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Found 26 results

  1. Learningtolivewithhsv

    First disclosure. PRAY FOR ME

    So I am new to the herpes world. I was diagnosed with ghsv-1 on May 17th. I was dating two guys at once (one I was sexually active with and someone else). The last person I had sex with, I am pretty sure he’s the one that gave it to me. I did disclose to all of my sex partners using text free because I was too embarrassed to reveal myself. But anyway, today I disclosed to the other guy I was seeing when I found out that I was gHSV-1 positive. We have been seeing one another one to two time a week and have planned basically our whole summer out. Even though he wanted to take it slow we are most definitely sexually attracted to one another and planned on having sex somewhere along the lines. This morning I decided to disclose via text that I have ghsv-1. I gave him some fact/transmission rates and have left everything in his hands. He’s currently at work and asked if it’ll be okay for him to call me when he gets off. Let’s see how this turns out. I am prepared for the worst, but hoping for the best. I will keep you guys posted.
  2. Hi guys I am worried if I got herpes. I have gone to the doctor and they have all said I am fine, I recently had Oral sex from a girl I met. I had it done two times. The first time I was fine and the next time, I felt pain in my urine. Uti tests and stds tests expect for Herpes was done and I was good. The pain went away but I have these red sores and I am confused if they are anything? The doctor said they are normal but I just want some feedback. Thank you guys please comment. My pictures are there https://ibb.co/mV8jbp https://ibb.co/jqnubp https://ibb.co/fGze99 https://ibb.co/dP6gNU https://ibb.co/m9Sz99 https://ibb.co/jcfK99 https://ibb.co/nbg4bp https://ibb.co/kxv82U https://ibb.co/enKCU9
  3. flowerblossom245

    I need help.

    I was recently diagnosed with HSV 1 a week ago and the emotional strain has been horrible. I’m the type of person who hates the unknown, so I’m trying to figure out if I have it genitally or orally. I had sex with someone who has been tested for herpes, but he doesn’t remember which strain he has. He hasn’t had an outbreak in years and has taken medicine, so my doctor initially said the chance was extremely low that he gave it to me (especially because it was only for about 1 min and that was it.) I get mouth ulcers regularly and I also get what I believe is a cold sore right in the corner of my mouth (which I’ve read isn’t a real cold sore?) so I’m wondering if that’s why I tested positive. We had sex a month and a half ago, and the symptoms started about a week and a half ago. Burning while peeing, and the occasional itching. When my doctor looked (she also did a Pap smear) she said she saw no lesions which I took as a good sign. I’ve been taking Valtrex for 5 days now but my symptoms haven’t improved at all. I just need people to talk to who know how I’m feeling. Thank you all
  4. Hi. I just recently got diagnosed a week ago with this virus. (That’s how I like to look at it) I’m not sure what type, I just remember the lady saying on the phone something about inactive. I’m not sure what that means but I’m so confused to this. I’ve been doing a little research but I’m just so scared, confused and emotional. My mind is going in circles! I feel so stupid and dumb. I just don’t know what to do. I just told the person I’ve been sleeping with for the past few months about it and it’s making me even feel more like sh**! I haven’t told anyone besides him. I’m even embarrassed to tell my mom & I can tell her anything! I’m trying to stay positive but it’s hard!
  5. Hi everyone. So I’ve had these bumps and sores and also some yellowish discharge and idk what it is! I looked everything up online and it says its Genital herpes. Me and my boyfriend have only been with each other so idk how I could’ve gotten it and he swore he hasnt cheated or anything and I really don’t think he would. Just wondering if these pictures look like anything to you guys, thank you. Just please tell me if it looks like anything I’m totally freaking out. https://imgur.com/a/FEvcayT
  6. Hello people well let me start by saying I've suspected that I've had HSV for years now me and my wife. But I've been to afraid to come to her with it. She's had fever blisters as she calls them and she gets huge painful bumps and clusters of blisters at the top of her butt crack and she has major irritation down there often. Which makes me believe we have it. I dont usually get anything but itching and as of lately I have irritation inside my penis and on the head but never had an outbreak. Well I had an encounter with a sex worker I used a condom but for some reason she decided to put lotion on the condom I only received oral from her no sex. After doing some research I found out that can damage condoms. But it didn't tear. But I've been feeling very irritated down there like I described earlier. Is it possible to be re-infected with a different type of HSV or do you guys think that it is something else going on? I've been so depressed lately and having major anxiety. I want to get checked so bad but I'm afraid she will accuse me of infecting her. Also I just want relief I've bought acyclovir online and have been taking them for a day now hoping to make the irritation go away. My friends says it's all in my head. I've been tested for most STDs and all negative.
  7. Need some advice
  8. I don’t even know where to begin. But I had unprotected sex with somebody which all his test came back negative today. (Still waiting on my results) so i went to the urgent care this Wednesday and they told me I had vaginitis which I really don’t know Much about it I just know it has something to do with bacteria and yeast that grows cause I have some inflammation at the bottom entrance of my vagina and I have a lump on my perineum and around my anus there are spots look like white heads kinda I don’t know I also had anal sex which after me and partner was done with that I was bleeding cause it was rough so I know he had to tear it but I have a lump on my anus and I think it can be a Hemorrhoid they only time my pee burn is when it hits my perineum and alittle around my anus I’m just so scared I been crying and praying just tryna be positive cause the doctors said it could be a few things I just don’t wanna assume it’s herpes cause maybe it can be cause of my infection maybe ? Btw my discharge is like a white cloudy look and my vagina does have a odor due to my infection. They think it’s herpes but I don’t wanna think that cause it can be something else but they have me taking a pills called valacyclovir & cream called acyclovir I’m 19.
  9. New&Scared

    Desperate for advice!!!

    Hi all, I'm desperate for advice as someone newly diagnosed who made a silly decision. Please don't judge, just hear me out. Following the first sexual encounter with someone I have been dating, I starting feeling weird down below. I had had a Hollywood wax 2 days before I had sex, so I attributed it to this, until it got worst. I went to the sexual health clinic convinced I had picked up some kind of infection from the waxing , but was diagnosed with HSV 1. To say that I was devasted was an understatement. I knew I had to disclose to my recent partner as I am sure that he had given it to me, but I just wasnlt in the right frame of mind. I remained 'normal' with him, although we did not have sex again with me making excuses. About 4 weeks later, I got a text from him letting me know that he had gine to a clinic and was diagnosed with Male UTI. My mind started spinning as I was convinced it was him who gave me herped when he gave me oral sex. I kind of left it and put it to the back of my mind. Fast forward to last tuesday, we had sex again (protected and I had no symptoms that I was aware of at the time). However, 2 days later, I am experiencing my second outbreak. Now I am freaking out again! Is it possible that they mistakenly diagnosed him with a a UTI? Could he actually have had herpes, but no lesions? Could I have now re-infected him after sex (although we used protction, I experience the tingling etc around my bum and thihg area too)? He also performed oral sex again. I literally sitting her going through my second outbreak and jumping at every message and phone call to my pone as I wait for him to tell me i've given him herpes. I just want to know whether it is likely that this has happened this time? I understand that the initla time, it may hve been me who gave him something without knowing I had it, but why would it pressent itself straight after having sex with him (the frst AND second time). I'm a bit all over the place, so feel free to probe if you need to know more. Yes, I know I should've disclosed straight away, but i'm having a hard time coping with all this. Appreciate any responses x
  10. I took an STD mid November to ease my mind because I’d been getting a redness around my foreskin after having sex with my girlfriend, I haven’t had any other partners in the past 10 months so once I passed the STD testing I did some research and concluded it’d ben balanitis. So so here’s when things get tricky, this Tuesday after sex I pull out and feel a painful bump on the side of penis and now it seems to be a blister woke up the next day has another and I woke up this morning with another! I’m freaking scared as hell right now setting up a doctors appointment ASAP Any info helps Thanks,
  11. Hello everyone Diagnosed just this week, I’m 30 years old and in a long term ‘monogamous’ relationship of 5 years. Just before Christmas I found out my partner had an affair, and we were attempting to move past it. However this has thrown a spanner in the works. The girl he had the affair with does NOT have herpes as she works in the medical professional and had a blood test for it only just before their affair started, and I have seen proof of this. We had sex New Year’s Day and the following day my partner commented that he had a cut on his penis; having researched this appeared to be a ‘paper cut’ lesion and 4-5 days later I had symptoms of a full outbreak. My partner says he has not cheated with anyone else, but he also claims he has never had any symptoms of herpes before. I know no one can answer definitively, but I suppose what I’m asking is; how likely is it that the virus came from 1. a new infection in him (and he cheated again), 2. Has been dormant a long time in him (5 years plus?!) 3. Been dormant in me all this time - I think this is unlikely as I do believe the lesion he had was a herpes lesion. From stuff I’ve read online first outbreaks appear to be the worst, so could a first outbreak be so minor in him? This was barely noticeable, a tiny cut! thanks to anyone who made it this far.
  12. On Halloween, I got drunk (I this isn't an excuse) and slept with this guy I've been talking to for about a month now. I now feel completely guilty I didn't tell him that I have the herpes virus (I've only been recently diagnosed only about 1.5 months ago). I don't know what to say to him, or how to bring up that I have the virus in a conversation. Need help! Has anyone done this before and have stats/information I can tell him while trying to tell him.
  13. PLEASE READ!! NEED ADVICE!!! I think I have herpes but the doctor says I have nothing to worry about!! I dated a guy for 2 years, we broke up and he had sex with a girl, who had sex with a guy, who has sex with a girl that 100% has herpes. Although I'm not sure, I believe the virus had been transmitted to all of the people involved. After my ex had sex with the girl who potentially has herpes, I slept with him (this may have been close to a month after they had sex). When I had sex with him after he slept with her, it was unprotected and I had noticed a small sore on his penis that was bleeding after we had sex. He insisted it was nothing to worry about that he thought it was a pimple... He had also lied to me (which I found out later) and said he got tested after her and that his results came back clean so i thought I had nothing to worry about. A couple months passed and I had no symptoms and I even got checked for herpes and my blood test came back negative for both types of herpes. I was so relieved. I assumed he was clean so a couple months after my test I had sex with him again, this time we used a condom. 4 days after we had sex (with the condom) I noticed an intense burning sensation and a tear on my labia above my clitoris (clitoris hood). The sore itself wasn't painful to touch but the burning sensation continued. I have been emotionally exhausted having anxiety over if I have it or if I don't, eventually I went to my gyno and they did a full exam and a culture on a swab from the sore above my clitoris, all the results came back NEGATIVE! I thought I'd be relieved but the doctor couldn't give any explanation for the burning that was always there... Still paranoid, I was trying to find the source to my pain and took a flash video of my vagina trying to see if there's anything that they could've missed. After watching the video I noticed a red patch with fluid filled "bubbles"/pimple looking-blisters right before my vagina hole that hurt to the touch. The doctor is making me feel like I'm crazy- she's telling me I don't need to come back in. But part of me feels like she didn't take a deep enough look and that the sore she did swab-had nothing to do with my outbreak. I'm so suicidal and my self esteem is at an ALL TIME LOW, I just want to know if I didn't get herpes the first time we had unprotected sex is a good indicator that he's clean or if I still have a good chance of having it even after all the tests and the use of a condom? I physically feel sick from my anxiety and I simply can't focus on anything else but the possibility of me having herpes. I don't know what to do or what to think. Please help me, I don't know how much longer I can deal with the pain.
  14. Hi, ive posted here before about this strange spaced out rash that I have on my groin. It’s now been about 16 days since I first noticed one red spot. Then a few days later I noticed this blistery/pimple thing that popped up nearby and for two weeks they just kept popping up individually. On my last post I had comments from people saying it most likely looked like something bacterial. I’ve been trying to do some research on outbreaks with no prodrome but I can’t find anything! I had no tingling, burning, itching sensations in that area before I noticed the first spot. I literally just noticed it and was like what the hell is that? also, can Herpes be that spaced out? From what I’ve learnt is that the lesions appear all bunched up together. I’ve also heard that initial outbreaks hurt A LOT. however these spots haven’t been very sore at all. But my main question is can you have no prodrome symptoms?
  15. Hi, I just found this site, and want to say hi, and just find out if you all felt angry, sad, depressed and scared, as well as feeling a bit unclean and like used goods too? My partner of three months only chose to tell me he had herpes after about a week of having sex with him. I feel angry with myself for not using a condom, but also, really angry with him for thinking it wasnt a big enough deal to tell me straight away. He said he got it when he was twenty from a back packing travelling friend, and had not had any symptoms since then (thirty years). We do love each other very much, and i will most probably stay in a long term relationship with him, but i cant help feeling really really angry he did not think to tell me before we had sex, and that he has given me herpes for life. I feel sad, because its messed up our great sex life, at the moment, and hope it will come back, and i will feel sexy again, and not just like rubbish, and I feel sad that I can never tell any of my family and friends that I have this, it makes me too mortified to discuss it with anyone else except him and my gp. also, my kids would hate him and judge him very harshly (understandably)for putting me in this position, and its bad enough getting them onside with a new partner anyway, because their dad died, and they are protective. please help, i just feel a bit down today. any advice gratefully received. Thank you for listening to my rant:)
  16. Hi, I am pretty sure I have hsv2. Have had hsv1 for years. I need advice. I don't know what to do. I Have never been so afraid in all my life. I was with a guy 3 weeks ago and we didn't have sex but, we did grind and no condom. Within a day I felt very uncomfortablein my area. Within 2 weeks nearly to the day pain, rash,pimple like red spots no eruption. Tail bone pain, eye pain,burning etc. He says he didn't give it to me ok. No sex with anyone in 6 mos. I went to Dr she's saying no it's not hsv2. I know it is. I just got back in contact with my ex and he is the love of my life. Literally. I don't know how to tell him. We are both so sexual and I fear he won't come back. I wanted to end my life being without him. People who are spiritual know what I mean when ones I say he is my twin flame. Help I need advice.
  17. Hey all, I am currently traveling abroad and about two weeks ago I had a protected sex encounter with a woman I had just met. It was a big drunken mistake. Less than 48 hours later I had red spots spreading out from my groin to my upper thighs. I also had a small rash at the base of my penis (on the underside). On the top base in my pubic hair region I had multiple (20 or so) red bumps on my pubic hair. The total spots/bumps on groin had to have been around 50 or more. A few days later I noticed some had small pimple like bumps with small white heads on the hair follicle. They were not itchy until about 5 days later when they started to go away and skin was becoming dry and irritated and were not even painful. I suspected after research perhaps it was folliculitis but the coincidence that all this was occurring after my sexual encounter was too much. Then a few days after that (maybe 8 days) after encounter I noticed two small white/yellow head bumps randomly on my groin area. They were gone within a few days as well. Now at about 11/12 days later I got an itchy sensation this time on the side of scrotum and between thighs on both sides. I ended up not resisting urge to itch overnight and next morning the skin was red and raw and what appears to be some round marks (possibly an popped blister)? Does this seem like herpes? It seems like too much of a coincidence to me. I messaged the woman asking if she had any STI and she said she had been tested about two months ago and was clear. But had sex twice since then. Also after all my research I know that herpes may show no symptoms in most people and is not routinely tested for. I am am quite concerned as I am on a long break away from my previous relationship and cannot fathom talking about a positive diagnosis if we get back together. The last two weeks I have been unable to sleep and constantly researching this potential exposure/ symptoms.
  18. I've been with my boyfriend for three years and I've recently had it confirmed (after conflicting results since 14') that I do have genital herpes from a scumbug who thought it was okay not to tell me he had it. Well since having this I've been experiencing extremely sharp pains in my anus, there's no sores but I do know I have a small case of hemmorids. Basically I'm wondering if those pains are herpes related because now my boyfriend has been experiencing these pains and keeps asking me what do they mean. Since we've been together he's been tested and been negative, he's been tested twice this year and was negative for the first one, after my results came back positive he tested again because he wanted to be sure but he never said anything else about it and I didn't want to ask. I'm terrified I don't want him to go through this crap and resent me forever. I just want to know if this is a common thing amongst ppl with herpes? Should I inquire about his last results though I'm sure he would have said something if they were positive - he's not the type to hold his tongue. Should I ask him to test again? I hate bringing this up because I don't want him to leave but I can't handle the pressure of thinking I'm hurting him.
  19. ScaredBean

    Help me... I'm scared...

    Hi there... I'm Nikki. I'm 19 and I live in New Jersey, USA. I've been with my boyfriend (main partner, J) for about six months now. We're in an open relationship. I was dating someone for a few weeks before breaking it off. The last time I had sex with that guy was about a month ago. Around a week ago I started experiencing intense itching, which I chalked up to a yeast infection (which I've had before) and didn't worry too much. But I was scratching a lot. And my nails are sharp. Also, J and I had really rough sex around that time. Not long after I started experiencing pain/discomfort, which I again blew off as a consequence of scratching myself and having rough sex. But yesterday the pain was unbearable and there was a lot of swelling. We went to the emergency room to find out I have a UTI as well as Herpes. Whether it's 1 or 2 I'm not sure, and I don't really know the difference. J got tested about two weeks ago and tested positive for Herpes 1. But he said he's had cold sores on his lips all his life. Is it possible I got Herpes 1 from him performing oral on me? Or was it from the guy I dated a few weeks and he just didn't show symptoms? (I don't remember him having sores or redness of any kind.) Regardless, I'm really scared and ashamed and confused by this event. I've been in unbearable pain for the past 72 hours. I can't walk or even lie down in certain positions because the friction against my clothes (and even my own skin) is agonizing. I have sores all over my genital area; specifically, there are around eight sores on my clitoris alone. Nothing I've been told to try helps. Vagisil, diaper rash cream, antibiotic ointment, even the medicine the hospital gave me. I also get fevers and sore lymph nodes. Please, please, someone out there... Help me... I'm sooo terrified and embarrassed. I hate myself for letting this happen. I blame myself for ruining my life as well as my wonderful boyfriend's life. Our lifestyle has to completely change, (possibly) because of a stupid mistake I made. I don't know why I'm here, I just... I need to know I'm not alone. I need advice. Please. Thank you in advance...
  20. Hello to anyone reading this I am currently in my first ever outbreak, and was diagnosed on Saturday, although my symptoms started on Tuesday 11th and I was pretty sure it was herpes before going to the clinic. When the nurse looked at me she winced, so it know it is a bad outbreak, and when she took a culture from the tissue I screamed in absolute agony, I have never felt anything like this pain. I am suffering from pretty much every symptom.. flu, muscle aches, fatigue, pain from the blisters, burning sensations, tingling etc... I was given medication when I went, and the nurse asked me to go back tomorrow so she can see if its helping and how I'm doing, or if I need a higher dosage... I am just so overwhelmed and feel generally shit. I can't tell me family whats wrong but obviously they can see tell something is up as I've been bed ridden and visibly down for a week and been taking baths 2-3 times a day. I recently started seeing/sleeping with a new guy so feel that its possible that he gave it to me, as I haven't had sex for nine months before this, When I told him he was really nice and support and said nothing has changed so that has helped. But i still feel really disgusting just because its so painful and therefore can't stop thinking about it, and it looks horrible. My vagina which i once thought was a nice vagina as they go, a,d have been told its nice, is now a mess, and I feel like its never going to be the same. I just want this outbreak to end and feel like it never will so I can get on with my life. Im extremely worried that I am going to have painful recurrent outbreaks to the point where I can't do things I usually do. I AM scared of having to tell future partners as I'm afraid they will just think of that everytime it gets sexual. I feel like thats all I am going to think about whenever I get intimate. I am also scared the skin won't heal and will be sensitive forever so when I do have sex it will hurt. Basically I am a mess and don't know what to think or how to feel or what to do. I just want it to go away So I decided to join this site and see if anyone feels the same or has felt the same, gain any advice or wisdom and hear about other peoples experiences. If you have read this thanks for listening to me feel completely sorry for myself but I don't know how else to explain how I am feeling
  21. Hi, I haven't been officially diagnosed yet but my dr says there's strong chance that it could be herpes. I had UTI symptoms and was given meds to help, (cephalexin which is in the the same family as penicillin which I'm allergic to). Two days later and after shaving, I started getting bumps in my vaginal area which being who I am, tried to pop then thinking they were ingrown hairs or pimples. Well by the time my dr looked at them she decided they looked like herpes. I've looked at so many pictures and it looks nothing like any other outbreaks I've seen. I'm so confused as to what it could be. She gave me Valacyclovir(valtrex) but I'm not sure if the bumps went away bc of the meds or bc I stoped taking the cephalexin as they disappear the same night I started taking the Valacyclovir. Please help with any insight. Would the meds work that quickly?
  22. I went to the doctors today but didn't think it was anything since i have only had one sex partner my entire life and the same on for the past 2 years. but the doctor said i had the first outbreak and took tests to see if it for sure was herpes. she told me to tell my boyfriend and when i did i asked him if he saw anyone and had sex with anyone when we were broken up, he says he hasn't, yet the doctor say i probably got in in the last 2-3 weeks and that is when he and i had sex. he doesn't show symptoms of it and i haven't had sex or oral sex with anyone else, is it forsure from him?? because i don't know what else it could have come from and he won't believe me that he is the only guy. please help.. i'm just a teenager and i don't know what to do any my parents are mad at me and my boyfriend wont talk to me because he thinks i cheated.. i have nobody to talk to and i'm freaking out. What does this mean..
  23. boricacid

    It's been less than 24 hours

    I believe I may have had my first outbreak 6 weeks ago when I thought I had a cut on my vagina, but also felt very ill. I have a boyfriend. He's never displayed any symptoms and he's told me he's clean. I know this virus can be transmitted asymptomatically, and he's had a lot of sexual partners (no protection) in the past. He's joked about being lucky. He recently said he'd kill himself if he got genital herpes. He's had a serious suicide attempt last year. I think he may have given it to me....I'm scared to tell him. I can't sleep or eat. I'm just crying. I know there's life after this, etc. etc. I feel crushed and now I have to crush another person with the truth.
  24. Hi everyone, Just wanted to share my situation/predicament. I'm hoping for some advice or feedback. I'll try to make a long story short.. I'm a 33 year old guy. About 3 years ago I caught oral hsv 1(cold sores) from some one. I had a pretty rough time accepting it, and I got one every month or so for a long time. The doctor put me on valacylovir for six months which helped, and I started eating really healthy and getting more sleep. they're getting less frequent now, but its only been 4 months since my last 1, and that feels like a long time. 2 years ago I started dating a girl, I was always careful with the cold sores. About 7 months into the relationship I was getting thoughts that she wasn't the one for me and I wanted to break up. But I didn't go through with it at the time, and then busy life "stuff" happened and months just rolled on by. In a way that was slightly forced upon me, she moved in with me. I would periodically think about how we have to break up, but never did it. Then, just over a year of being together, we found a blister on her vagina. I was devastated and felt I couldn't leave her like that. I researched hsv 1 genital a lot and decided to stay with her for a year to get her through it, and show her that sex and everything was ok, and that she might have 1 or 2 outbreaks then never again. But we started using condoms from then on. I should mention here that her English is not 100%, its not very very bad but alot of it is broken English and there's ALOT she doesn't understand, which is a very big part of the reason I want to break up. Also, she doesn't have much knowledge of STD's and she doesn't know the stigma of herpes... Around 1 month ago we found more blisters on here vagina. I decided the correct thing to do was get it confirmed at the doctor. I went with her and she got it swabbed. Then a week later we went for the results and she said it was hsv 2, and my heart sank. When we got home I decided to not freak out in front of her. I just played it down saying it was not ideal but it will get better with time and all that. I was sure that it was from me and that I was asymptomatic. So I went and got tested and it turns out that I'm negative. I was shocked because we'd had unprotected sex for over a year. I want to run away now but I can't just leave her like that. She's Asian and likes western guys so anyone she meets would know the stigma, I just hate the thought of her being rejected because of it, and she would be slowly introduced to it's stigma. I've said she should take suppressive therapy, I feel like the right thing to do would be to continue the relationship for a few months and then use one of the other reasons to break up so she would be let down easier, but I'm scared I'll catch it.....I've thought about it, and I think I would be with a girl who has it, if I thought they were going to be my life partner.....And the other thing is, I may have caught it already in the last 3 months, and we had sex not long after her symptoms were gone, and my test may have been a false negative. So that's my predicament. I don't know how to handle it
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