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  1. I've heard that even people who have never had an outbreak but test positive for antibodies can shed about 10% of the time and pass the virus. If that person was in a marriage and didn't want to pass to their partner, and took antivirals, could the antivirals possibly cause the person to start having outbreaks because the virus strengthens or becomes resistant to the meds? Some doctors say asymptomatic people don't shed and others say opposite. Makers of antivirals say in the description they can be used by symptomatic and asymptomatic individuals to "reduce" shedding and transmission.
  2. Hi. I found this forum and could really do with some advice or someone to talk to. A few years ago I caught HSV-2 from my ex fiancé. He had an outbreak of a few sores when we slept together in the very early stages of us dating and told me it wasn’t anything to worry about and he had just caught himself on something. I became ill a month later and ended up in hospital. I was having really bad outbreaks as my immune system wasn’t great, and I still get outbreaks almost each month 4 years later both on my genitals and on my face. The night I remember seeing the sore, we slept together and then h
  3. MoniqueLow

    Genital transmission of hsv 1

    Hi, I have question regarding contracting hsv 1 through genital sex. Most cases of ghsv 1 are results of oral sex and genital transmission is not very well documented. Is there anybody who has contracted it this way? I am asking because I did and would like to know if I am such a minority and also I would like to know what are my chances to pass it to my bfriend. Thank you all. (AlsoI, if you don't mind, I would like to know how was your primary OB. I've read that sores tend to appear where the virus entered the body and for me it was at the entrance. I guess, if ghsv-1 is contracted oral
  4. So I was diagnosed with GHSV1 about five months ago. Even though I ended up disclosing to four of my amazing friends, I was dating a guy prior to finding out that I was a carrier of HSV (he’s not the guy who I got it from) and let’s just say he didn’t take it as well as I thought. Recently, this summer some guy who I’ve crossed paths with on multiple occasions over the last couple of years have come back into my life and we fell in love really quickly. Sadly, we ended up having sex prior to me telling him about this new chapter in my life. Thankfully I did end up telling him (just telling him
  5. Learningtolivewithhsv

    First disclosure. PRAY FOR ME

    So I am new to the herpes world. I was diagnosed with ghsv-1 on May 17th. I was dating two guys at once (one I was sexually active with and someone else). The last person I had sex with, I am pretty sure he’s the one that gave it to me. I did disclose to all of my sex partners using text free because I was too embarrassed to reveal myself. But anyway, today I disclosed to the other guy I was seeing when I found out that I was gHSV-1 positive. We have been seeing one another one to two time a week and have planned basically our whole summer out. Even though he wanted to take it slow we are most
  6. Hey everyone! I've seen a various posts across various forums regarding disclosing (or not) and have seen a bit of a trend in people thinking that it's 'hard to pass' with one encounter (lol) condoms make it impossible to pass, blah blah blah. So let's just try to compile some short & sweet answers to some basic H transmissions stories and questions...Could be helpful in many ways to lots of people! 1. Did your giver: show symptoms / asymptomatic / disclose H to you? 2. Protected or unprotected? Oral/vaginal/anal? 3. How many encountrs with giver? (time frame of enco
  7. How do you strike a balance between remaining unemotional in delivering a disclosure speak and any subsequent questions and being honest about how it has affected you emotionally? For me, the emotional fallout of dealing with HSV has had a huge impact and I find it hard to rationally think about how I would deal with this and all the stress of worrying about transmission without letting on how much I am thinking about it – to not scare the other person away and make them think HSV is something to worry about. I would want to inform a partner yet enable them to think about it with as
  8. I have genital hsv2 and started dating someone who also had genital hsv2 a couple of months ago. I've had it for 18 months and he already had it for 27 years. I haven't been on antivirals because I only had the initial outbreak and 1 more mild one during this time. He was aware of that when we got into this relationship and was not worried about it but, unfortunately I believe I transmitted hsv2 to his oral area when he performed oral sex on me. Then he freaked out, I don't blame him...it was a bad outbreak. He now says that he is afraid of going down on me and doesn't know if we will be able
  9. A good compilation of ongoing clinical trials for herpes is on this website: https://clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/results?recrs=ab&cond=Herpes+Simplex&term=&cntry=&state=&city=&dist= I also like this site for an idea of what's currently being funded by the NIH/NIAID. You can also view all of their publications on HSV: https://projectreporter.nih.gov/reporter_searchresults.cfm
  10. Hi, I’ve read somewhere that woman who has herpes(in the past) then got pregnant, are unlikely to pass the virus to her offspring because her body send the passive antibodies through the placenta which protecting her newborn from the virus during the labour. Now, if it’s true.. how long that antibodies remains in the baby’s body? Is it that’s mean the baby won’t contract herpes in the future? For example = I had herpes(GSHV2) years before my pregnancy, had multiple outbreaks during my pregnancy and baby were born healthy. After the birth.. is my baby still has protection from t
  11. TolkienNerd42

    Gave to Boyfriend

    Some background before I explain- I have not been formally diagnosed with herpes but I do get cold sores. It's been at least 2 years since my last one and since my life is very fast paced it's always the last thing on my mind. So when I got into my current relationship I had totally forgotten that I actually get them. My current issue is that I didn't realize I was getting a cold sore because I recently changed acne treatments and disregarded the tingling sensation as a reaction. I gave my boyfriend oral sex and that night after work saw what has now become a sore. I was up till midnight looki
  12. Editorial source: http://www.healio.com/infectious-disease/stds/news/online/%7B31ed8b2f-7ebc-493d-861f-94056e5a294f%7D/risk-for-hsv-2-transmission-using-condoms-associated-with-gender Scientific Journal Source: Magaret AS, et al. Clin Infect Dis. 2015;doi:10.1093/cid/civ908. ^^^^^ Found that use of condoms for 911 couples over the course of 1000 sex acts (however they measured this) was 1.3 transmissions aka: 96% Reduction. Surely this is a larger percentage than what we have previously been led to believe? Thats an incredibly low percentage of transmission, in a contr
  13. New&Scared

    Desperate for advice!!!

    Hi all, I'm desperate for advice as someone newly diagnosed who made a silly decision. Please don't judge, just hear me out. Following the first sexual encounter with someone I have been dating, I starting feeling weird down below. I had had a Hollywood wax 2 days before I had sex, so I attributed it to this, until it got worst. I went to the sexual health clinic convinced I had picked up some kind of infection from the waxing , but was diagnosed with HSV 1. To say that I was devasted was an understatement. I knew I had to disclose to my recent partner as I am sure that he had
  14. Mandi100

    New BF is HSV2+

    Hello all, Happy that I just found this forum. My best friend and I have just recently decided to move into a BF/GF relationship. He is type 2 and I have been told I'm type 1. (years ago I had blood tested. Dr. said I had 'old antibodies' for type 1. Was shocked as I am completely asymptomatic). I plan to get an updated blood test this week just to be completely informed. BF is type 2+ for 10+ years, but has avoided relationships for various reasons for a few reasons incl. the herpes. So, he hasn't got all the info when it comes to how this works. I've been reading up
  15. Hello everyone! New to the community and you all seem pleasant. I'm still figuring this all out although most of it is mental. So, I had my first outbreak a month ago with a confirmed diagnoses of hsv2 2 weeks ago from viral swab culture. First and only OB so far was right at the top, above pubic hair line. No where near genitals, I don't get how but it doesn't matter now. I am currently taking L-lysine and acyclovir daily for suppression. As for protection, any ideas how to prevent transmission since a condom doesn't cover pubic area? Ive considered a bandaid (when no outbreaks are pre
  16. Hi all, I came across this blog post and wanted to get your input. Is it really possible to keep transmission rates this low? Thanks, Alex. https://hsvblog.org/herpes-simplex-virus-101/ Transmission To give you a realistic idea that demonstrates exactly how much safer sex with an HSV+ partner is, take a look at the numbers provided by scientific studies. By avoiding sex during an active outbreak, chances of virus transmission are 4% a year (Terri Warren, RN, NP – WebMD, 2005). Yes, per year, not sexual session. In the study that this is based off, couple
  17. Recently, I tested positive for HSV-2. Though I've been asymptomatic, my partner and I have refrained from having any genital contact since my diagnosis. He had his blood work done, and it came back positive for HSV-1, and he also is asymptomatic. Frankly, I just want to have sex again, but I want to avoid giving him HSV-2. I thought that I read somewhere that it's less likely to contract HSV-2 if you have HSV-1; is that true?? I started taking a daily suppressant drug (even though I have zero symptoms) because I read that if you're on a suppressant, the risk of giving it to your pa
  18. I am a female who was diagnosed with HSV 2 in October. I had abstained from sex until then as I was not seeing anyone consistently and wanted to stay on the safe side. I was getting quite of few outbreaks in November (not on suppressive meds), but I would only take valtrex at the first sign of an outbreak -for three days as it was prescribed to me. Luckily, December I did not get any and over the weekend I had went out. I was taking valtrex 500 mg 2x a day off and on during the week leading up to Fri. Long story short, Friday I went out drinking and ended up having sex. At first, I
  19. So I’ve had a cold sore for about a week and today I rinsed my mouth right before I used the bathroom. I know I should have waited until my mouth dried to use the bathroom, but I didn’t. Now I’m wondering, could I have somehow transmitted herpes to my genitals through the water droplets that fell from my face? I’m not sure if any water droplets got on my underwear or fell onto my vagina as I was using the bathroom. Could herpes have been transmitted through the water since it was such a small timeframe (less than 45 seconds)? Please help. I’m having so much anxiety.
  20. Soooo I messed up. I applied some coconut to my cold sore and didn’t wash my hands. Then I proceeded to get dressed for work. Now I’m wondering, if I touched my vagina while I was getting dressed (like tucking in my shirt or something) could I have transmitted the disease to my genitals? Or would the coconut oil have killed the virus that was on my fingertips? I do have anxiety and cannot stop thinking about the possibility of transmitting HSV1 to my genitals. I know I should have washed my hands immediately and I realize that I messed up. Please help.
  21. Hi! I’ve had a cold sore for 3 days and I’m freaking out. Last night (about 15 hours ago) I possibly touched my cold sore and then stuck my hand in my jar of virgin coconut oil. Today I used some of the same coconut oil and rubbed it all around my vagina. Is it possible that I could have spread herpes from my mouth to my genitals through my coconut oil? How long can herpes survive in coconut oil? How long can herpes survive on fingers after being touched? I read that coconut oil can help heal cold sores, but I don’t know for sure and I’m freaking out. Please help!
  22. When is it safe for a couple to kiss without transmission? I hear that some of my friend's friends have cold sores, but are also in relationships. Do they kiss after some time when their sore is healed? Or do they all remain kissless people in order to prevent transmission all times? I find the later to be really unrealistic and impractical. Are there periods of times where a person with herpes can kiss, but not transmit?
  23. WhatAboutIt


    I’ve been with my boyfriend for a few amazing months. We connected instantly and very strongly. I disclosed to him about my genital herpes early on. I had my first symptoms around the same time in my previous relationship about 6 years ago and my then partner loved me and accepted the risks of transmission. My current bf is very paranoid about becoming infected, which is understandable, so we have avoided sexual contact which I was willing to work with for a time because I love him and care about his well-being and I want to be with him as a partner. Fast forward a few months and I am rea
  24. So I just watched this Sci-Show video on just how HIV crossed the species to species barrier, how incredibly quickly it spread, and how a cure is on the horizon. After watching and seeing that HIV came from SIV and crossed into human blood from chimpanzees after the first human was infected in 1908 to over 70 million people (just a little over 100 years) it really makes one think how widespread HSV must be since it’s millions of years old. Fascinating stuff:
  25. Hi All, Looking for some necessary advice...If I want to get my gf pregnant what are the chance of me infecting her if I 1. Don't use a condom / don't use antivirals 2. Use antivirals Since 70%-80% of people are asymptotic there must be a lot of people having regular unprotected sex that are not aware they have HSV.... Thank you!
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