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Found 4 results

  1. https://ibb.co/hVc7NVs https://ibb.co/NSQGtFB Hi the above pics are of my tongue and bottom lip. I'm concerned that I may have some sort of allergy or virus happening. The tongue feels quite irritated at times and you can see the red dots visible on the front of it. Also my lip (bottom) is always dry and cracks if I open my mouth quickly without thinking about it. It has been like this for some time now and seems to be getting worse. Is this a sign of something bad or could my constant stress and terrible diet be causing this. I will be seeing my doctor really soon so I just w
  2. Hi, I have been suffering from a sort of burning tip of my tongue and a little uncomfortable sensation in my mouth. Sometimes, depending on what i have eaten or drunk i get a blackish/deep red spot on the side of my tongue and lots of little dots near the tip of my tongue. These do not ooze, scab or ache but just appear. I also have white dots on my lip (top) which look like Fordyce and my bottom lip also seems to be constantly chapped and peeling in places. My nose had also become itchy and greasy and sometimes red patches appear on my face, near my eyebrows. Has anyone had
  3. Hello there, I was recently with a guy about 3 weeks ago and since then I've had bumps under my tongue that hurt really bad. It was hard to eat and drink, the bumps lasted about 3-4 days and were gone. Some other symptoms that I feel are the tip of my tongue is numb and weird feeling and some small white bumps appearing but don't hurt. My main question, if anybody can help me with, is the guy ONLY sucked my nipples. Can I contract HSV-1 through him sucking on my nipples? Thanks for any information given.
  4. Hi all! It's great to find a resource like this on the web... Dr Google can be a frightening friend. I haven't been diagnosed with HSV yet. But basically I gave a CSW guy a BJ and kissed him some 7 weeks ago and since then my tongue has been burning (mildly) pretty much constantly... And today I have noticed a red spot on the tip of my tongue. I've been having regular checks for all other STDs and so far nothing has come up. I am pretty confused because for what I gather HSV2 rarely happens in the mouth, and it wouldn't cause weeks and weeks of a burning sensation with no other symptoms... and
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