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  1. useless

    hsv1 coldsore symptoms

    I have a question to people who suffer from cold sores from hsv1.does anyone experience headaches, ear problems, eye problems, flu like symptoms, coughing, sneezing or neuralgia.
  2. Hi everyone I’m new on here i have ghsv1 and have done for a year - what a horror i have had a total of 3 outbreaks. The 2nd one lingered on but it wasn’t like the first one it was really painful little paper cuts on my lady bits and near my bum impossible to clean / wipe ouch please can anyone tell me if they have had this
  3. seanriley213


    Can I please get someone to talk to here?????? I think I'm drowning in pains
  4. Has anyone had a better experience with Valcyclrovir rather than Acyclovir?? Have been wondering which seems to suppress the virus more effectively and have been thinking about switching to Valcyclrovir as I’ve read that it combats the virus better since it had a better bioavailability? Which seems to work for y’all??
  5. last time i had sexual contact was 7 months ago . i took a herpes blood test 6 months after the act . the reason i done the test is because i had symptoms after a month after the sexual intercourse act . there was a bad rash on my penis genitals. which lasted a month roughly . when i done the test after 6 months i was tested negative for hsv 1 and hsv 2 . i also had it swabbed at a clinic and it came back negative when the first rash was showing . recently i became ill and had tonsilitis , swollen lympth nodes and tempratures , a rash has reappeared on my penis glands and under the foreskin can anyone explain what this rash is . it isnt itchy , it doesn't hurt either .
  6. Opalgirl

    My Story

    I just went to my obgyn and by looking at me is is 95% sure... I have herpes. Rewinding to when I met my partner. We'll call him Jay. He is am amazing, loving, outgoing and understanding man who treats me better than anyone I ever met. He treats me like a princess and loves to so hard. We waited a month after we started dating to have sex since we relaized that we loved each other and wanted to make is special. We said "I love you" two weeks in knowing each other. I've been with alot of guys but he is new and different and I know we both truely love each other. There were only two times we had unprotected sex. Fast forward three weeks after we started having sex. I was irritated between the space of my vagina and anus. Thought it was just hemeroids (seems like thats how it starts off for alot of people). Get Tucks and cream but it gets incredible worse. Some small sores spread to my anus and it was so fucking painful to even sit, walk, lay down... I finally was able to book an appointment with my obgyn (gotta get a new one since shes so unreliable). Told her the symptoms, she asked me if i had a new sexual partner, looks at me down there, swabs it, and tells me shes 95% sure. I go numb but keep it together as she tells me whats gonna happen, what to do, and how to treat outbreaks. When she's gone I immediately call Jay and he is devastated. He didnt even know he had it since he has never had any symptoms and he only had two sexual partners in the past. He felt so responsible that he could have done this to me. Sucks how guys dont know they have it until a partner has an outbreak. We are still together and plan on getting married within the next 2 years or so. But finding the one you want to spend the rest of your life with then finding out you both have herprs just isnt fucking fair. My parents dont know I want to marry Jay. My mom has been understanding but I'm horrified of telling my dad. Is he gonna see me as a herpes ridden whore; not his daughter? Jay doesn't know how he's gonna be able to look into my dad's eyes after he finds out. We just keep telling each other we're gonna get through this together. This truely shows what kind of man he is by being there for me like this. I know there alot more people out there who arent as lucky as I am, who dont have a supportive partner or parents, but this my story that I needed to get off my chest. Good luck to all you lovely people. Nothing but love to you all.
  7. Hey everyone! I've seen a various posts across various forums regarding disclosing (or not) and have seen a bit of a trend in people thinking that it's 'hard to pass' with one encounter (lol) condoms make it impossible to pass, blah blah blah. So let's just try to compile some short & sweet answers to some basic H transmissions stories and questions...Could be helpful in many ways to lots of people! 1. Did your giver: show symptoms / asymptomatic / disclose H to you? 2. Protected or unprotected? Oral/vaginal/anal? 3. How many encountrs with giver? (time frame of encounters ie. one weekend of several months?) 4. How were you diagnosed? (swab or blood test) 5. Are you a symptomatic carrier (showed signs ie. outbreak) or asymptomatic (never showed signs, diagnosed by blood work) 6. How long from sexual exposure did you start to show symptoms? 7. How long did your primary outbreak last? How frequent have your recurrences been? (ie. one a month/year?) 8. How long have you been H+? 9. Are you on antivirals only during outbreak or suppressive therapy? Or have you gone the natural route? 10. Words or wisdom/support for newbies? ********** I'll go first... 1. No visible signs of H. Asymptomatic carrier not diagnosed with at the time so no disclosure. 2. Unprotected vaginal/oral. 3. 2x in a weekend (Friday night and Sunday morning) 4. Positive swab test during terrify primary outbreak. 5. Symptomatic HSV2+ 6. Friday/Sunday sex; initial first symptoms started Tuesday and quickly got aggressive. (in hospital by next Sunday) 7. OB lasted a few weeks. Cleared up, then I had a couple minor recurrences due to alcohol in following weeks but MINOR in comparison (just more annoying not excruciatingly painful) still working through this ATM. 8. I was infected Mar9/18 - diagnosed with Mar23/18. 9. Antivirals during primary OB; lots of supplements and vitamins every day now and have changed my diet. 10. It does get better. Not back to normal better, but better. Take care of yourself and do whatever it needs for you to heal physically and emotionally. Find a good friend/family member/counsellor to confide in to help lessen the burden you are carrying. Get wine drunk with a friend and cry all night. Go to the top of a mountain and scream at the top of your lungs. Amazon shop till you max out your credit card buying things that make you happy. Hope this can help some peope! Love & light everyone! x
  8. Seeker1960

    HSV and CNS issues.

    @true_blue, @LatentBloomer, @Cas9, @Mackie82, @diablo604 @fallin and others. Lets continue the discussion regarding HSV infection and its affect on the CNS. It seems most who have neuropathy also have had testing issues and atypical presentation. This is something thatbI have observed here over and over and over.
  9. ExhaustedGirl1

    Genital HSV1 scare

    Hi everyone, I’m new to this forum but have asked similar questions on medhelp and to Terri Warren via her website. I’m wondering if anyone can help me with these symptoms that I’m having. This is my story— it’s a long one. I’ve never had any kind of sex until the end of September 2017 when someone performed unprotected oral sex on me once for 2 minutes. I later learned he has had around 50 partners but he claims he has never had a cold sore. -End of November experienced itchy patch on inner thigh that later scabbed over. Never had fluid in it. Currently experiencing similar itch on ribs. Before and after images of my thigh below. It has completely healed now. -Start of December intense burning/tugging feeling of pubic hair began when touched. Dermatologist did biopsy, found that my “skin flared up” and said it was hyper dermatographia although odd that it was only in that area. Recommended allergy medication but didn’t work. Also tried fungal creams, polysporin, steroid creams. Started to feel much better once I shaved. Still have irritation but not as bad as before, especially worse when wearing tight clothes. Sometimes small red specks of irritation are visible but usually doesn’t look like anything. (See third photo) -Also start of December, Buttocks turns red and feels irritated when sitting, only to totally disappear once I stand up. Still happening. Mostly just on left side, a big patch flares up. -mild fever for 2 days with congestion mid Jan (could have just been the flu). Accompanied by a lot of watery discharge that continued until I got my period Feb 2 (odd black and chunky period). Discharge started back up after period ended and still happening now. Experienced headaches and back pain while on period, unusual for me -had a swab of itchy area with no lesions, negative but it wasn’t a PCR so probably useless -had small spot swabbed 6 days after appearance, negative. (Fourth picture) Maybe just an infected hair... didn’t burst or scab over really and stayed for about a month which is too long to be herpes. Had other areas swabbed, need to check with the clinic to see if this was a PCR or not. -two small blister type spots, disappeared after a couple of days. (5th picture is before, 6 is after). Never burst or scabbed, just kind of “peeled”. -Slight burning feeling in vaginal opening a few weeks ago -fatigue since period Tested for all STDs multiple times, HerpeSelect IGG blood test done at 9 weeks and 19 weeks, negative for HSV 1 & 2. Also did a combined IGG test at 16 weeks that was negative. Had bacterial swabs, urine tests… all normal. What’s been really bothering me these past couple of weeks is the watery discharge that won’t stop and the nerve pain that gets worse at night. When I lie in bed I can feel it from my belly button down to my knees mostly but also in other areas at times (felt I slightly on my arms last night, a bit on upper back, lower back) I realize my encounter was low risk, I’m having atypical symptoms, and my tests have been negative... everyone is telling me I’m absolutely crazy and needn’t to move on with me life but I can’t. I found a clinic in San Diego that does the Western Blot and am wondering if I should do it since Terri Warren says 30% of HSV 1 is missed through IGG tests. Am I being ridiculous? I started having extreme stress about my health after I saw the patch on my thigh in November and slowly the symptoms have been racking on. Could I be doing this to myself through stress? Thank you for any help!!
  10. I have inflammation on glans of penis near intersection of foreskin and and glans are no itching and no pain while urinating got Hbs,hcv, vdrl,hiv which all are negative can you please help me
  11. Snjt

    Freaking out

    I'm freaking out, I must be such a horrible person. It was a little over a year since I've be in any kind of relationship or had sex. Recently, things got heated with a guy and I. For various reason I solely wanted a physical affair. But now I feel like I made yet another mistake. We did not have intercourse because we didnt have condoms. We did fool around and he gave me oral sex. I'm freaking out because I have HSV2. I'm scared with him giving my oral sex I've passed the virus on to him. We havent spoken since that night which is another reason why I'm so distraught over this. Any thoughts? Please, also, dont judge me. I have yet to come to terms with myself in telling ANYONE that I live with this virus. I dont know how I'll ever have a regular relationship or fall in love. I just need a little light shed, if any..
  12. Every time I have sex, the foreskin of my penis swells. It looks like a donut around the head, and I’m circumcised. Tonight, I noticed red splotches that weren’t there earlier today. They are one the shaft, but most have appeared on my scrotum. I know I need to get tested anyway, but i’ve Been trying to self diagnose and it’s driving me crazy. Somethings say it’s balantis.. but that could just be a yeast infection.. but can also be caused by herpes.. the spots haven’t formed into blisters, but they literally appeared out of nowhere. A few weeks ago, I had experienced a rather intense irritation of the head and foreskin, and that’s when the swelling started.. the glans was extremely sensitive, there was major swelling and redness, and a few raised bumps.. but nothing that popped or leaked fluid. Also inside the glans looked white, like dead skin cells.. but there was no discharge, but did effect the stream of urine and made it hard and painful to pee. All those symptoms are now gone.. with the exception of the swelling. And the red spots are new.
  13. helpme12345


    Hello everyone, I am curious to know what is going on with me. I tested positive for hsv1 about a year ago when i went in for a std check just cuz i was curious, which is no big deal. My docs and I believe it to be oral and i dont think my body is that amazing at suppressing this either if i did have it in the genitals since im also a chain smoker (my immune system sucks), and when i was a kid i remember having sores in my mouth that burned and stung like crazy. Also my family gets cold sores every once in a while. But something odd happened and im just curious. my gf and i are doing long distance. she came to visit me for a week in aug where we basically had sex everyday, twice a day. oral, vaginal and anal, all unprotected. Please dont try to convince me that my gf is also cheating. Anyways, a little after she left back in august i switched to E-ciggs and have been smoking that a lot to the point where i had cotton mouth and dehydration. When i pee in the morning it would hurt a bit, nothing crazy, mostly since pee is concentrated in the morning. A week later while playing computer games, it was really hot and humid and i had an itch on my scrotum. I guess i was really frustrated i lost the game so i took it out on my itch by pulling the skin through my boxers and i was left with an abrasion that my doctor took a look at the very next day. My doctor told me it was a simple abrasion and if more pop up or doesnt heal within a few days then come back. well, in about 2 to 3 days it healed up with no scab. After two weeks and still having some burning urination, i still masturbated thinking it was nothing. While masturbating I guess i didnt want to finish and i squeezed my penis while it was on the verge of ejaculating and my cum went up and down and then i shot. It left this throbbing feeling in my urethra, and again thought nothing of it and went to sleep. The next day my urethra was super itchy, it was for a few days until i had white discharge. Got seen by a urologist and my test came out as negative, nothing and said it was NGU. I asked my gf to take an std test and she did. She was positive for HSV 1 IGG and also had BV ( common in women), ureaplasma urealyticum, and mycoplasma hominis. I found out through some research and my urologist that it can cause ngu and rarely/uncommon for ngu to be caused by herpes and i dont think it was in my urethra otherwise i would be in extreme pain. I also had Ureaplasma U back when i was in Korea and took two weeks of doxcy. my urologist gave me 7 days of doxy, while taking the doxcy it took about four to five days for my symptoms to clear up, but i still had some burning urination. I also still dry masturbated and felt some friction burns under the helmet of my penis next and thought nothing of it and took a shower. I used this exfoliating soap by dove that contained micro beads( at the time i didnt know), lathered it in my hands and washed my penis with it, which afterwards my penis helmet was pink and had some bumps and a cool burning sensation. This was gone the next day after flushing it with cold water. But stupid me i kept masturbating and it really irritated my penis. I feel like the soap stripped my penis of its natural oils and dried out my skin. But somehow i didnt feel like the doctors were helping me. So after a full blood test for HIV, HSV 1 & 2 IGG, hep B, C, and syphilis, all negative except hsv 1, after 6 weeks. and seeing 5 general doctors, PCP, and 2 urologists that tell me im fine and its friction burn and burst blood vessels under the helmet of my penis, which are called petechiae( not too sure), im going nuts. Im hyper aware of every little movement thats going on down there and its driving me crazy. Also i used this lube from tenga (sex toy company) and a fleshlight so i dont dry masturbate and it seemed to have made it worse. does any of this or these symptoms say i have ghsv1? I do have some burning every now and then and some pee that hurts every now and then, (still didnt give my penis a break from masturbating btw) but i dont know if this is all in my head or just something else. My doctor and a friend who has hsv tell me you would definitely know if you have it in your urethra and herpes arent going to stay teeny tiny there going to swell and cluster. I also am fully aware of some of the symptoms hsv cuz of a scare that happened a few years ago and i did some crazy research and went to about 12 different doctors, which ended with i just tore some skin off my penis while pulling off the condom. Could these broken blood vessels be the cause of my burning sensation near the tip of my urethra or under the glans? does herpes have pain for a few hrs and no pain for a few hrs? cant seem to pin point where the actual pain is coming from. Is this contact dermatitis or allergic? also the glans of my penis seem to be pretty red, or from what i see but my doctors say im fine. please help me, its driving me insane. just to add, i didnt have flu symptoms, no initial out break ever or so i recall, maybe a pimple or two in my pubic hair area, which actually looked like a pimple and went away in a week. i was cold but not to the point where i was shivering, i guess its due to my anxiety and stress and i check my penis like every day or so, did have back pain in my buttocks and behind my knee, but i sit in this cross leg position dont want to be sexist but how usually women sit with there legs crossed, for hrs. also no blisters or sores other than that one abrasion which healed up and never came back and broken blood vessels that look like red dots examined by the doctor, i mean its tiny tiny purple dots. Sorry, one more thing i also did a urethra swab but apparently the doctor who did it, said it was the wrong one after a few days, but by then i didnt have symptoms since the doxcy cleared it up. that urethra swab was extremely painful and pee that came afterwards was nothing ive felt before. it was worse than breaking your collar bone. Male in my late 20s. thanks guys!
  14. To give a summary: My last sexual encounter besides my current girlfriend of a few months was at Christmas (unprotected oral and genital) with a female. In May I had for the first time a flare up in my genital area (penis on the side and at the base and on scrotum), where the skin was itchy and red and my penis was sore with a singular tiny red spot on the shaft . These symptoms lasted 4 weeks at which time I tried using cream and tablets for thrush as that was what my GP thought it was which didnt work. I showed pictures to a lady at the gum glinic after I managed to get an appointment as at that point my symptoms had gone, she said she didnt think it was anything to worry about and I tested negative for all stds (excluding herpes which at the time I didn't know they dont test for unless syptoms are present). I thought it was nothing to worry about then and since forgot about it. I however have had the same symptoms come back again on Sunday night with a single red spot on my penis shaft which went away after a few days but my penis still feels somewhat sore and the skin around the side of my penis itches and on my scrotum. I have no lesions or sores that have burst open or have any liquid in and have never had a coldsore in my life, I am worried this is non typical symptoms of a herpes infection and bought over the counter aciclovir cream and tablets from an online chemist to try and treat it myself until I can get another appointment at the gum clinic. I now have a girlfriend who has never had any symptoms of anything at all and I am worried and scared I may have given her the infection if it is herpes due to the fact we have sex without the use of condoms. 1. Does this sound like it could be symptomatic of herpes? 2. Is this likely based on the fact the same syptoms have re-occured or could it be something else? (Apologies I cannot upload the photos as they are too large for the limit on this website) Thank you.
  15. Hi All, I had unprotected sex in last 7-12 days. Two days before I noticed a blister in groin - Penis start region (Ps: can someone tell how to compress image? I wanted to.upload the symptom picture, but it's 1MB:() Symptom included mild pain due to blister and also it breaks up to discharge some fluid. I been to skin doctor today. She examined it and checked for lymph nodes swelling around groin region. Doctor told it could be sexual Infection but doctor is not sure. I have given my blood for antibodies test and waiting for result. What is your opinion. If anyone had similar symptoms?
  16. Troy727

    Need Help..

    Hi, new member here needing some clarity. About two months ago I had some clear discharge with some painful urination. I went to the doctor with certainty I had an STD. My doctor prescribed me an antibiotic to clear everything up. The test results came back and they were all negative. After a month past I noticed some tingling in my penis and a tiny bit of discharge. But not as much as before. So I went back to a different doctor and explained everything. He ran more tests and decided to test me for herpes. I’ve had HSV 1 since birth so I was aware of outbreaks and such. The test results came back positive for HSV 2. I was floored. Ive been in a frenzy since receiving my results. I’m always checking my penis to see if there are any sores/lesions. Recently I went to the beach and went swimming. I went back to my hotel room to shower and when I was urinating I looked down to what appeared we’re small abrasions on my the head of my penis. I’ve never had symptoms which I know is pretty common. But they just appeared all of a sudden. No blisters, no fever, or painful urination, no pain at all. And within 24 hours it looks as if it’s already scabbing. I have to say when I pulled off my swim trunks there were 3 small tiny seashells on my penis. So I was wondering if they could have scraped me while I was in the water. I feel that’s highly unlikely though. If someone could lend their expertise or advice it would be greatly appreciated.
  17. Lisa777

    Oral herpes

    Is it possible to develop oral herpes symptoms 45 days after unprotected oral sex? I developed a sore throats which tested negative of strep this happened 45 days after. The soar throat lasted 5 days but the bumps are still in the back of my throat and they get inflamed on and off? The first day It was burning of the lips and throats tightness which I thought was from eating too much pineapple... then I got hit with Pharangytis the next couple days after the burning lip sensation....also I had pimples above my lip the week before symptoms I don't know if they were blisters or just pimples they had a white head
  18. Hello I recently had protected sex with someone. A few hours after I noticed two pimples and another small spot. I popped the pimples but now I have three bumps on my penis. I don't know what they are. They don't hurt and they're not lesions but they're something. I dont know if these are infected fordyce (from the condom/friction) or if it's herpes. I'm out of state so I can't even get tested for a week max.
  19. I just had a good with a lady , who we had before , but she called to tell me a week ago she had just been diagnosed with HSV .... I have never had any symptoms and have had blood done that says negative within last 6months. We had rough sex and I am uncut... Sometimes when it is dry I have had before little paper cuts/tears from the friction.... That is what I assumed I had now, there was a tear immediately after we had sex in this one spot on my foreskin and I thought nothing about it besides that it hurt and seemed like a bad one.... It has been about a week and is still there with slight pain but not as bad as it was, I have had sex again one time which made it open a little further.... But after this phone call I am freaking out now and don't know how I could have gotten. It but she is saying she thinks it was from me. This is the tear today so a week after, and this is the only spot that I have or could even be in question.... Does this look like HSV? .... I had another blood and swab but the rest results are not back......https://unsee.cc/15a2b16d/ ...... Thanks for anyone's opinions .
  20. Hello! So I have been having minor UTI symptoms that come and go. A little urgency to pee. But nothing crazy uncomfortable. And a small tingling feeling in the vagina. That comes and goes. Again nothing that causes me to wanna take meds. I got tested for UTI, and it was negative. Than I noticed this in the shower this morning. It doesn't itch or hurt. Just a little sensitive to the touch. Its on the right side of the area where the anus and vagina meet. Please! help would be greatly appreciated
  21. It was on the 12th of August, 2015 when I realized or had my first out break. Few days before that day (August 12th), I went to a friends birthday party, I had so much alcohol, I was happy then I met this girl, she was kinda alone and me! Feeling like a superstar wanted to cheer her up. So we talked and I gave her some alcohol, she was so much excited and we danced, hugged and even cuddled while dancing. Then she told me she was tired she needed to seat she asked if we could take a walk away from the party. Whom am I to say no, after all she is very pretty and sexy, I took her to a nearby uncompleted building, she asked if she could smoke? I said yes sure feel free. She smoked we had some more drinks, then it happened. We had unprotected sex in that building, although I deed the withdrawal method, hoping and feeling everything is ok. To cut short the story, I started noticing some bumps like objects on and around my penis. To be honest, I was so scared there was nothing that didn't Cross my mind including HIV. I browsed the net for clues or similar symptoms, I became all the more confused. The out break and symptoms lingered for weeks, on the 4th of October I summoned the courage to see a doctor, he examined me and suggested a couple of test. I ran the tests and it was confirmed, I had been infected with Herpes Virus. He then prescribed some drugs for me, which I bought and took according to the prescription. 1 and 1/2 weeks later the symptoms cleared and the itching stopped, I took the complete dose just to be sure and it seems like all was ok. By the end of November I noticed a fresh out break again, I went back the doctor he asked me to buy the same and continue the medication, he added that that's herpes for you, just when you think they are gone, they reappear. While taking the drugs the doctor adviced me to avoid alcohol and other substance that may weaken my immune system, it then means I was also suffering from weak or low immune system because as at when I did the test, my white blood cell count was 5700 it was a bit low. This means I had to take my drugs regularly to keep the out break away. To sum up my story, I travelled to the village on the 23rd of December for a burial arrangement. In the course of the event I was discussing with my uncle then I opened up to him and shared my experience. That was when he mentioned moringa leaf and seeds to me, he went into his house brought out a small plastic can filled with moringa seeds, he said I should eat about 4 to 5 seeds three times a day, then take about 3 ounces of dried moringa leave add to a kettle and boil, after boiling I should just drink it like a normal green tea. I spent my remaing days of the festive season in the village, while taking my moringa seeds and tea. I returned to the city with a hand full of seeds and leaves and continued my moringa therapy for the next 3 months. On the first week of April 2016 I decided to take another test, the test result came out and this time my white blood cell count was 8600, although the HSV is still there but I haven't noticed or had any out breaks since I started taking the moringa seeds and leaf. Today is the 27th of July, 2018 and I am glad to say that I havent noticed any out breaks since then and I have not been taking any HSV drugs as well. more so, I am proud to say that I am a father to a lovely beautiful baby girl. Although at first I was scared if my girl friend had been infected because I didn't have the nerves to tell her and she was begining to get upset of my frequent use of condoms. So I stopped using the condoms and we had intercourse, and the result is a lovely beautiful baby girl, while we were at the hospital I requested that a test be carried out on her, LO and BEHOLD she was and is still HSV negetive. So my dear lovely people, please don't beat yourself over this, it is most certainly not the end of anything in your life, all you guys need to do is boost your immune system naturally to fight the virus from the inside. Anywhere you find yourselves, please kindly look for moringa seeds and leaf, chew at least 4-5 seeds a day and if you can get the leaf, take two cups of the tea in the morning and two cups in the evening and all will be well with you. Thank you all, remain bless hendrick.laama@gmail.com
  22. I have this weird tiny rash/blister on my inner thigh. It’s not too close to my bikini area. I also have a weird looking red dot on my chest. The rashes are tingly and itchy but I’m trying not to itch them. The one on my inner thigh appeared the day after I shaved, but I’m not sure that makes a difference. Also, I inspected my vagina area and couldn’t find any lesions there, but can herpes show up in other places?? I had unprotected sex before with my ex bf a few months ago, and I had protected sex with another guy about a week and a half ago. I’m really starting to freak out I’m a hypochondriac so once i start freaking out, my brain doesn’t stop
  23. Hi All Has anyone tried Ayrudevic medicine to suppress & got any results pls update or Share ur experience
  24. Y'all.... it's my first outbreak and the tests from Monday's doctor appointment haven't come back - so i don't even know what's what yet. What i DO know is that this is excruciatingly painful. My lady parts are always raging and burning at me! Sitting, standing, walking, driving, moving of any kind. Sleeping hurts. The thing is - nothing seems to be working so far. And in fact, i'm getting *more* sores vs. less. Here's what i'm doing. Why isn't anything seeming to work? When does this get better? I swear, i'm desperate, irrationally emotional, missing work, terrified that my relationship will fizzle and die b/c of this, and generally not sure i want to do much living / can't see a future for myself if this is the new normal. Day 1 - coconut oil and freaking out Day 2 - doctor's appt for swab and blood test. Topical lidocaine cream, apple cider vinegar rinse then coconut oil, then PM valtrex Day 3 - AM & PM valtrex, apple cider vinegar rinse then coconut oil, drank 1tbsp + 8oz water of ACV 2x, lidocaine cream at night Day 4 - AM & PM valtrex, morning apple cider vinegar rinse then coconut oil, oilve leaf 750mg x2, drank 1tbsp + 8oz water of ACV 3x, 2 applications of tea tree oil Day 5 (today - so far) AM valtrex, ACV rinse then coconut oil, olive leaf 750mg, ACV drink 1x. Please help. I'm reading that it just takes time to figure out what's right for your own body, but OMG i'm ready to ask for a genital removal and be done. Why isn't there a cure for this? We can put people ON THE MOON.... i'm confused, terrified, desperate, hopeless and generally incapacitated right now.
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