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Found 12 results

  1. Is this herpes? Ive been in disbelief that I do have hsv1 so I’ve been putting up to go talk to a doctor because I don’t know what kinda questions to ask even if I did have the courage (Ps I do have a geo tongue ) I’m worried about the to Red holes above where my wisdom teeth would come in . Does anyone know if can you pass It on to animal/cats I’ve been so scared to give my kitty kisses or let her lick my face and would have to push my pet away
  2. Searching4something

    Looking for help

    In the summer of 2017 I noticed this odd sore . It went away in a week. I had been having protected sex , rough I might add. Anyways I'm convinced it is hsv . I tested from this discrete my lab box company back in 2018 and all negative I did this twice for HSV the test are finger sticks. I'm going to get a panel once so have my annual check up now that I have insurance. I haven't been sexually active for 2 years now. Is this in fact hsv. I've looked up plenty of images but not all of them look the same so it's hard to tell. So far nothing is going on in my lady bits. But if so I'd to know so once I start becoming an active member again I'll need to spit this out right away.. Any ideas or should I wait and get a blood test from like a quest diagnostic center. Id rather not have anyone from my town looking in my medical records. Everybody wants to work in the damn hospital and are bitches who don't give a fuck about violating HIPPA a bunch of cunts. Any ways any thoughts on this would help.
  3. Hey everyone! I've seen a various posts across various forums regarding disclosing (or not) and have seen a bit of a trend in people thinking that it's 'hard to pass' with one encounter (lol) condoms make it impossible to pass, blah blah blah. So let's just try to compile some short & sweet answers to some basic H transmissions stories and questions...Could be helpful in many ways to lots of people! 1. Did your giver: show symptoms / asymptomatic / disclose H to you? 2. Protected or unprotected? Oral/vaginal/anal? 3. How many encountrs with giver? (time frame of encounters ie. one weekend of several months?) 4. How were you diagnosed? (swab or blood test) 5. Are you a symptomatic carrier (showed signs ie. outbreak) or asymptomatic (never showed signs, diagnosed by blood work) 6. How long from sexual exposure did you start to show symptoms? 7. How long did your primary outbreak last? How frequent have your recurrences been? (ie. one a month/year?) 8. How long have you been H+? 9. Are you on antivirals only during outbreak or suppressive therapy? Or have you gone the natural route? 10. Words or wisdom/support for newbies? ********** I'll go first... 1. No visible signs of H. Asymptomatic carrier not diagnosed with at the time so no disclosure. 2. Unprotected vaginal/oral. 3. 2x in a weekend (Friday night and Sunday morning) 4. Positive swab test during terrify primary outbreak. 5. Symptomatic HSV2+ 6. Friday/Sunday sex; initial first symptoms started Tuesday and quickly got aggressive. (in hospital by next Sunday) 7. OB lasted a few weeks. Cleared up, then I had a couple minor recurrences due to alcohol in following weeks but MINOR in comparison (just more annoying not excruciatingly painful) still working through this ATM. 8. I was infected Mar9/18 - diagnosed with Mar23/18. 9. Antivirals during primary OB; lots of supplements and vitamins every day now and have changed my diet. 10. It does get better. Not back to normal better, but better. Take care of yourself and do whatever it needs for you to heal physically and emotionally. Find a good friend/family member/counsellor to confide in to help lessen the burden you are carrying. Get wine drunk with a friend and cry all night. Go to the top of a mountain and scream at the top of your lungs. Amazon shop till you max out your credit card buying things that make you happy. Hope this can help some peope! Love & light everyone! x
  4. Curious1998


    So I have been diagnosed with Ghsv 1 and I was wondering far as sex goes should I use condoms for now on ? I know I shouldn’t have sex during any breakout of course. But after everything heals (far as breakouts) will I still need a condom ? Can I still receive oral or what? I tried looking up things online far as Ghsv 1 goes but didn’t get the answers I was looking for.
  5. MessedUpBadly

    Hi :(

    Hi there, Ok so i screwed myself up badly and now have herpes. So many questions... Please answer any you could. I did do a lot of reading as well so I'm not just being lazy with the questions here. + If the outbreak happened 5 days ago, would antiviral medication work now? I did go to the doctor but only got one dose of antibiotics and an injection. (From what I've read it's not helpful, is that right?) + Is the virus only present in the sores themselves, on the skin? Can they be on tue skin around the area of the sore? + Can you spread hsv 2 from genitals to face? Can you get the hsv2 sores on other parts of you body? + Sores heal better when kept dry. So is it better not to put zinc cream? + Does the virus come off easily when washing hands or do you need to aggressively wash your hands with every time after possibly coming into contact with the sores? How strong do you need to wash your hands after i touch my penis when i urinate, even if i did not touch any sores? My hands are getting dry.
  6. I’ve been recently diagnosed with Hsv-1 by a blood test so idk if the infection is in my mouth or gentials cause I haven’t had any symptoms. But I’m going back and forth between feeling okay & then feeling contagious . I have so many questions & I don’t want to travel all the way to the doctors to get them answered . I know the basics but I just want my particular questions answered. Does anyone know where I can get my questions answered by a doctor online ? Or someone who is really educated on the subject that I can email .i honestly feel like I would feel better if I get my questions answered.
  7. Hi everyone, I have SO many questions. As of yesterday I found out I have HSV1. My boyfriend spread it to me through oral after he recently had gotten over a cold sore, yet it is still on my genital area. I found out yesterday what it was and I have not stopped crying since. Neither of us had any idea the virus could spread like that and he feels extremely guilty, yet fully supportive. I love him so much, but I'm only 17 so I think everyone can agree we most likely will not be together forever. I'm extremely nervous for my future. How do I tell a potential partner I have HSV1? When do I tell them? Are all my sexual fantasies over before I'm even 18? And.. most importantly.. will anyone ever accept me again? I feel like my dream of a husband and family went out the window. Please. please reply. I need someone to talk to ASAP.
  8. For those who choose to date with herpes and are in fear of someone coming back saying they gave them herpes, maybe a contract would be a good idea. The contract should require the person to get tested for herpes prior to sexual involvement, even kissing. (If that person has been with someone in the past 3 months, wait another 3 months and get retested to be sure). The person should also provide a copy of the results (don't just take their word for it). The person should acknowledge they are aware that you have herpes and you have full disclosed your status The person should acknowledge they are will to "risk" catching the virus (I hate the word risk now...fyi) The person should acknowledge they will keep your status confidential I feel this will save some people from guilt and possible lawsuits...just saying
  9. I found this article this morning. http://www.acsh.org/news/2017/01/07/americans-may-have-access-herpes-vaccine-after-all-10697
  10. Hello Honeycomb! As you know there is a petition going that was recently posted to help get Dr. Halford in front of some important people to discuss his vaccine. Ok, I am in a research group and it has been said that the petition is going to the wrong person. The petition is going to Rational Vaccine instead of congress. I posted this in one of my groups hoping at least this would bring awareness to hsv. Whoever started the petition please have it forwarded to the right people. @passionatepisces
  11. This may seem like a strange question...But how do I properly clean and care for the OB without spreading it? I understand using hair dryers (the hair dryer thing really helps and feels good! Lol) and patting the area dry, but when showering, I'm concerned I may inadvertently spread the virus around. Or does that not happen if you're using soap and/or on Valtrex? Also, is there any recommended soap that prevents the sores from getting infected but is still lady-part friendly? Also, does anyone have any recommended home remedies for the sores? I'm a fan of using natural remedies (when safe and effective). So many questions! Thank you in advance to anyone who can give me some advice
  12. Brazy

    New to all of this

    Hi. I am a 17 years old, senior in high school and I have herpes. My friends gave me the nickname Brazy because my first name starts with the letter B and they say I'm pretty wild and crazy. I guess that's what got me into this mess. I am too go with the flow and too in the heat of the moment. I was very recently diagnosed, 07.12.16. Not entirely sure what to do with myself. My boyfriend of (on and off) 4 years broke up with me today. Well, he broke up with me the day I went to urgent care and I told him what may be going on. We've had talks ever since about getting back together and how we should handle it. Today he decided he couldn't handle it - completely understandable. That's not why I'm here though. I'm here because I wanted to call one of my girlfriends up and vent and cry but I can't. Only 4 people other than myself know about my diagnoses. My mother, she was in the room when the doctor at urgent care wanted to take a look to "see what we were dealing with", she left and came back, doctor told her I needed to get on pills because I had a sore that appeared to be herpes and wanted to give me something to help it go away. My sister, who would see my mother and I whispering behind closed doors or talking in riddles and got suspension. My now ex boyfriend, who I needed to tell for obvious reasons. He does not have herpes. (Thankfully). One of my close girlfriends, I was in a sad place and she was the only one I had with me from 07.13 to 07.23 and I needed to talk to someone. I feel like I can not talk to any of them about it, my mother and sister just pity me and start crying before I do. My now ex boyfriend is angry with me. My close girlfriend completely ignored me when I reached out because she's busy. I feel very lonely and thought I'd reach out for conversation. Is anyone listening?
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