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Found 4 results

  1. So I have just been diagnosed with Ghsv1 and I’m curious far as sex and oral goes can I still perform these actions after my OB Heals? If I use a condom is there still a risk of passing on this virus? I need help lol
  2. Oceansateskylar

    Please help I’m worried

    Hello everyone I’m 16 almost 17 and a couple weeks ago I had a patch on my face that I thought was herpes it looked like it a little but I didn’t know It didn’t hurt or itch or anything. It finally went away but now weeks later my one part of my gum is a little swollen and my eye lid is a little swollen. I’m really scared they don’t itch or anything. My eye has a little reb mark at the corner or my eye lid. I just am scared I don’t know what having heroes would mean for me. But anyway any thoughts
  3. I recently was diagnosed with HSV2 just before my 18th birthday, happy birthday to me right? The emotional toll the diagnosis has taken on me has been severe and I feel so alone. I've searched high and low for a support group consisting of people who share similar relatable experiences, but most of the time there's a huge age difference. I'm making this thread seeking people age 16-24 to befriend and find companionship within. I know dealing with this diagnosis can be tough, but it's much more comforting when you have people who support and care for you.
  4. amandamxx

    help? :(

    Recently I had been dating a guy who has HSV-1 - occasional cold sores .. etc. I wasnt informed of this till last night when we broke up.. We spent this long weekend together , first time sleeping together- tons of kissing. My mouth has been burning, im terrified I've accepted the fact that this is probably my new reality, that theres nothing i can do but wait to know 100% that life and dating as i know it are basically over. Excuse me if i offend anyone but im so confused, and so scared that maybe this is worse then i thought. Ive gone google crazy and read everything i can on my current symptoms and signs but it would be nice if i could actually discuss what im feeling. Last night (almost 20 hours ago ) my whole mouth was burning, itchy and irritated, this morning i woke up to a nice red patch by my lower lip.. Basically coming to the conclusion that this is infact my first "cold sore" now From statistics i've read cold sores are pretty normal many people have HSV-1 and even HSV-2.. i was super happy to find such a large community which is making me feel less and less alone should this be one of that hardest things ill have to deal with.. Being 19 i feel like my lifes just started , but i feel like its all ending at the same time from one stupid relationship with a dishonest person. My biggest concern was that from back and forth kissing all weekend , to oral sex, and interocurse.. is it a huge possibility to also have Genital herpes as well from contracting his HSV-1 ... he has no clear signs of it, no cold sores present - ( from my research thus far im aware that its not necessary to have signs to still spread the virus.. ) But what are the chances? I feel like im feeling symptoms all over , orally and gential as well .. is it all in my head? Or should i really start looking at my life as being.. different. Im so scared, its hard enough dating , not being skinny, pretty, well educated, but throwing herpes into the mix i feel like ill never find me "person" I want to find someone to give all my love to, to settle down and have kids and the white picket fence life.. Did i just limit my chances of that ? Im so scared... Again im sorry if i offend anyone , but I just never thought this could happen to me..
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