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  1. Guys trying a New Way to take herpes Down , Detox Liver & Purify Blood will help just started a new way to tackle this , it's a 8 week course will update
  2. Hey everyone! I've seen a various posts across various forums regarding disclosing (or not) and have seen a bit of a trend in people thinking that it's 'hard to pass' with one encounter (lol) condoms make it impossible to pass, blah blah blah. So let's just try to compile some short & sweet answers to some basic H transmissions stories and questions...Could be helpful in many ways to lots of people! 1. Did your giver: show symptoms / asymptomatic / disclose H to you? 2. Protected or unprotected? Oral/vaginal/anal? 3. How many encountrs with giver? (time frame of encounters ie. one weekend of several months?) 4. How were you diagnosed? (swab or blood test) 5. Are you a symptomatic carrier (showed signs ie. outbreak) or asymptomatic (never showed signs, diagnosed by blood work) 6. How long from sexual exposure did you start to show symptoms? 7. How long did your primary outbreak last? How frequent have your recurrences been? (ie. one a month/year?) 8. How long have you been H+? 9. Are you on antivirals only during outbreak or suppressive therapy? Or have you gone the natural route? 10. Words or wisdom/support for newbies? ********** I'll go first... 1. No visible signs of H. Asymptomatic carrier not diagnosed with at the time so no disclosure. 2. Unprotected vaginal/oral. 3. 2x in a weekend (Friday night and Sunday morning) 4. Positive swab test during terrify primary outbreak. 5. Symptomatic HSV2+ 6. Friday/Sunday sex; initial first symptoms started Tuesday and quickly got aggressive. (in hospital by next Sunday) 7. OB lasted a few weeks. Cleared up, then I had a couple minor recurrences due to alcohol in following weeks but MINOR in comparison (just more annoying not excruciatingly painful) still working through this ATM. 8. I was infected Mar9/18 - diagnosed with Mar23/18. 9. Antivirals during primary OB; lots of supplements and vitamins every day now and have changed my diet. 10. It does get better. Not back to normal better, but better. Take care of yourself and do whatever it needs for you to heal physically and emotionally. Find a good friend/family member/counsellor to confide in to help lessen the burden you are carrying. Get wine drunk with a friend and cry all night. Go to the top of a mountain and scream at the top of your lungs. Amazon shop till you max out your credit card buying things that make you happy. Hope this can help some peope! Love & light everyone! x
  3. life is not easy , Guys Vertrans from long time pls advice what to do , any experience are most welcome , Functional Cure where one can leave in peace
  4. Any one has Tried Ayurudevic medicine , Had a Word Doc Told their is a functional cure on long term ? Anyone tried or aware specially from India
  5. SadGirlsClub

    What's Your Story?

    Hey you guys, So I'm new here. I recently got diagnosed about a month ago with HSV 2. I'm curious to hear everybody's story. Mines kind of careless. I'm turning 27 this year but all my life I've been very reckless. I was a drug addict for 6 years and now I'm almost a year clean. I'm surprised of all the times I've had sex and used needles I never got hepatitis or HIV but up until recently while I was sober I had sex with somebody without a condom and now I'm infected. I think it's kind of funny and ironic how Life works itself out. I feel like this is my Karma for screwing up for so long. With that said, what's your story? If you have any questions or comments about mine, feel free to ask or share. Cheers!
  6. Hi Friends , If a person having Cold sores gives a Blowjob for A , Does A will have hsv 1 or hsv 2 , Second Can Hsv 1 spread from utensils or Clothes
  7. Continous Itching in whole Body when exposed to little heat , Pls suggest who to manage & Stay free from it
  8. All Seems to be ok , Only every time I pee their is burning sensation which settle after some time , anyone having similar probs , pls share remedies if any
  9. Today is my first time being on honey comb. Finally more like minded individuals who I can talk to! I was diagnosed with herpes in February of 2018. I haven’t told anyone in my life except my mother. I’m too embarrassed to share my diagnosis with anybody. Why am I embarrassed?! Because I always thought I was careful. I wasn’t being promiscuous so I couldn’t understand why me. When the doctor first told me, I was in stock. She knew what it was before she swapped my skin. I never heard anything back so I thought again I was in th clear. But no! At my prenatal appointment, my midwife actually told me that they had my results and I was indeed positive for herpes. My FIRST OB!!! In February, a few days before the OB happen. My body was feeling wierd, like I knew something wasn’t right. I had just been in the hospital from having a abscess on the inner left side of my vagina. (PAINFUL AS HELL) . But I started getting little tiny bumps in the inner lips of my vagina. Next after the bumps came the blisters!! That’s when I knew I had to get to the clinic. It was itching, tangling, red and swoll. The clinic doctor prescribed me antibiotics. I begin to do my own research like what natural oil or something could I use along with the medicine so it could clear up quickly as possible. Within 3-4 days it healed completely and it GONE!! Today is June 25, 2018 and I have a small area OB in my buttock. I am praying it’s NOT as bad as the first OB!!
  10. After recently getting the silent treatment after disclosing to a potential new partner, again, I did a lot of thinking and have come up with an idea to create a way to disclose, educate, and hopefully help break the stigma of ghsv1. I would LOVE some input and suggestions on this project. This wouldn't necessarily be a way out of the talk, but more of an aid. We forget things or don't have all the information or maybe the person wants more information. That's what this is for. I am a web developer. I want to create an engaging and informative site that can be used to help people disclose and/or help inform new partners. Obviously, this has to be done in a way that is not overwhelming to the user and gives them information from reputable sources. There's a bonus in doing this. I can track where people are leaving the website, how many pages they view, and other statistics about how people are using it. This would help us gain better insight into how people view this topic as well as how the website performs. And I would be more than happy to share the data excluding any personal data that may be collected. So, my question is: Do you feel like this would be beneficial to you? Would you use it? And what would you like to see/say about dating and ghsv1? Any thoughts any suggestions are welcome. Please leave a message even if you think it's a waste or time or stupid.
  11. Daily Feeling like tingling sensation & Slow Pain daily , Just wanted to check if anyone having similar probs , What precaution & Medication or natural Remedy u guys are trying pls suggest
  12. I am on Monolaurin & Shilajit , Not sure about homepathy, Is any one here on Homepathy, Pls suggest , Taking Hyperisince from Biogentica not sure it work or not , Pls Advice , Burning sensation on penis in the day , By evening it feels ok , Next morning same , Guys pls help
  13. WildFlowers92

    My Outbreak Story

    Hello, So I finally bit the bullet and decided to make an account. Since I'm a newby who's been dealing with HSV2 for about 10months I thought sharing my story would be a good ice breaker. So I was celibate for 1 1/2yr and I was minding my business at the DMV waiting in line to take my driver's test. When this guy came up to me and asked me how I did ( I failed!!!!). Instead of making me feel like a loser he encouraged me and we had a few laughs in then he asked for my number. While texting I quickly learned we're both scorpios and the sexual tension flourished quickly... After a few dates it happened and it was everything I thought it would be. Well not everything... fast forward a month later I was getting ready for my cruise and i decided to see him a few nights before I left. So I hopped in the shower and shaved my life away and accidentally nicked the tip of my cliterious. (If you're wondering yesss it hurt like hell). But after sitting in the shower for 15mins I mustard up the courage to still go and that it only felt a lil irritable. (BIG MISTAKE) Now I'm in Miami boarding my cruise and felt horrible. All I wanted to do was sleep my life away. I was also cramping b/c SharkWk was in full motion. My lympnoids swelled and became painfully infected, I had a burning sensation when I used the bathroom, and began having flu like symptoms. Finally I decided to get a mirrior and look at my lady bits and seen a lesion on my cliterious and left side lip. I thought it was just infected by my razor. Ignored his texts for the rest of my vacay b/c I didn't know what to think. I waited until my Gyno visit where by 1st sight she already determined it was Gential Herpes. I laughed and told her no way these have to be infected razor bumps. But my Gyno gave me a blank stare and that's when fear seeped in. She swabbed me and 1wk later it came back positive... I told him and he was pretty shocked. I ask if hes been tested and he said yeah but not for HSV2. He felt horrible and wanted to see me that same day but I couldn't. I was too upset at myself, at him, and at life. I thought my world was crumbling and felt like things were unfare. I'm still unsure on who gave it to who. In the beginning I was having 2 break outs per month which lasted 3-4days . Then I've researched my life away and looked into taking natural supplements. So far I've taken Oil Oregano, Spirilina, and Black Seed Oil. I'm only taking Black Seed now and it's making my. OB almost nonexistent. I'm just trying to find ways of making things easier and staying positive along the way no pun intended.
  14. Hi, I found this place today and since I don't know anyone with this stupid disease, thought it could be helpful. Since I got herpes, I feel like I'm doomed. I know, that sounds overly dramatic, but I guess it's cause I'm single and I don't see how any guy would ever want to be together with me ever... The only person who knows about this, is my best friend and she acted in the sweetest way and never made me doubt that she accepts me. But I don't know if she can understand how terrible it feels to be in this position :-( Maybe some of you could tell me about how you cope, being single and having dates. I did have some dates after getting the diagnosis, but I'm afraid to have to tell everything one day and that the guy will be disgusted and I'll die of shame and than I'll alone one day... I tried to find a local support group, but here in Germany there don't seem to exist any for herpes. Would be happy to hear about your experiences :-) P.S. Sorry for bad grammar or spelling, this is not my mother tongue :-P
  15. a little over 3 years ago I was dating and living away from my home town with an ex bf (I am female) and started experiencing some very uncomfortable symptoms down there which i thought was an intense yeast infection or bacteria infection. Since my OBGYN was 3 hours away in my home town, I went to a local urgent care. The physician at the urgent care gave me a visual diagnosis of genital herpes and took a swab for testing. I was completely destroyed, suicidal, and believed my life would never be the same. In the next week while I waited for my results, I started telling friends and family about this recent traumatic diagnosis and was relieved to find out how common it really is! Then my test results came back and they were negative for all strands of herpes! I felt this huge weight lifted off my shoulder and was told the visual diagnosis was maybe not accurate and to keep an eye on things. Well, 6 months later I broke up with the guy i was with and moved back to my home town and saw my OBGYN. I decided to do a blood test at her office and the results showed I was positive for HSV 1. My obgyn said that my situation was still likely herpes but she couldn’t confirm. Since both of my parents have oral HSV 1 (cold sores) Theres a change that maybe I contracted the virus from them a long time ago and it was laying dormant. I tried to let go of this trauma and continue living as if it had never happened because the 7 days that I thought I had genital herpes was a dark time. Fast forward three years, I have not had one outbreak or anything. I’ve had 2 new partners (short term) since 2015 and I chose not to disclose and nothing happened and I just really believed the thing that happened in 2015 was not an outbreak. Now, I just started dating a guy who I’ve had a huge crush on for a while and who i see a real potential future with. We slept together once last summer unprotected and I just saw him again about 2 weeks ago and we had unprotected sex. Well, about 4 days ago I started having some uncomfortable symptoms down there and couldn’t figure out what it was (I thought a hemrroid bc it’s not on my actual genitals or butt but rather in between). Well I took a clear pic on my phone with flash so that I could zoom in/investigate and it is definitely herpes. I can’t believe it and all of these feelings I thought I’d never feeel again are back. Most importantly and why I am here is to inquire about how to go about telling the new guy? I want to tell him and I also know I have to but how? I feel so ashamed and I’ve been reading forums all day for advice but felt it was time to post my full story for some input. I want to tell him pretty much everything I wrote in this post and also convey that I never wanted to hurt him or put him in a risky situation. I just feel terrible and plus the guy and I are long distance and I’m afriad that once I tell him I’ll truly never see him again. I still to this day don’t know who I got genital herpes from and I just feel so worthless because of it. Any advice would be so appreciated, thank you
  16. Curious1998


    Got the call this morning that I’m hsv1 and honestly I’m so sad about this I told myself I wasn’t gonna cry when I got my results but I can’t help it. Just knowing I got this and there is no cure I’m just so hurt about it I feel like my life is over. I feel so dirty and disgusted with myself. I don’t know what to do.
  17. livinlearnin428

    Have you disclosed after sex?

    I recently was confirmed that I have herpes. I had a scare over 3 years ago and was told that it likely was not herpes. Some blood work showed that I carried the HSV 1 virus but my doctor said since both of my parents have cold sores to only worry about it if I ever start showing symptoms. Ive been seeing this guy long distance and we slept together last summer. We recently started talking again and we slept together about 2 weeks ago. This past weekend I had a genital herpes outbreak and now my obgyn confirms that I do carry the virus and have genital HSV-1. I need to disclose to the guy I just slept with but am so scared. Does anyone have any advice? Im so fearful of rejection and I feel so depressed this was the only place where I could put my true feelings out there. Please help
  18. At the age of 19 years old, I was told that I’m positive for Genital Herpes other know as hsv2. The moment the doctor said “ma’am it look like those are Herpes sores” I knew it but I didn’t want to believe it at all because I’ve only been with one guy from the age of 15 only one and he gives me this. Out of all things, he gives me the dirty gift of Herpes. Outbreaks are hell, as I pee it feels like I’m on fire and the sores ... omg the sores, hurted so bad. They irritated my skin and made my girl look pure nasty. I must say that I was more mad at myself than him because I knew he was a college athlete at a very popular school and most likely you’ve seen him on tv but anyways he was my first and only boyfriend. I’m not 20 years old and I’m a college student, I would like to move on with my life but I’m so afraid because I literally only had one boyfriend ever so I’m pretty shy and I don’t know how to actually tell someone I have Herpes, that’s the scariest part to me and I believe because I’m so young, it makes me feel even worst. I just want to be myself again and date. But i need advice
  19. Jasmine1997


    I was diagnosed with herpes just recently and I've been stressed everyday about it ... My partner know he's very supportive in many ways but he wasn't the one who gave it to me ... I had it for a long time and didn't know it
  20. Lisa777

    Oral herpes

    Is it possible to develop oral herpes symptoms 45 days after unprotected oral sex? I developed a sore throats which tested negative of strep this happened 45 days after. The soar throat lasted 5 days but the bumps are still in the back of my throat and they get inflamed on and off? The first day It was burning of the lips and throats tightness which I thought was from eating too much pineapple... then I got hit with Pharangytis the next couple days after the burning lip sensation....also I had pimples above my lip the week before symptoms I don't know if they were blisters or just pimples they had a white head
  21. Peace_and_love


    Hey all, Hope you’ve had a great start to the year. I’m not too great! After suffering from catching a travel bug which caused me to have a weakened immune system resulting in a start of an OB. I’m currently abroad in Indonesia and won’t be leaving for another 6 weeks. I’ve been trying to build up my immune system again but I feel as if my OB is going to get worse and now my anxiety is starting to kick in. I have found two open sores and have been keeping the area clean and applying Tea Tree Oil to the lesions to keep it disinfected. Back home during previous OB’s I’ve taken Aciclovir to help deal with it all. Now I’m worried I won’t have access to anything like that where I am aghhhhh and it feels as if the burning sensation is getting worse day by day (it’s been 3 days since I first started to notice the sore feeling) CAN ANYONE GIVE ME ADVICE about how to deal with an OB whilst travelling for a long periods? as I really don’t want this to start stressing me out more as it will add to my already delicate state. Thanks you loves.
  22. Kacey Mae

    The ‘H’ word

    Did anyone struggle to even say the word ‘herpes’ to people I.e- partner, doctor etc i know it’s about acceptance and so much of the shame comes from the stigma, but I just wondered how you started to come to terms with it if it was a struggle at first? thanks
  23. So I know I need to tell him that I have contracted ghsv1 from my ex boyfriend but I am just sooooo extremely nervous!!! He has been telling me he wants to get married for 3 years already. We had a falling out and it's been hard for me to really reconcile with this relationship but I can't deny that the love is definitely there! I haven't seen him or been physical with him at all. I had our daughter 2 years ago and we had our big falling out. Since then we've only kept contact through letters and phone calls, and I'll allow him to see our daughter. But just recently we've been spending more time together and neither of us can help it that we're so in love with one another! I love him and we talk about everything. I know he will listen and hear me out, but I'm just so scared!! IDK what to say or how exactly to say it. I have already told him that I slept with my ex. He wasn't too happy about it but it is what it is. He's moved on from it now. And he knows that awhile ago I was sick. I got sick during my first OB with the flu and before I knew what it was, I thought it was a UTI. So he knows I was sick, I just haven't said anything since I found out, which was only 2 months ago. I just thought I would have more time to discuss this before we have sex again. But it looks like this might happen again sooner than I thought and I'm scared! He wants to get married for crying out loud!!! I have to tell him, I just don't know how I will ever spit the words out of my mouth! This is still so new to me! I hate feeling like I'm hiding anything from him. It's killing me to keep things like I'm being secretive. I think I'm more nervous than anything and afraid of what he will have to say. I guess if he decides we're through then, what can I do..?.. Just needed to vent.! I appreciate any advice or feedback regarding this. So appreciative for this site!!
  24. Hi all, I was diagnosed with ghsv1 in December and had an awful awful initial outbreak. I have my first date since diagnosis coming up and I’m terrified. I started speaking to the guy before I contracted herpes, and was super flirty with him with plenty of hints that I’d be willing for things to happen on the first date. Now obviously I can’t do that and everything has changed. I’m not handling life too well anymore and have barely left my house but I don’t want to cancel the date as I really like him. Should I disclose on the first date or wait a while? The other issue I’m having is I really DON’T KNOW if I have oral herpes too and it’s driving me crazy. The guy who gave it to me had oral herpes and transmitted to me through oral sex, so surely the fact I also kissed him means it’s highly likely I contracted it in my mouth too? About a week after I first slept with him I got this strange numb feeling on my tongue that hasn’t gone away. It’s been there for over a month and I’m worried it’s a sign of shedding. It kinda feels like when anaesthesia has nearly worn off but you don’t quite have full feeling in your tongue yet. Also I’ve had a lot of red spots above my top lip- but it could just be acne? I don’t usually get acne there though. I’ve added a pic of how they looked and how they’ve faded. Does it look like it could be herpes? Because they haven’t blistered, but have been very painful and swollen. My doctor was perplexed by the numb tongue and spots and said he wasn’t sure if it was oral herpes or not, and so to be safe I shouldn’t kiss my date. But what the hell do I say to him after flirting so much if he tries to kiss me and I back away? Any advice would be so appreiciated. I’m feeling so depressed.
  25. Beautiful Monroe

    Veteran status?

    How long have you had herpes and at what age did you have your first outbreak/diagnosis??? diagnosed 18 10 year veteran
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