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Found 2 results

  1. Learningtolivewithhsv

    Advice for GHSV-1

    So I made it to month four without a visible sign of an outbreak. I had a really bad outbreak in the ending of April and was diagnosed with GHSV1. My initial outbreak took about a month to heal and left scars (a lighter pigmentation from my overall complexion on my genitals). Sadly I have been ridiculously paranoid to the point I have taken two 7 day treatments of Valtrex. More than likely it was probably just yeast infections (I get them way more than I should, even before getting hsv). I also take lysine twice a day and three times a day when I feel like an outbreak is coming on. I’ve been applying tea tree to my genitals everyday since getting diagnosed to dry out any potential outbreaks that are present that I possibly mistake for an ingrown hair. When does the worrying stop? How often have anyone on this forum with GHSV1 get outbreaks? What’s are some good tips and tricks?
  2. OK, so I was diagnosed about four years ago. Still not sure exactly who gave it to me, the two most likely suspects denied it and it's never been worth it to me to push the issue. I was in my mid 30s at the time. Female, I have no other STD experiences. I'm an information junkie. One of those people that needs to have all of the information on a topic, especially if it's something affecting my health. I had a total mental breakdown when I was diagnosed but had the benefit of one of my best friends finding out she had HSV-2 a couple of years prior. My first outbreak was terrible, and I didn't bother going to the doctor to get Valtrex because I was so mortified. My best friend finally came over after literally four weeks maybe five weeks of battling and gave me some Valtrex. It was basically one outbreak but went on for weeks and was just miserable. I didn't have any blisters internally, but all over my rectum and inner/outer labia as well as inner groin area. Based on everything I had read, I thought I would be in for misery for the rest of my life. Everything said if your first outbreak is severe, you will be the type of person that will suffer with very regular outbreaks. I was seriously a basketcase. I started researching like crazy, preventative, homeopathic, all of that stuff. Started taking Valtrex, lemon balm, L lysine, zinc, apple cider vinegar and water, you name it. During my first year on all of these things, I would still get little tiny blisters in very mini outbreaks pre-period about every month. I do think I sustained a fair amount of nerve damage from that first horrible outbreak because I get that really savage intense itching in my groin and very high up on my inner thighs when I am premenstrual. Some months are worse than others. anyway, I never really had another major outbreak again that first year, but didn't dare to attempt dating anyone because of those super regularly occurring little tiny blisters here and there. I was totally depressed and pretty much resigned myself to loneliness for the rest of my life or until a therapeutic cure comes out… I don't know why, but one day the itching was so intense and I had one or two super tiny but very painful blisters and I finally just broke down and slathered undeluted Teatree oil all over my vulva, groin, pubic area, and even my very upper inner thighs. I am not kidding you when I tell you not only did it fix the itch, but I woke up the next day and the tiny blisters were literally gone. Like gone gone. I will say the tingle is pretty intense if you put it on full strength, but it was not painful for me personally. I didn't go crazy with it, a little goes a long way, maybe three or four drops patted on my fingers and rubbed all over. I have since come off my Valtrex because I lost my health insurance and was paranoid that I was going to be suffering from regular terrible outbreaks. I have stopped taking all of the other supplements other than Apple cider vinegar because that's something I do regularly anyway, I am no longer on the antiviral medication, have not been for a year now, and I have not had one outbreak since then. Maybe one or two minuscule barely visible bumps that may have even just been razor burn but I treated as herpes just to be safe… I shave my pubic area regularly, and apply the Teatree oil as a preventative once a day. I'm telling you this is the best thing I have done. If you can get used to the tingle, your skin does actually acclimate to it eventually... my personal experience is that Teatree oil is the absolute best preventative treatment. I am 100% convinced this is basically keeping my herpes dormant. As I told you I am an information junkie, and there is so much propaganda and advertising bullshit out there surrounding this virus, it's really hard to find anything legitimate. But I have found a fair amount of scientific studies backing this up… That Teatree oil is one of the few natural remedies out there that has the ability to kill HSV-1 and HSV-2 on contact. I have been dating an amazing person for over a year. We decided after a lot of conversation and reading to have unprotected sex. I apply Teatree oil to my genital area once a day, and if I know we are spending time together and sex is probably going to happen, I will reapply one more time and hour or so before sex so that it doesn't rub off on him and cause tingling or burning. He has gotten tested every couple of months and is still negative. And my symptoms, other than occasional bouts with the itching which I have been told by my doctor is not prodrome but actual nerve damage… I am pretty much symptom-free. I just wanted to share this information on a large forum because I know how hard it can be to find legitimate information, or fake reviews out there with people trying to pimp out some expensive natural crap that doesn't work, this is such an intense virus from an emotional standpoint because of the stigma associated with it, I feel like people who suffer from it are very vulnerable and willing to spend money on things which makes us a demographic that is targeted for fraud. I go to my local sprouts grocery store when they have 25% off sales on natural oils, and I buy a few $10 bottles which last me for months. Literally the best thing I have ever done and it's dirt cheap. I'm not sure how this will work for guys, but I think our inner vulva is probably just as sensitive as a penis or scrotum, and like I said, your body does eventually acclimate and get used to the tingling of the Teatree oil. You could probably even dilute it in some coconut oil to start with. Anyway, I don't know that everyone else will have the same luck that I have had with Teatree oil, but it has literally been a life-changing remedy for me so I wanted to put it out there.
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