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Found 3 results

  1. Sorry, a rant here with only my opinions and no researched facts... So as many of you may have read or heard, humans are planning on trying to going to Mars and possibly terraforming it for colonization. As great and astounding it is to think about this, I'm here thinking, why? I mean this is considering that humans have so far shown to pretty much ruin everything throughout history. Not only that, we can't even figure out what's important for us as a species to thrive without ultimately ending up causing harm to ourselves and Earth. All of the current medical diseases we have are curable
  2. cracked

    I want my old life back...

    I know everyone has good days and bad days with dealing with HSV, but it’s getting to me pretty badly because of my unusual symptoms and how this is all affecting my mindset. Just 2 months ago my life was almost everything I wanted it to be. Super healthy, athletic and gaining weight like I wanted to, always working out and full of energy, genuinely laughing and smiling every day and making others laugh, able to nap and sleep at will, eating and cooking for myself after having been vegan for a while, passionate about my hobbies, traveling, and starting to become successful after just finishing
  3. Createss Galore

    Who Am I?

    So what if my life has changed? It's still a part of ME. So what if I'm not the same? I'll be the best I can be. For deep in the soul of ME, I've never ever changed. I rise to the ME I am, The same and rearranged. I know of the things that I love, The things I like to do, The things that make me laugh, That chase away the blues. Inside I can reach deep down, Enjoy the WHO I am, Let flow forth a different life, Yet infused with WHO I am. <><><><><><><><> CG
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