have just booked my x mas holidays away (anti-virals standby) and a meditation retreat for when I return. I have embarked on several other projects that I was procrastinating for ages and started volunteering. Strangely, it feels like Herpes was a good wake-up call and made me realise a whole lot of things about life and how I can still have a happy and fulfilling life (either alone or with a partner in the future - who knows). So if any of you is feeling hopeless/angry/devastated like I did, please do not be hard on yourself. Be kind to yourself. There is so much to life other than this virus/skin condition. It can happen to just about anyone. Accept that you will feel bad from time to time, but you will come through stronger, better. Love yourself and do the things you love. Help others and be kind. Good things will happen. Wishing you guys the best...and all the joys in the world. Much much love.
  8. Another One

    My concern for others.

    Hi, guys. Two days ago I received the results of my blood test and it was positive. I was shocked and I felt ashamed because I did not want to transmit this to anyone. A few weeks ago, I saw on my penis what now I know were blisters, that was the very first time in my life that I saw something like that. Days after, I went to an STD clinic and the Dr. checked my genitalia; he swabbed it which btw was already getting dry (healing I believe). The swab came back negative but he said that even then, it was likely based on my description, that I got herpes. I spoke to my sexual partner, it was tough on both of us. She did the blood test the following day and it came back negative. I assume that I got it perhaps a long time ago without knowing it. Since the first symptoms, her negative blood test results, the Dr.'s suspicions but without my blood test results, we had protected sex couple of times. I was sure that the condom had covered my whole penis and the condom did not break. One of those times, I saw two or three sores-like but they were different than the blisters and the condom was covering them. She saw them too. What are the odds that she got it after those two times? (I wasn't on medication until today that I started). Thank you.
  9. Pinkgirrl1234

    Test results

    Hi I’m a bit confused I have been recently diagnosed and tested twice, my results are coming out 1.72/1.32 I have heard that anything under 3.0 was not a for sure dx.. my doctor just says I have it and reff me to follow up with a obgyn. Any info? I have it or do I or sort of? Help
  10. STMR

    Help! IGG Positive HSV1

    Hi there, if someone could PLEASE shed some light on this topic and help me it would be appreciated greatly, my head is in overdrive right now. While on vacation my boyfriend of 1 year come up in genital herpes. When it first appeared, we originally thought it was an ingrown hair. We had sex, many times, until one morning he woke up with a cluster of angry, red pussing sores. By the time we had made it home it had cleared up and so when the area was swabbed by a nurse at a clinic unfortunately the results had came back a low positive for herpes so unable to tell what type. When this had happened of course my mind went crazy, how the hell has my partner got genital herpes? Has he cheated? Had he known this previously before meeting me and not told me? am i infected? I waited the correct amount of time for an IGG and ordered one. My results come back positive for Type 1 which is usually known to appear in and around the mouth, however possible to contract in genital area. I couldn't believe my eyes! i have NEVER in my life had a cold sore, any peculiar looking 'spot', i have never suffered with ulcers/fever spots and i most certainly have never had herpes on my genitals. I made him take the IGG, his result was positive, again for Type 1. so now i know that his genital herpes are Type 1 related, and that we both have this infection. You may think i am being dramatic but let me tell you this week has been the most devastating, confusing, heart breaking week of my life. Since the tests have came back, he has admitted that what he had told me about his past relations were not true, and that every sexual encounter he had, he did not use protection. He had told me that he had no idea where this has come from however would continuously name one girl in particular because she was promiscuous, And with the thoughts in my head about the oral wart he had in his mouth when we very first met, you can imagine the thoughts i had running through my head, I was looking at the face of someone i didn't know. my results: HVS1 Positive 27.9 , HVS2 Negative <0.500 His results: HSV1 Positive 11.6 , HSV2 Negative 0.500 (IGG Test performed - DiaSorin Liaison HSV 1/2 IGG TEST) My question is - Can you read these results? Do these numbers mean anything? I had spoke to someone through the company that i had my IGG with and she had told me that a high index number means you are going to, currently have, or are getting over an outbreak. yet when i have spent many days googling i have read the complete opposite with one page saying a higher number means the body has been infected for a longer time, and another saying the numbers simply mean nothing. Please help. I'm beside myself. atleast my OH knows where his infection is, I'm terrified, waiting to find out where mine is.
  11. I slept with this guy and two days later had an anal fissure, abdominal pain, felt sick etc. my blood test shows i have hsv1. However the fissure has not healed, just got worse overtime... and its been Over a Year! I was prescribed 3 day supply of 500mg valtrex by gyno. Everytime I try the valtrex (ive tried it 3 times over the past year)... the fissure never heals! Ive taken 2 cultures over the past year and each came back negative for hsv. My gyno claims i dont gave GH, but I KNOW i do, i get itchy areas on my butt cheeks sometimes, and small individual pimples from time to time on butt. Im so confused because i know this has to be hsv, but treatments not helping and doctor wont treat me because the cultures came back negative. Now recently ive been getting what i think is an outbreak all over my scalp! That has never happened before, why all of the sudden now?? Is nothing healing because of stress? Seriously its been a year now I got a colonoscopy too 6 months after i think i "contracted it" because of the abdominal pain and they found some ulcers in small intestine. They said it could be a mild case of Crohn's disease but even the doctor is not sure. So between the anal fissure and intestine problems they say its crohns but all signs point to hsv1 to me.
  12. Jack Blakeway

    UK TV Documentary

    Hello all, My name is Jack and I work for a TV company called Blakeway North based in Manchester. We create factual programming for all the major UK broadcasters but specialise in access documentaries, where we have worked with an array of institutions, companies and charities to produce critically acclaimed, popular, and award-winning content. We're currently working on a documentary for a major UK channel about dating with herpes and wondered if anyone who is single and currently dating would want to share their story with us? I'd love to hear from people who would like to take part in the documentary, telling us about their experience of dating with herpes and looking for love. We want to tell a positive story, so if anyone out there does want to get involved then please email me at jackblakewaytv@gmail.com. If you don't want to take part in the project but wouldn't mind talking to us about your experiences then please get in touch as well! If you have any questions at all (as I'm sure you do) then send over an email and I can send a little more information. All correspondence will be conducted in strictest privacy. Thanks Jack
  13. Constant Diplomat

    Herpes Documentary Film

    Greetings fellow Herpsters. Have any of you actually seen a documentary film on Herpes Simplex Virus? I know there are a couple of brief animation videos (we could share links here...?) but I'm talking about a feature length documentary that tells a good solid story and is also informative. If we were to list off the top of our heads what a film on herpes would actually be about on a really human level, it would be about isolation, communication, fear, and the disparity between the bark and the bite of herpes. I keep thinking that while for some of us, the symptoms are unpleasant or even painful, some of us also have very mild symptoms or are a-symptomatic. The same range of experiences can be seen in peoples emotional and psychological reactions to getting the virus... and the same range of experiences can be seen in the responses we are all getting from the people we disclose to. In the 1920s, a man named Edward Bernays was commissioned by Mozart Piano Company to create a campaign designed to sell their pianos. Instead of promoting the quality of the pianos, Bernays chose to focus instead on the idea that every family home should have a music room, thus creating a demand for pianos. He created positive associations between the family, and the family music room by way of print media which was big at the time. Ever present was the Mozart branding, subtly suggesting the purchase of a Mozart piano. Bernays was a propagandist by trade- he realised that his craft could be used in peacetime to sell products, just as effectively as it could be used during war time, and coined the term Public Relations when he founded his company, Public Relations Counsel. If we view herpes as a public relations problem, rather than a health problem, we can begin to take control of our experience with the virus, by influencing the thought of the general public. The above paragraph is merely food-for-thought. I don't know how we can associate herpes with positive things, beyond having strong male and female character leads in films who happen to also have herpes. But we may be able to look further into what it means to have herpes, where those fears come from, and frame the virus differently. Just throwing ideas out there- I'm curious how others feel about this. Discuss?
  14. So I am in a real mental predicament. I was diagnosed with HSV2 about 8 months ago, and about 3 years into a serious monogamous relationship. I had never experienced any symptoms until one day when I noticed 3 pimple looking things down there, that to me just felt itchy (not painful). I went to a medi center and got a swab. I obstained from sex with my boyfriend til I saw the spots were gone (hadn't talked to him yet about them, because I hadn't been diagnosed yet, so didn't want to freak him out). When I got the dreadful callback, confirming my fears, I told my boyfriend right away. He was confused as to how this was possible, but from the knowledge I had from some research, I explained it can be dormant then pop up. I assured him I didn't cheat, and I trusted he hadn't either. My confusion is that when he went and got blood tested to see if he was also positive, he said the results were negative. Is this possible? We had been sexually active, unprotected, for at least 2 years of our relationship. I had never had any symptoms before, but assume I have had HSV2 since before we started dating (since I have remained faithful). Could he really have avoided contracting it from me in that entire span of time?? It has led to much confusion on my part, as well as his I'm sure. It's hard to not fear indefidelity (either on his part or mine) or that maybe he isn't being honest about the results. It would help if I knew this was totally possible, would put my mind at ease. It's just a very confusing thing to wrap my head around.
  15. NerdyArtist

    Test result questions

    So I just received results from a blood and urine test I took a few days ago. My HSV1 came back 0.29 (<=0.9= negative) My HSV2 came back 0.14 (<=0.9 = negative) What do these mean? I'm having my first outbreak of genital herpes but they didn't detect any antibodies, and it's definitely not an acute infection.
  16. jennifermben

    Top Herpes Dating Sites

    Here Read our Experts Review and worldwide Rating for world’s class Herpes Dating Sites for who wants to meet their positive soul mate. Our Herpes2Dating.com providing World’s Top 5 dating sites with Experts review and rating. The Top 5 Herpes Dating sites are Positive Singles, MPWHerpes, POZ Buddies, Hmates, STD Friends. For More Details: http://www.herpes2dating.com/
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