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Found 3 results

  1. Hello folks, I've read that suing for STIs and STDs encourage non-disclosure, and many advocates for people with STIs actively speak out against this, stating that it increases the stigma around STIs and STDs. Does anyone have any information on groups who are active in this field and what work has been done so far?
  2. Herpes Documentary Film

    Greetings fellow Herpsters. Have any of you actually seen a documentary film on Herpes Simplex Virus? I know there are a couple of brief animation videos (we could share links here...?) but I'm talking about a feature length documentary that tells a good solid story and is also informative. If we were to list off the top of our heads what a film on herpes would actually be about on a really human level, it would be about isolation, communication, fear, and the disparity between the bark and the bite of herpes. I keep thinking that while for some of us, the symptoms are unpleasant or even painful, some of us also have very mild symptoms or are a-symptomatic. The same range of experiences can be seen in peoples emotional and psychological reactions to getting the virus... and the same range of experiences can be seen in the responses we are all getting from the people we disclose to. In the 1920s, a man named Edward Bernays was commissioned by Mozart Piano Company to create a campaign designed to sell their pianos. Instead of promoting the quality of the pianos, Bernays chose to focus instead on the idea that every family home should have a music room, thus creating a demand for pianos. He created positive associations between the family, and the family music room by way of print media which was big at the time. Ever present was the Mozart branding, subtly suggesting the purchase of a Mozart piano. Bernays was a propagandist by trade- he realised that his craft could be used in peacetime to sell products, just as effectively as it could be used during war time, and coined the term Public Relations when he founded his company, Public Relations Counsel. If we view herpes as a public relations problem, rather than a health problem, we can begin to take control of our experience with the virus, by influencing the thought of the general public. The above paragraph is merely food-for-thought. I don't know how we can associate herpes with positive things, beyond having strong male and female character leads in films who happen to also have herpes. But we may be able to look further into what it means to have herpes, where those fears come from, and frame the virus differently. Just throwing ideas out there- I'm curious how others feel about this. Discuss?
  3. #Shoutyourstatus

    I follow Ella Dawson( Herpster, Erotica Writer & Ted Talker to be ) on Twitter and I don't log on often but when I do I go and read through the tweets I may have missed , and today was horrifying . Ella was in a back and forth with a lot of people who plain just didn't get the point of the hashtag and movement. I decided to brave it and look deeper into what people were saying and how they felt. So A few self proclaimed 'Feminists' (which I think is awesome) co started the hashtag Shout Your Status. Of course one expects to see some jokes, hate and a little under education BUT the amount of trolling , hate and just over the top disgusting behavior I witnessed and read left me not only embarrassed but it took me back to the day I was diagnosed! It took me back to the day when I felt like a pariah . I immediately felt ashamed , upset and hurt , all over again. I sat there in disgust and concern for our world but i couldn't take my eyes of the tweets. People were mean and hateful and what I though was the worst is women were spewing as much hate as men towards women. Since when did herpes become a women's disease? There was a lot of talk about them making bad decisions and choices and about how being herpes positive clearly means you had a ton of random sex and that you deserved it . The stigma is real- we all know this, but it's so hard to see , it's so hard to deal with when its in your face like that . The he point wasn't to be "proud" of an infection or disease but to not be ashamed and to not be suicidal and not depressed over something you didn't deserve. Yes , there ar fellas who got an Sti from a casual hook up but what these folks don't get is condoms don't protect from HPV or GHSV and they think they do. The amount of misinformation is just gross . I personally got it from a person who either didn't disclose or was unaware, someone I had been dating for some time , not a random stranger in a night club. I guess if more minorities, more members of the LGBT and more non monogamous people come out of the closet so to speak the stigma would die a little more each day. Am I brave enough? No! Never! I don't know how some do it . My lower half aches as I write this, valtrex isn't working the way I would love it to as I write this and I'm still afraid, slightly ashamed as I write this . how ow do you guys feel about the hashtag? Have you seen it ? Happy? Supportive ? Angry? Lets talk.