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Found 6 results

  1. Hi, After getting tested for hsv2, my results were “indeterminate” and I was negative for all other diseases. I had protected sex ~20 days ago. Just a few days ago, these bumps appeared on my chin and over the course of 2 days have disappeared. Are these herpes? thank you in advance
  2. hi all, So about 1 and a half weeks ago I had protected sex (was unsure about the integrity of the condom) and I wasn’t sure what her hsv status was. Over the course of a week I noticed it began to burn when I pee and my groin itched a lot (not sure if this is psychological, not so much anymore). But now tiny patches of bumps like these have appeared on my penis head (only the head) and I’m not sure what they could be. Anyone have any thoughts? Thank you in advance!
  3. I just shaved and can’t tell if I should be worried about this - I’ve always been prone to in grown hair irritation as I have really sensitive skin. The last week weeks I’ve felt weird feelings down my thighs but just found out I have a herniated disc in my back and my chiropractor says that’s the cause of the back and leg issues. This doesn’t itch at all, and only feels any pain if I push on it. Last time I had irritation my gynecologist looked at it for me and said it wasn’t anything to worry about and if it was herpes I would know - I’m a very anxious person though so I wanted to get others opinions.
  4. I started talking to a girl and we had sex. Two days later I find these spots on my penis and I’m starting to stress. I have jagged off without lotion so it can be that but still can you guys help me ? Does it look like herpes ..? https://ibb.co/5hf1F11 https://ibb.co/56qctQ6
  5. So about 2 months ago, I started having unprotected and protected sex with a new person. During this time, I was experiencing a lot of itchiness and some burning. When realizing this, I decided to go to my gynecologist who tested me for all vaginal bacterial infections and all stds. The results came out negative even though I have been having this constant itching and burning on my labia. I have also learned that when I have sex, the itching and burning gets more intense and sometimes my whole vulva would be inflamed for a day or two. My sexual partner also got tested for stds and he was negative as well. I don't know what to do to make this itching and burning stop. I stopped having sex for more than a month now and the problem still hasn't gone away. I keep thinking its herpes even though I got a blood test and never had any kind of sores and my partner has never experienced any kind of symptoms for it. What can I do?
  6. Confused0121

    Is it herpes?

    Hi i slept with someone who told me afterwards that they had herpes, this was in November but had not sores at the time. I did not end up with any symptoms so assumed I was fine. 3 days ago I slept with a new partner unprotected and now I have a rash. The sex was quite rough and he went from anal to vaginal, I was quite swollen and sore afterwards. This has then progressed into ulcers in my vagina which a very tender and it hurts to pee. I have some small ulcers also around but mainly one large one at the enterence of my vagina. They do not look like blisters but more so just breaks in the skin. Is it possible my new partner gave it to me? Is it possible it is something else? It it will not let me attach a photo??
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