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Found 22 results

  1. HNairobiKenya

    Trying to find Local Support

    I am from Nairobi,Kenya. I have searched and searched but can't seem to find any form of Support groups from where I am. I think in Africa generally, HSV isn't something talked about much or tested that often so most people do not know they have it. For us who do know, it feels very lonely. I am not looking for a hookup. I just want to see if I can connect with people closer to where I am. If you are in a similar position, from whichever country, please feel free to share your experience.
  2. So I lost my info to my other account but about 3 years ago I was diagnosed with HSV2. Only 17 Had Only had sex less than a handful of times. The close friend I gave my virginity to, my boyfriend I was on and off with due to me breaking up with him, and my first No strings art attached encounter (which was still with a male friend I knew well). Nobody has ever stepped forward to take claim of my diagnosis or to apologize and be accountable. I still remember that night in the emergency room after being in pain for over a week and my mom sitting there telling me if it was serious she "wasn't going to help me" as soon as we walked out the doors that night. Not only that , she cut my phone off the next day so my doctors couldn't call me with my results. They called her so even though I know I have it and took the antivirals to clear it up I never really got that closure from anyone. The people in the ER didn't offer much insight except "It's not life threatening, it's not that serious, and to just wear a condom if I'm having sex specifically during an outbreak but that I wouldn't be having sex during an outbreak because it'd hurt." . After long long nights of losing myself to the mercy of google I stumbled across this site and though some stories completely made me obsess more, I will say it has helped me tremendously. My mother and I haven't talked about my diagnosis since, and so I don't feel comfortable crying to her. IM HAVING MY FIRST MAJOR OB SINCE THAT NIGHT and I can not stop replaying everything in my head and feeling like a complete waste of space. I'm in pain, I can't get the burning to stop. I tried a cooling aloe based gel but if anything it's irritating the skin more, my care team at my hospital is taking a while to respond to help get a prescription in and I just feel alone in all this. I know there's nothing unique about my case and that I should be more than grateful i haven't been having horrible back to back OB's but shit. Like fuck me , I just don't understand.
  3. Jackwilly83

    Anybody from India

    Hello, i am Jack. I have the gift that keeps on giving, looking for other friends for moral support and have open conversations about our physical conditions. I am from Mumbai. Hit me up for some intimate moments together. Jack
  4. BPKU

    Rochester NY area

    Hi everybody! I am new to this site. I'm just posting here for friends in the Rochester ny area. I am a 24 year old female. Idk I just figured it would be nice to connect with ppl and hang :) I like to draw, paint, picnic, go clubbing with friends, I just want to have fun :) . Also sharing our stories and experience with herpes of course but also just enjoying life :)
  5. imtryingmybest

    Just Diagnosed

    Wow. So, I just got the test results about an hour ago. After calling my mom and sobbing uncontrollably, I did some reading. I read a lot about other women's experiences, and also ended up on this website. Needless to say, I am incredibly upset about it. I feel disgusting. Dirty, gross, like nothing. The worst part: I don't know who gave it to me. I have had more than one sexual partner this past month, and frankly, it is going to be fucking hard to tell them. I don't know how I am going to tell these people, how they will react, if they will tell our friends. Who will I be known as? Who will I become? I'm concerned about future relationships. How to tell those future boyfriends. Will anyone ever love me? I don't want this to become who I am, but right now in the moment, it's hard. Luckily, I am getting medication and seeing a therapist next week. I think that will help. I'm shattered. I'm currently in college, and this is going to be a chip on my shoulder for a while. It almost sucks not having other people know, because they have no idea how hard this is or what I'm going through-- getting diagnosed, all the symptoms, etc. For now, I'm going to try and just take each day at a time. Morale is low, will to live is low, but we always make it to tomorrow. Always. It's never the end, and I don't want this to be the end. Anyways, here I am: needing support, and also ready to give it.
  6. AllHailKarma

    Everything is gonna be fine.

    Anyone else actually legit ok? After doing the research, finding out how to keep myself healthy, how to keep this in dormacy, plus seeing how large of a community is on this side of the fence.... like, I'm good. And everyone else really should take the time to read, watch videos, figure out how your own body works with this shit, keep this community close also. We're all gonna be fine. I'm more annoyed by occasional indigestion honestly.
  7. Dear all, I have created a group on Facebook called Theravax HSV1 & 2 as a platform for people to share their experiences from the Theravax Trails. This is a closed group. Please avoid any negativity as we already have enough of that in the outside world and we don't need it here on this group. You can share your experiences on the consultation, pre and post travel as well so that it helps every one make better decisions. Members of this group can also help each other to travel together to get the vaccine (Not necessarily by means of funds) but just support as it's not always easy to go to a new country for an objective as strong as this. This group is for support. We are with you. <3 I urge the aspiring participants and the people who have been selected for the trails to join the Group and share their experience. I uger
  8. MagentaLace

    Severe Pain

    Hi, I've recently been diagnosed with herpes. At first, it was a sore, then spread to multiple sores that hurt severely when I'd pee. I haven't been eating much. It has been a week and the sores don't hurt as bad, but the pain from my lower back hurts all the way down to my toes. It is severe nerve pain and my skin feels flu like. It is constant. This is my first outbreak. Has anybody else experienced this. The pain is so excruciating I want to throw up.
  9. Resilience101

    Needing support

    Anyone out there I can talk to? Going through a very low point....
  10. CamelliaSinensis

    Anyone from SLC, UT

    Hey there. Even with the support of my friends/family who are negative I would like to have someone to talk to near me who could understand stand or even help guiding me. Good doctors to go to for long term treatment, tips and tricks for dealing with outbreaks, sex with a partner is who is negative, etc.
  11. Kari Stevens

    Newly Diagnosed

    Hi! Just found yesterday i was diagnosed and feeling all types of emotions and sadness. Wanting to end my relationship and just hide from the world. I have just made myself physically sick because i have been waiting for days for the results and now that i have them I’m wondering what do i do now....
  12. TiramisuTheGOAT

    New to this, shaken, but not deterred

    Hello everyone.... Welp, turns out my suspicions were legit and I can say that I'm now another person living with HSV 2. It's only been a week since I got the results, and I've been taking acyclovir everyday since. After a brief pity party, I picked myself up and decided to fight this and live my life. With that said, I have questions....many questions....especially considering that I'm talking to a really wonderful person (the feelings are reciprocated! Yay!) and would like to pursue a relationship with her. Can we still give each other oral sex? What are the best drugs to take? How did you guys handle the big talk with your respective partners? Any new updates as far as new medications and such are concerned? What have been you guys experience taking acyclovir and other stuff? I have questions and stuff....again I have questions lol. Please help.
  13. Hi everyone, I was diagnosed with HSV1 about 7 months ago. It was one of those crazy, "never think that it will happen to me things", I'm sure you can all relate to that. Really all I wanted at first was someone to talk to. I'm pretty open about things, but it wasn't the same talking to people who didn't understand, who weren't living it. I looked through a few forums and different websites to get info. I found that I wasn't trusting a lot of the forums and felt like I was getting a lot of conflicting information. Maybe I wasn't looking hard enough? But why do I have to look "hard" for something that is affecting my day to day life? Scratch that, the everyday life of one out of six people int he US alone! So that got me thinking.... I'm a senior in college and my major is graphic design communication. For our capstone (senior project which we spend all semester on) we spend all semester creating literally anything that we want. This was the perfect opportunity for me to try and solve not only my own problem, but the problems of thousands of people! My capstone is a bit dual sided. On one end, I want to create a support group for people with STDs where they can learn the ins and outs, connect with each other, and become comfortable enough with themselves to speak out, educate and squash the stigma. This would be through both a physical meeting space as well as an online platform. This community would then communicate this information to students and young people ages 18-23 (so I'm thinking seniors in high school through graduating undergrads). I chose this age group because it's a very transitional time. You're graduating high school, often times leaving home or at least having different types of freedoms, and then ultimately deciding what you are going to really do and starting your adult life. I want to educate them, as well as change the way that this demographic views STDs, and squash the stigmas and hate that float around many of them. Basically, I want to change the way that society views the stigmas that come with STDs, but before I can "change the world" I need to create personal justice for myself. I need to get that confidence and self worth back, and so do you! Imagine something like AA, where you can remain as anonymous as you like, or you can choose to speak out. What do you think about this? What would you want to see in this project / do you think it's helpful? You're feedback is greatly appreciated. I'm new to the forum, but I know that I will definitely be a frequent flyer here. Thanks everyone!
  14. Sarahcs

    Please I need advice

    I'm newly diagnosed with HSV 1 and 2. I've had pretty minor genital outbreaks but they just make it burn to pee and it feels like cuts. Never had a cold sore. I've went on acyclovir twice until recently my doctor put me on suppression therapy with acyclovir. I had a slight burning, redness and irritation. I'm 5 days in on the therapy and it hurts so bad down there. Now I have this weird thing on my lip like I burned myself on hot food. I've been super stressed. Just started my semester at college and started dating an amazing man who didn't take my disclosure so well. He's coming around but idk if the stress is doing this. Why is the medication not working. This has been my worst breakout. I'm attaching a picture of what's on my lip.
  15. Tumbleweed

    I need to vent

    Hi! New to this site but unfortunately not new to herpes. I started getting outbreaks around 5 years ago and they have been constant the last 3 1/2 years. I am going through the worst outbreak ever. I probably have 5 lesions on the base of my spine right now. I have tried supplements, diets, valtrex which triggered the outbreaks to be constant for me, energy work, therapy and releasing emotions, etc... part of me feels like the outbreak is so bad because my body is detoxing it out of me and about to heal and part of me feels like I am going to have to deal with this the rest of my life. I am really bumming right now. And it's not just the out breaks but the run down achey feeling and nerve pain. Through meditation it comes to meet that i need to have more humor around this and more sex with my husband. I have tried to have humor. And having sex with my husband just seems impossible with all of the outbreaks. I believe in miracles but feel like the miracle is jumping over my house. I see here alot of info about the shingles vaccine. I will maybe try that. I also want to try body code. Would love to hear from people who had been in my boat before and cured themselves or at least stopped having constant breakouts. I would love to have just one or two breakouts a year like a "normal person".
  16. Can someone please tell me what’s going on with me? I’m a guy and It’s been 2+ months since I was diagnosed, which i’m still not sure if it was a false positive or not and i’ve had what seemed like 4-5 UTI’s ever since. Had 4 urine cultures, 2 of the have been UTI’s with actual bacteria, 1 was contaminated, and 1 showed no growth. I’ve been on macrobid for the bacterial infection, but after finishing that i’ve been having severe UTI symptoms again. I can’t sleep, it hurts to pee, urine is cloudy, my head is hot (my temp shows to bee at 98F) each time I wake up, and now my body is aching. I’ve taken AZO pills to and ibuprofen to help but does anyone have any similar experience? Is it due to HSV? Am I gonna have UTI’s like this for the rest of my life? @WTHerp has tried to help me, but anyone else know? I don’t how much more of this my body can take. I’ve had just these 2 bumps near my corona for 2 months now and they sometimes reduce in size and other times increase, but nothing ever comes out of them and they don’t go away.
  17. Hi guys, I’m a 19 year old college student and I just found out I have Genital Herpes. It’s weird even saying it, I still keep hoping it’s a dream. I don’t know how to feel. I know it’s not the end of the world but it’s still different. I don’t think anyone ever imagined getting this so it’s not a happy change. It’s just weird. Ive been in a serious relationship for about 8 months now and I have only been with two guys. My boyfriend has been amazing and he has also been diagnosed with herpes as well. During my hellish first outbreak that I’m currently going through he has done so much for me. But I just came here because I wanted to talk to someone who truly understands the physical pain I’m going through. I could barely sit in class today. I’ve started taking warm baths and drying with a blow dryer and it has helped a lot. Any other tips? Or support to how to accept this? Thanks so much!
  18. So i was recently diagnosed with hsv1 due to an outbreak genitally. I have never had a cold sore. The day before my outbreak i had sex (obviously i had no inclination i had hsv1 or any symotoms otherwise i wouldnt have had sex). (The outbreak i guess it would be called the primary outbreak, i literally wanted to die, The pain and discomfort was the worst pain I have experienced in my entire life) The blood test showed i had hsv1 antibodies but not hsv2 antibodies. I want to know whether or not i have type 1 or 2 genitally but it took her so long to reach me i have to wait 3 months before i can be retested. I had only been w 2 people in the last 7 months both of which i used condoms with . So it makes me curious if i infact have hsv2 or if it was autoinclanation or from receiving oral sex from one of them and not knowing they had it. I feel so damaged i already had trust issues with men and personal issues that make me feel undesirable and now this. I dont feel like theres any hope that i will ever date again and my son will never have a father figure in his life because im just completely damaged. How do i get passed this knowing that i could possibly have future outbreaks and even pass this on while not having an outbreak. Googling information is making me go crazy and i dont really have anyone i can talk to about this with. Any replies would be appreciated.
  19. Hey everyone, I’m still a bit new to the forums and a bit to having herpes as well (~1.5 months since diagnosis). Some of you may have seen a few of my posts already, but I guess as much as I’m trying to overcome the fact that I am positive for it (and I intend on getting retested in a couple of months), it’s pretty damn difficult because of several things. This was my first ever sexual experience as a guy and as someone whose family is very against sex before marriage I am feeling regret, guilt, what i consider depression, and if I’ll ever feel ‘normal’ again emotionally and psychologically about myself or about my passions and hobbies, despite my physical symptoms. I feel like I should’ve just abstained until I would get arrange married in a few years, but I guess I let pressure and lust get to me. I don’t know whether if it’s because of the time since my diagnosis and I never expected to ever have something ‘incurable’, but I’m just worried about that aspect of it most. Can someone else relate or anyone know if this is normal and gets better? I experience I guess mild penile neuralgia compared to a lot of people on here, but whenever I do it just hits me that this virus is probably what’s causing it.
  20. Looking for other HSV+ folks in the Danville, VA area so we can meet and support each other.
  21. Hi everyone, I just found out yesterday that I have type 2 herpes. I've been in monogamous relationships, with the most recent one being 3 years. I had a drunken night (first time since the breakup) and had unprotected sex. Symptoms showed up immediately after and here we are now. One night, one mistake, changed my whole life. I cried at the doctors office and have been feeling ashamed, sad, and depressed. Thank god i have a close group of friends and family who have been extremely supportive. However, no matter how many times they try to tell me "it's going to be alright", I can't somehow be convinced. Can some of you guys tell me some experiences with living with herpes? I'm finally happy from my breakup and ready to be in the casual dating scene, but this happened. I've read up on some facts of herpes and that it is manageable and livable. However, I don't believe i can ever go back into the dating scene because this changes everything...no more passionate flings, no more causal dating and now i have to disclose to my future love interests something i don't think I will even have the guts to do. I also have anxiety (take daily medication for it) and have a stressful job, and I know that stress is the number one trigger for an outbreak. I'm also torn with telling the guy I had sex with that he gave it to me. I'm just scared he will deny it and tell everyone this secret. Any advice, stories, suggestions would greatly help. I've been so depressed and sad, I would love to hear stories and advice from people going through the same thing as me.
  22. Just found out a week ago when my usual between-relationship testing came up unexpectedly as positive for exposure to HSV2. My ex had some significant mental health issues which he had concealed pretty well for most of our relationship. He became depressed and things spiraled from there. He was self medicating with substances legal and illegal which induced mania/cycling and he became truly psychotic. He is now facing criminal charges for harassment, threats and a physical attack on me after I ended the relationship. I lived in hell for months never knowing where the next threat would come from. He finally started inpatient treatment and after things were quiet for a couple of months, I allowed myself to hope that I might find a way to start over in the new year. I went to get my usual round of tests (since my divorce, every couple of years, or between relationships) and was basically unworried about them. He had a very convincing story to make me believe me he was clean and why he knew that which we had discussed early in the relationship. I was devastated when I heard the tests had come back showing exposure to HSV2. I am STILL devastated, I can't believe that this has happened to me as well. Honestly, the physical assault didn't damage me the way this has. That scared the hell out of me, but I found a way to accept those feelings and use to learn to live more safely. I don't like being thought of as a "victim." This diagnosis figuratively and literally dropped me to my knees. I am a very private person, highly educated and I live in a somewhat small city. It was already incredibly difficult to meet men who weren't already married within 5 +/- years of my own age. NOW, I have this to disclose as well. As if the violence of my past relationship wasn't going to be enough of a deterrent for many people, now I find out he added this to it as well. I am scared I will be alone for most of the rest of my life, and although my career is incredibly rewarding (and demanding), I very much enjoy having a partner/friend/lover and I feel now like I may never be able to have that pleasure and support in my life again now. I know (now) there are dating websites for this, but I had decided the normal ones (e.g., Match) were really not my thing years before this. I always felt like I was selling myself, like a piece of prime beef. 1. Can these HSV sites possibly be any better? (FYI - I'm mid 40s, I'm sure some must be more appropriate for certain age groups and others for other age groups...) 2. Are there people without HSV2 who will accept me and take that chance? And would I even want them to, knowing what I know now about possible neurological consequences? (I'm so devastated at this point, I imagine it will be some time before I get the courage to try this out). 3. Does anyone have experience with filing criminal charges for this? I'm considering it. I have some proof he knew, but it will still be hard to get enough. But more than anything, I just want it to have to be on record for him so he will think twice before lying to the next woman, and I want to MOVE ON....
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