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Found 12 results

  1. nascarhottie4number8

    Family Planning

    Me and my fiance are planning on having kids and I have read about neo-natal herpes? If I am actively in an outbreak during labor and it touches the babies skin that its fatal to the baby and that having a c-section is the safest way to go. I have had HSV-2 (genital) for I believe well over 20 years. I first noticed an outbreak when I was 17 and wasn't diagnosed until 2010. I have been on antivirals the entire time. I wanted to see if there was anyone else on here who have been through pregnancy with having herpes and how it went the whole way through. This is my first pregnancy and I am worried because i dont have outbreaks that often at all. Like its only when I am stressed or something triggers an outbreak. Thank you!
  2. This week my pregnancy ended after an ultrasound showed no heartbeat at 8.5 weeks. I had an outbreak just the week before. Naturally I believe that this caused my miscarriage. Everything was progressing perfectly up until that point. This is now my 5th loss and with every miscarriage I had an outbreak within days before. I can’t help but think that this is the underlying cause of it all. All of my doctors have said that the likelihood of the HSV being connected to my losses is rare. But I have also read mixed things online and feel like the medical community is generally uninformed when it comes to this. Can anyone share their experiences with this? It would really help me to hear any stories of successful pregnancies with outbreaks in the first trimester ... or alternatively stories like mine.
  3. Hi, Suppose both husband and wife are positive for HSV 2 and symptoms are not present. No treatment going on. Can try for children and have healthy baby without any risk of passing infection to baby?? For sure we will go for C-section delivery but still want to know any risk after this?? I have read in recent studies that baby may get herpes virus DNA from parents in the uterus like other DNA. Is that DNA cause severe symptoms in baby for herpes? Can this virus passes to baby via placenta in mother's uterus?? Please advise.
  4. Hey guys, new here as of today. I’m currently 27 weeks pregnant and I’ve been having more days with outbreaks (single lesion, same spot) than not. I’m praying for a vaginal delivery but obviously want to do what’s best for My Baby but the thoughts of not being able to bring baby into the world vaginally wrecks me... At 20 weeks I was diagnosed with HSV2 after requesting testing because I had known for probably 3 years but was too ashamed and was in denial to go to a dr and get the actual diagnosis but wanted to take all precautions for my baby... Anyway, the DR put me on Valacyclovir 3x a day for 7 days and then 2x a day. I noticed absolutely no change. It was like that one lesion would heal for 2 days and then come back for a week. Today I asked her to switch medications and she told me to just keep taking the Valacyclovir for suppression. I guess my question(s) are #1) how long did it take some of you to see suppression? 2) How many of you had to have a c-section because of active lesions and 3) did anyone’s dr miss a lesion during delivery and was your baby ok? I’m so torn because I don’t want my family to know and what am I suppose to tell them in the event of a c-section when they’ll all be there at the time? 😭— Thank you for any and all comments in advance. I’m so hoping I can find some peace of mind within this forum. PS: Recently I found that Tree Tea Oil keeps the lesion away longer than the medication did and the dr gave me the ok to continue. Anyone else?
  5. I just being diagnosed with hsv-1 (oral) and experience my first outbreak. What worry me is that i am on my early stage of pregnancy, is there any risk i transmit the virus to my baby in the uterus? Since I never had any outbreak before and this is the 1st time I've been tested positive with hsv-1. Anyone could help me deal with this, Im so worry, I really want to make sure my baby is delivered safe and healthy
  6. Hi, I've just joined because I'm feeling really down. I've had genital herpes for over six years and usually have two or three outbreaks a year. Six months ago I got my Mirena IUD removed because my partner and I are trying to have a baby. I've had at least four outbreaks since then – basically every month for the last four months. I can't go on permanent antiviral meds in case I get pregnant (my doctor says there's a risk it could hurt the baby). But it's hard to get pregnant since of course I can't have sex during an outbreak. I'm wondering if the hormonal changes have caused this – I didn't used to get periods at all with Mirena, but now my cycle is pretty regular. Basically, I'm just feeling really sorry for myself. I'm so sick of the pain and I can't believe I have to put up with this for the rest of my life! Has anyone else had an increase in outbreaks after going off birth control? Has it settled down over time?
  7. Who has had a hsv2 vaginal birth? Did you transmit to baby in any way? Im stressing out at a vaginal birth, anyone ever given their bub neonatal herpes and what was outcome?
  8. Is it possible for an HSV2+ man to have a baby with an HSV- woman by IVF without transmitting? Is the male sperm already damaged at the DNA level? Is the sperm contaminated or can it be during ejaculation for IVF? Has there been any scientific study on this?
  9. Hi All, Looking for some necessary advice...If I want to get my gf pregnant what are the chance of me infecting her if I 1. Don't use a condom / don't use antivirals 2. Use antivirals Since 70%-80% of people are asymptotic there must be a lot of people having regular unprotected sex that are not aware they have HSV.... Thank you!
  10. Interesting study. Mothers with a previous history of HSV-1 infection may pass protection onto their unborn child. While this study points to protection, it is not quite a conclusive study. Mice as well as human tissues were used to lend to the author's conclusion. Still, the human body is pretty cool. Also very exciting is the notion that while vaccines to date have not been effective for HSV sufferers, there have not been studies to see if a vaccine could provide protection to a mother's unborn child. For example, some failed vaccine stimulate an immune response but that immune response does not last (so the vaccine does not get to market). However, it would be interesting to see if vaccines administered during pregnancy might help provide protection to the unborn child, even if it doesn't treat the mother. https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2017/07/170705104102.htm Paper's abstract: http://mbio.asm.org/content/8/4/e00678-17
  11. At the beginning of my pregnancy I found out I was hsv1 positive. I had a slightly painful bump downstairs that my doctor swabbed and that's what I was told it was. When I was 17 I got mono and then got what I was told was my first outbreak. It was awful. I couldn't walk or do anything I was in so much pain. I never had labs done then though. The doctor told me that's what it was just by looking at it. I wasn't sexually active though and it didn't make any sense at the time. The only thing we could figure was that it was connected to my childhood sexual abuse...I had my blood drawn my first pregnancy and was told I didn't have it. Not hsv1 or 2. Then this pregnancy I was told I did. Those two incidences are the only times I've ever had any issues. I started taking valtrex this week at my Obgyn's recommendation. Even though I have had very little issues with this. Friday I noticed some discomfort down there. Today it's even more uncomfortable. Not intense pain. But still not pleasant though. I'm not sure if it's an outbreak or not though as I've never really experienced one aside from whatever happened when I got mono and that was excruciating. Can valtrex cause outbreaks? I'm 36 weeks and I'm terrified that this means I won't be able to deliver vaginally or this can somehow hurt my baby. I have an appointment Monday 9am but am not sure if I should go to l&d before then. My office has no after hours call line. You just go straight to l&d. No way to speak to my Obgyn on the weekends. Should I continue to take the valtrex or stop? What happens if this is an outbreak? Will I need a c-section? Will the do it sooner than my scheduled induction at 39 weeks? I don't know what any of this means and I'm honestly freaking out. I'm pissed that this is happening to me at all... I'm scared for my baby. I'm pissed if the medicine is causing this and I would have been fine without it. I just don't know what to do or think... does anyone have any answers for me?
  12. If you were to have Ghsv while pregnant for atleast 2 yrs, during birth are you at higher risk of transmission with ghsv1 then with ghsv2, since 1 is more likely for shedding to occur without symptoms?
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