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Found 15 results

  1. I had a potential exposure about 12 days ago with a random (not my gf). The lady gave me protected oral however prior to putting the condom on she had masturbated me and at some point took saliva from her mouth as lubrication when rubbing my penis. Almost immediately within less than 24 hrs I started to feel tingling in my genital area. Not continuously but once every few hours. At first I thought it was just psycological. I started to monitor my penis daily to see if there were any changes. About 7 days after the exposure I started to notice very small red bumps in the gland area. Tingling had increased but I had no pain and no itchiness sometimes the sensation would be coldish almost numbing like. I went to an sti clinic and was told the reddish area was not indicative of herpes and that it looked more like an irritation. I was told there was no sore or blister to swab for culture analysis. Additionally I was asked to come back in a month for blood testing. They said my chance of getting genital herpes from such saliva transmission was low?? They never explained why the tingling though. 2 days later the tingling still had not stopped and now I could feel tingling occasionally in my but cheeks and tailbone..very mild tingling sensation. On day 10 the swelling increased slightly and I thought I could see a bump in my urethra . I went to a walk in clinic and the doctor also dismissed it that it isn’t herpes. I’m now on day 12 since exposure The redness and swelling has reduced significantly hardly noticeable now but tingling in genital area and buttocks has not subsided comparatively. Additionally today for the first time I felt tingling and slight pains in my feet. I’m not sure what to do. Is this herpes. I have a girlfriend and I’m praying I have not infected her. It would break my heart if I had she doesn’t deserve that. She hasn’t mentioned any symptoms and she is the type to say if she did. But I can’t ask her to get checked yet cause I’m not sure if it is or isn’t ? Are my symptoms indicative of herpes or not with redness and tingling but no sores or blisters ?? Also is the prodome phase of tingling in feet and buttocks indicative of herpes initial exposure ??Wishing everyone here answers and happiness through their journey
  2. Hello, I have noticed that most people who suffering of daily nerves pain are mainly male and have mediteranean background: turc, arabic, spanish, jew, (indian, pakistanese are obviously not mediteranean but they might have some ancestor ).. It's also my case. I want to confirm this hypothesis. Among people suffering of nerves pain, can you post if you are/are not with mediteranean background? It could be interesting to understand the virus and adapt a cure for us. Thank you
  3. Symptom started with itching constantly for few days during my final exams. As I could not take the itch any longer in my anal area I am applied a steroid cream twice in three days. It inflamed and irritated and pained slightly and it subsisted after 2-3 days after stopping the tropical cream (that a derm suggested). Does this sound like herpes? Is this something I have to get checked PCr swabbed? When I saw a physician he dismissed and did not swab despite begging him many times. What would be your thoughts?
  4. Morty123

    Elsberg Syndrom " neuropathy"

    Hey guys for those who struggle with daily nerves pain with doctor saying its not related to Herpes, please have a look on "Elsberg Syndrom" on Google. It describes exactly what we have, there are few study of it. It's important that doctors are aware of it, changing the vision they have of herpes, which is not just a "skin condition" for some of us
  5. Approximately 5 years ago a girl gave me a peck on the lips, I wiped my lips off. The next morning I woke up with a painful rash all over my top lip that dried up and resulted in chapped lips, where the skin died and regenerated. No pus or obvious cold sore. I have had this same outbreak approximately once a year in the same place except for this year where I have had it almost continuously, I have been very stressed. I went to the doctor who says it isn't cold sores (I have to wait 2 weeks for a blood test), however I have found someone ( To those with oral HSV2 only by Penumbra,) who tested positive for HSV2 by blood test with my EXACT symptoms. Before an outbreak, my lip/nose area is tingling a lot and I feel a strong twitching in my lip. Is it possible that I have mild cold sores? I would greatly appreciate any help
  6. finallysomeanswers

    urinary retention

    hi all. so my first outbreak was around two weeks ago, and as if that experience wasn't traumatizing enough, i am now sufferring from urinary retention (cannot pass urine at all). let me give you a little backstory: 3 days after my unprotected sexual encounter when i got infected, i began noticing symptoms. it started with a strange tingling/burning feeling in my vagina. this started slowly progressing into bumps, sores, ulcers--everything you would never want to see on your vagina. so i went to the dr and she prescribed me with valacyclovir for 10 days. the first few days on the meds were hell and i thought the pain/discomfort would never end. peeing felt like acid pouring out of my body. luckily this lasted for only a week. i also thought i had a uti due to my urine coming out in two streams and having such difficulty passing (my test results hadn't come in yet at this time). fast forward to day 10 of the meds....all symptoms of my outbreak were gone. no more sores or burning or pain!!! i survived my first outbreak. all that was left was the urinary incontinence and this strange tingle of my nerves between my butthole and vagina and my urinary incontinence. my urinary incontinence quickly became retention. i went to the ER only to have them place a foley catheter inside me. they drained all my urine on site and i thought okay you're good to go. little did i know, a bag of my own piss would be attached to my leg for one week. after the week, i am to see my urologist where they will remove the catheter and see if i can pass on my own. if not, it's back to the catheter for another week. although this seems like more of a rant, i rather just want to know has anyone else experienced this terrible complication!? i say complication because when i asked one of the ER nurses if this is like a symptom they said no it's more of a complication and you kinda got the short end of the stick:( back to my question, i just didn't see a full forum on urinary retention with hsv 2 so i thought i should start one. being as uncommon as it is, there are still a great deal of people who deal with this issue. also, if you have had this issue with your first outbreak, has it ever come back? how frequently? please let me know! new to this whole herpes thing and i would at least like to know what i'm getting myself into. thanks for reading this whole fucking rant if you're all the way down to this point
  7. My long story March 27 had sex with a new partner for a very long time condom broke 2 days later outside vagina was itchy felt like pins and needles and was redo also had a few pimple like thingd on my buttocks.... where i had shaved got cream for focullitis within hours pimples were gone and no itch. Few days later itchy vagina and it was swollen and red had mild yeast infection took medication noticed it was itchy at night. Middle of April started to get buttocks pain right underneath tailbone it went out to the side of my bum and disappeared by this time i had cleared the yeast and had a watery grey discharge doctor gave me medication for bv this didn't help so during these few weeks i have been to 6 doctors and went to the std clinic nothing there to see. Couple days later got my period April 27 and my bum was killing me it radiated to my thighs both side and my skin was sensitive almost felt like it was burnt. After my period nerve pain went away and had wierd crawling sensations in skin down legs and numbness in ankle during then my labia minora started to burn it and looks very irritated still very red everywhere burning on the minora labia will not go away its been 14 days and still there. I recentlt seen my gyno she said wveything looked fine but dhe said she thinks it viral either genital herpes or hpv and wanted me to take valtrex I haven't though. The burning is there all the time and today my butt cheeks have started to ache again and i have a wierd quarter sized rash on butt cheek doesnt hurt or itch. Also i tried to get an igg test done but canada they don't do that and only igm which came back positive i do get cold sore and have since I was a kid it was also positive 2 years ago and said past exposure. Not sure if i should order a test online or take the meds and see if they work any thoughts?
  8. I just woke up to both my hands tingling like mad. I thendid dove searching and found this thread on another site with many other folks experiencing similar. Surely some of you must be as well. None of the dr’s I have seem have heard of it. https://www.doctorslounge.com/infections/forums/backup/topic-5528.html
  9. Hi, ive posted here before about this strange spaced out rash that I have on my groin. It’s now been about 16 days since I first noticed one red spot. Then a few days later I noticed this blistery/pimple thing that popped up nearby and for two weeks they just kept popping up individually. On my last post I had comments from people saying it most likely looked like something bacterial. I’ve been trying to do some research on outbreaks with no prodrome but I can’t find anything! I had no tingling, burning, itching sensations in that area before I noticed the first spot. I literally just noticed it and was like what the hell is that? also, can Herpes be that spaced out? From what I’ve learnt is that the lesions appear all bunched up together. I’ve also heard that initial outbreaks hurt A LOT. however these spots haven’t been very sore at all. But my main question is can you have no prodrome symptoms?
  10. My boyfriend had a sore on his lip (I believe he got it on Wednesday), but we weren't sure that it was herpes. Looking back, it does not match up with the looks of a canker sore. It was on his upper-lip, with a more scab-type appearance. He refrained from giving me oral sex just in case. Sunday at about 4 PM however, I gave him oral sex. It was not very long as it was immediately followed by vaginal sex, with a condom, which I now know only reduces likelihood of contraction by 30%. I also thought it would be safe because I had no signs of a sore. I noticed at about 6:30 PM (two and a half hours later) that I was developing a sore on the side of my lip. Upon research, I found that I could have still had the infection at the time of oral sex, as it can be present before an actual sore appears. It is now Wednesday, three days later. Last night I felt a pins and needles feeling in my vagina for about 20-25 minutes. This morning and afternoon, I thought I was experiencing itchiness but it may be my paranoia. My boyfriend is also not sure if he is itchy or if he is just working himself up. Both of us have not shaved in over a week because we are not trying to irritate the area more than it already may be, so that may be contributing to the supposed itchiness as well. I also noticed that I seemed to have more discharge than usual only an hour ago. I am not experiencing any pain. In your experience, from either a clinical or personal standpoint, what is the likelihood that I have contracted genital HSV-1?
  11. Hi all I was visually diagnosed by my GP about 3 weeks ago with herpes after having unprotected sex the weeks before (not to my knowledge, he slipped the condom off). My first outbreak was quite painful and my vagina was covered in sores. After taking the antivirals my sores healed and I visited a GUM clinic two weeks after my doctor to get tested for everything else. The doctor there looked at me and said everything looked normal and that the skin on my vagina had gone back to normal, but ever since my outbreak, I have been extremely itchy all around my labia and vulva especially at night when I' trying to sleep. I get a crawling sensation in intervals and can feel pinches at times too, its the strangest feeling I've ever had, I also get a weird sensation like a bubble is moving down my vagina. I have also been extremely dry which isn't helping the itchiness and I've just now noticed that I'm getting a thick white discharge with what seems to be like a musty smell (i know so gross). I'm just very confused about whats going on with my body right now and its really getting me down. I'm going to be travelling Europe for the next month and I just need all this to go away before I go!! Any advice would be appreciated.
  12. Hi everyone, I'm new to the site and my official DX of HSV II was on 7/5/17. I'm curious how many of you realized something was wrong down there before you went and got tested. I'm also curious of the symptoms you experienced before your primary OB. For me, I had the: body aches fatigue generally all of the flu-like symptoms, but chalked it up as my period and being tired from working in a hospital. Then I realized I had two spots that were uncomfortable so I went against nurse practitioners orders to "just use monistat" on the spots, and came in to see her anyways. As I waited for the results, I watched these spots turn into sores that looked like cuts. Three nurses, and an ER Dr. all told me "It doesn't look like herpes". Well, the next day after an extremely painful trip to the ER and a bullshit DX of PID, I saw what I was dreading: the little cluster of blisters. I'm still having the tingling, which I can't tell if it's prodrome, like more sores are coming (I'm new with no knowledge of this still, so forgive me if that's the wrong term), or if it's just some nerve pain I'll have to live with.
  13. DarkAngel80

    A pain the butt...literally

    Hi, newly diagnosed and have found this site to be a great resource plus a source of emotional support. I'm at the end of my first OB and I'm still having aches and pains in the area where my upper thighs meet my butt cheeks. I've completed my course of Valtrex which seemed very helpful as I noticed a change the next day. Is it normal to still have these pains? Or could it be the start of another OB??? Help!!! It's my first time do everything is new to me!
  14. If you or someone you know has experienced these genital symptoms, I have found the cure! Symmetrical redness on scrotum, tingling/itching feeling, random testicle pain, hair follicles on scrotum are raised, scrotum droopier than normal. I dealt with these symptoms for over six months after traveling to Mexico, Honduras, and Belize. When I got back and saw a dermatologist he said it DEFNITELY was not herpes (no boils or sores) and he misdiagnosed it as contact dermatitis. He prescribed me steroid cream that did more harm than good. Finally, after scouring the internet I found a testimony very similar to mine. After trying everything from dipping my balls in vinegar to assaulting my nuts with baby powder I finally used the dandruff shampoo Nizoral. After washing my genitals once, a day with Nizoral the symptoms finally started receding! My testicles FINALLY returned to normal skin color instead of a fiery red color. This pesky rash caused me an enormous amount of stress and I am relieved to say I finally found this treatment that works! If you have experienced these symptoms, please try Nizoral dandruff shampoo and spread the word!! (I saw two doctors who had NO IDEA what it was or what to do. Self-treatment for the win! This condition seems to be unrecognized by most doctors. Once you try this treatment and see that it works please spread the word around the internet. People deserve access to this useful information.)
  15. Ok here's my story - I've not seen anything like it on here, thus this post. I'm 54 and was diagnosed with HSV2 when I was 26. I have had many partners, all who have known, I've mostly used condoms (except with my (now-ex) wife when we conceived. To my knowledge I have never passed it on to anyone. After reading forums here I consider myself very lucky that I get OBs very infrequently, however they're always the same - the tingle, lesions on the right hand side of my penis, I put Zovirax on them as soon as I feel tingling, they eventually go away. I NEVER engage in any kind of sexual activity when I start to feel tingles and wait for quite a few weeks after the scabs have healed. In January I started dating this wonderful girl who I'm madly in love with. I had 'THE talk' and thankfully she was very accepting despite only having a handful of partners in her life. We had sex with condoms and it was great. She gets BV (bacterial vaginosis) and thrush (we were made for each other!!) and one night she gave me a hand job which to be fair wasn't very good, a bit dry and a bit vigourous. Shortly after that I started to feel the tingle and all sexual activity stopped. But I couldn't find any blisters, despite a thorough search. I has also getting leg/buttock aches/shooting pains which I've never had before - atypical but I thought an OB anyway. After the tingle subsided, we started again with condoms but after one session, I noticed a white spot right at the bottom of my shaft which the condom didn't go over. I WAS HORRIFIED. Was it a herpes lesion? Have I infected her? I was beside myself with worry and extremely depressed. I love her and didn't want her to experience what ladies suffer with HSV on top of all her other gynaecological woes. I had the spot checked out by an experienced GU nurse and she said 99% that it was an infected hair follicle - thank GOD for that. I still had the leg tingles/pains tho, but they subsided in a week or so. So we went back to our old routine of sex with condoms and all was great for quite a few weeks. I had also started on Olive Leaf Extract (which she showed me an article on) and that did seem to surpress OBs. Fast forward to last weekend, when during a talk she said she found condoms to be a real turn off and actually quite hard and painful and suggested we try without one and use the withdrawal method as she isn't on the pill as doesn't tolerate it well. I felt physically well so we did it without a condom and it felt great (withdrawing before I came) - I hadn't done it like that in 15 years. We rested a few hours and did the same thing again - my timing wasn't quite right this time and I pulled out too early, so she tried to finish me off by hand (again not very well!) but we gave up as it was hurting too much. Shortly afterwards I started to feel the tingle and was horrified. I started trawling the forums, researching prodromes, asymptomatic shedding and once again having the horrors that the tingling was the start of an OB, that I had shed and I might have infected her. Again I was extremely depressed..especially seeing what she might have to go through if she contracted it....and looking at the incubation times and hoping that phone call would never come...waking in the night in panics. Again, I couldn't find any lesions/blisters at the site where it was tingling the most - I put my penis under strong light to look - it was red, but no spots. I went to the same GU nurse (I think she was getting fed up of me by now!) and she looked at the area where I said I felt the tingle...just under the glans ON THE LEFT SIDE....not where I usually have it. Again, she didn't think it was an OB, maybe a tear but took a swab anyway (For which I'm waiting for the results) Then I started to get the tingling/shooting pain in my legs buttocks again....and still I'm extremely depressed & anxious that I might have shed while we were having unprotected sex. I told her I was having this OB and how painful and atypical it was - I kept asking her how she was and she always said she felt fine. I went to see my GP today. He examined me and said he didn't see any lesions or evidence that any had been there in that particular site. I told him about the leg pain and it was then that he started talking about post-herpetic neuralgia (which I had also read up on here) He said any 'tingling' was generally to do with nerves and then mentioned the nerve which serves the pelvic area, penis, clitoris, perineum etc and connects to the legs, the PUDENDAL nerve. Perhaps it was my girlfriends over-enthusiastic tugging, compromising the pudendal nerve (which indeed goes into the penis) that was the thing which caused the tingling, rather than an OB?!!!! Now the pieces started to fit together! Absence of blisters On the left rather than on the right Leg/buttock aches/shooting pain/tingling Atypical of every OB I've had for nearly 30 years. I am feeling much more positive that this was indeed just a bit of nerve damage, rather than an OB and therefore a minuscule chance (I'm not going to say 'no chance' as I don't want to tempt fate) that she might be infected from the second bout of unprotected sex. SO, I'll see what the results of the swab say and if it's negative, the probability is that it wasn't an OB and that I have to keep my girlfriend's hand away from the old man downstairs (besides, I'm much better at it than she is!!) I'll carry on taking the Olive Leaf Extract and carry on using condoms - I don't want to EVER feel as anxious and depressed as I have been for the past 5 days. And if she ever insists unprotected sex? (maybe she might want to conceive?) a) I'll start on long term antivirals and b) explain to her the risks, although after 30 years apparently my shedding is minimal. I'm not sure if anyone else will have this exact experience, but my story is here nevertheless. Thanks for reading. Wishing you health and happiness. Jack
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