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Found 3 results

  1. Itiswhatitisiguess

    Ohsv1 primary?

    I’m sorry this is gonna be long, I’ll try not to ramble. On feb 12 I had my first ohsv1 outbreak. I’ve been in a suuuuuper stressful situation since October (which is almost over). Starting at Christmas I was having regular panic attacks that led to (what I presume to be) hives all over my neck, that lasted about 6 weeks. No marks just angry, red, itchy skin all over my neck, cleared up with hydrocortisone cream finally. Then I got that horrible flu that was going around, tested positive for influenza b, took 17 days to feel normal again. So clearly my immune system is shot at this point plus
  2. Hi everyone, I'm new to the site and my official DX of HSV II was on 7/5/17. I'm curious how many of you realized something was wrong down there before you went and got tested. I'm also curious of the symptoms you experienced before your primary OB. For me, I had the: body aches fatigue generally all of the flu-like symptoms, but chalked it up as my period and being tired from working in a hospital. Then I realized I had two spots that were uncomfortable so I went against nurse practitioners orders to "just use monistat" on the spots, and came in to see her a
  3. Hello, I have recently been diagnosed with herpes - both oral and genital (mostly likely HSV1, although this has not yet been confirmed by lab analysis). I took 2000mg of Valtrex on Tuesday afternoon, another 2000mg on Tuesday morning and have since continued taking the drug with a dosage of 500mg twice a day. It has been almost three days and my symptoms seem to be getting worse ie. new sites have appeared and previous, smaller areas of infection are spreading. Is this normal? At what point should I rule out Valtrex as an effective tool to manage outbreaks? Thank you
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