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Found 2 results

  1. Hi all, I caught HSV-2 over 4 years ago. It was pretty typical in the beginning, with a major outbreak first and further ones that followed. However, I was able to keep them under control with Acyclovir 400mg/day suppressive therapy and 1000mg a day during outbreaks. In the past year or so, it has been getting worse and worse. The outbreaks started on my penis but later I started getting them on my buttocks too. In the last few months, they have been present only on my penis but NON-STOP. As an outbreak clears an new one will start within a few days. I can feel swollen lymph nodes on my groin and I'm constantly lethargic with a fewer-like feeling. I have had a non-stop outbreak for the last 2 months! Lifestyle: Since 16 years old I eat very healthy (high protein, complex carbs, vegetables), excercise 4 times a week (fitness/bodybuilding) and sleep 8-9 hours per week. I don't drink alcohol, but do drink coffee daily. Apart of HSV-2 and being on HRT I am very healthy. Current daily drug / supplement stack to combat the virus: Acyclovir 1200mg / 3200mg during outbreaks L-Lysine 2000mg / 4000mg during outbreaks Zinc 50mg Vitamin C 1000mg Multivitamin Others I have tried without success: Valacyclovir 1000mg/d, CBD oil Other unrelated drugs and supplements I take that could have effects (since a long time): Testosterone injections (I'm on HRT, due to testicular cancer I had at 18 years old) Arimidex (control Estradiol levels) Finasteride 0.5mg (reduce hairloss) Fish oil Whey protein L-glutamine 5-HTP (mood/sleep boost) I have recently started researching the possible effects of the testosterone replacement therapy and the effects of hormonal balance on HSV-2 outbreaks. I found research indicating that increased Estradiol/Progesterone levels can trigger outbreaks (can share if anyone is interested). I got labs done and found the levels were elevated, so I increased my Arimidex dosage without success. I have not yet tried the following supplements: Coconut oil, Probiotics, Vitamin B-12, MonoLaurin. Any advice what to do next :(? I'm feeling terrible for 90% of my life at the moment. When I visit a doctor / hospital they just prescribe me Acyclovir at a lower dosage I'm already taking.
  2. LadyDena

    Mirena and Outbreaks

    I had HSV2 for a few years now and only got 1 to 2 outbreaks a year. I had Mirena since the end of 2015. Since then I'm consistently getting outbreaks. I get outbreaks every month right at the start or end of my menstruation. Sometimes I cant tell if I have a yeast infection or not, because I get those every now and then, but more common with birth control pills, which I'm no longer on after my body rejected 3 different types. I read that progesterone, which Mirena contains, increases outbreaks and lowers the body immune response to it. I'm about to remove it now, my doctors appt is coming up. I'm realizing this may be the cause of my consistent outbreaks. Anyone else have this issue or know about this, mire information is helpful. Thanks.
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