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Found 15 results

  1. About seven months ago, I posted that I disclosed to someone and he rejected me. We found each other on a dating site. Even though we both recognized we lived over 300 miles apart, we started talking and texting. After a couple of weeks of long conversations, lots of texts, and finding out we had an amazing connection, we decided to meet. Since we live more than 300 miles apart, I disclosed my status to him over the phone before meeting in person. I didn't want to waste his time or mine if it was going to be a deal breaker. When I told him I was HSV2+, he asked a few questions, we t
  2. Thursdaychild

    Tired of recurrent outbreaks.

    Hi, I am almost 28 and I’ve now had genital herpes for more than half my life. My partner has never experienced symptoms of herpes. I have periods when I seem to have herpes weekly, despite taking antivirals fairly regularly. I do struggle to remember to take 4/5 tablets a day a lot of the time, but tend to take a minimum of 2. This is also compounded by seemingly having recurring thrush. I am very protective over the health of my partner and won’t have sex if I feel as much as a slight tingle. The problem is that we go through periods of months not having sex. I feel so guil
  3. I had a fiance. He was actually the first guy I ever had to disclose to after my ghsv2 diagnosis. And he accepted me and it wasn't a big deal and we ended up not using protection and pretty much had a normal sex life except when I had my minor symptoms. But there were many times in the relationship that I knew I should have left him. But especially in the beginning I admit, I was desperate and was happy to have someone love me. Looking back, all the times he yelled at me or made me cry makes me so angry. Because I know that it was the fear of having to date again with hsv that kept me there. F
  4. Hello everyone, so I have this issue with my girlfriend. To make a long story short we've been dating for a about 8 months now and told her I had hsv2 after we had a night of drinking and and getting physical in the sheets with out protection , something I wasn't completely thinking about or in the right state to even think about it. So about 2 weeks after I started feeling really guilty about it and told her that I have hsv2 , at first she was pissed...well for a while and I really like her a lot. Of course we are still together and use protection every time but my problem is she
  5. Hi everyone, ive been infected for almost a year now and I have been dating a guy for about five months now. We have been intimate a few times but not all the way. I told him I wanted to wait until I knew that we would be long term. STDs came up once way later and he specifically mentioned herpes saying that at his age if he ever got something like that he would hate himself and talked about how bad it is and incurable, etc. This left me absolutely devastated. I know I need to disclose soon but am I just asking for embarrassment? He seems to have shown his opinion already- do I even bothe
  6. First of all, this site is fantastic and I am so grateful it exists. I have recently stumbled upon it and am looking for some words of wisdom. I am a 32 y/o F and was diagnosed with HSV1 about 7 years ago through a blood test. I didn't know anything about it at the time and the doctor who gave me the results brushed it off as absolutely nothing, "You probably had a cold sore that week." I am furious at how the medical community acts like it's no big deal, up until recently I had done nothing to protect partners and didn't think ever think about it, I've still never gotten a coldsore, I feel in
  7. As I stated in an earlier post, I was given my diagnosis For Genital Herpes about a week ago. My doctor is doing a retest for me just to be sure. Today is not a good day because my body just feels out of wack. I really just want to go get in my bed!!! I have a dilemma that I'm trying to make a decision about. There is a man that I was in a 10 years relationship with and we've lived apart (in two different states) for three years now but he said I'm the woman he wants to spend the rest of his life with. I know he loves me and I love him and he thinks very highly of me. He has no idea about my d
  8. Wondermom

    I'm not ashamed

    I caught herpes from my husband. He cheated on me about three months after we'd been married. We had gotten into an argument, he left and we ceased contact for a day... And he had sex with a younger chick. His symptoms from that didn't actually pop up until last year. And we've been married since 2015. When he was diagnosed. He was in denial... And he's cheated again too. When I was just diagnosed, he is now angry with me... Because I let the two women with whom he'd recently slept with, know I'd tested positive and it was from him. He's angry with me. But I believe I did the right
  9. Hi! Recently a guy that I had just started dating got an outbreak and found out that he has herpes. We had been dating for a little less than a month and everything was great, I was really falling for him until he found out that he had herpes and decided to stop dating me. To give more context, we had sex before he found out, but after his diagnosis I took a test and came up negative, so neither of us passed it to the other. Anyway, he said that he was too depressed and shocked with the news to even think about getting in a relationship or keep dating me. I got very upset because at no point I
  10. hi everyone, i don't really know anyone else personally that herpes & I was recently diagnosed so i don't even know who to ask my questions to or anything. BUT one question that i've been wondering about is: once you start a new relationship, after already being diagnosed with herpes before meeting this person, what was their reaction when you sat them down to tell them you have herpes. i'm not so much worried about getting rejected or not bc of herpes because i have a secure sense of self and that would just be evident to me that they weren't the right person for me bc everything happens
  11. Hello all! This might be a bit of a long one - so apologies in advance. To give a bit of context, I'm a female with GHSV1 which I contracted 6 years ago from my first boyfriend (joy!). Not prone to particularly regular outbreaks, usually once or twice or year. Not on anti-virals or other remedies such as Lysine. Now for the story: on a recent holiday I met a guy (who lives in a different state to me) and we instantly connected and ended up spending every day together - cute right? We kissed and did other fun stuff, but obviously nothing proceeded further than that... because ya
  12. I'm really concerned about my ex-boyfriend not accepting the new HSV+ me. I was diagnosed with G&OHSV1 in August. He left town 10 months ago, assuming opportunities would be greater for him now He's doing great and we've always kept some contact since he left. He has been asking me for months to consider relocating. I was stubborn, the type to only think about leaving the city when I'm outside of the city but HSV has really changed my whole outlook on life. We were together since 2011 and I've always imagined when things get right and stable {we are still young} he would be
  13. My girlfriend of 1 year informed me she has genital herpes 2 last week. I has a red pimple on my body in the boxer short area I attributed to a recent outbreaks in our community's hot tub. I was flabbergasted by the the news. I have never had herpes to my knowledge ( i understand one can carry the virus for years prior to a a physical breakout). My first thought is she was unfaithful when she accused me of being unfaithful the week before (in my experience when a someone accuses me of something I did not do - it is is a tell that did the act) I asked 3 differen
  14. So I met a girl who I have been friends with for over a year now. We have always flirted and people joke about us dating but we have talked and both just aren't ready for a relationship, my reason being because I have herpes and don't really know how to deal with it yet, which I haven't told her. She has not given me a reason either, we just don't talk about it. Anyways, yesterday she was showing me a picture on her phone and went over a close up picture of a prescription bottle that I am 99.9% sure said "acyclovir", which Is the medication I take for an outbreak. So now my mind is going
  15. Hi there, I was diagnosed with GH 15 years ago, apparently it was dormant since my first and only sex partner 4 years prior. In my experience with dating and relationships. I tell them right away. Some ran off while others stayed. Those that did stay and saw me as a person and not as a virus, I had some long lasting relationships. Two partners in the past 19 years, have struck a nerve that hurts just like the first outbreak. My ex-husband and most recently my first girlfriend. Ironically they share the same traits. Controlling behaviors, manipulation and both used the GH against me
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