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  1. What are your thoughts about the COVID-19 pandemic? I for one can say that, on a global scale, the emotions people are displaying in response to the virus almost exactly mirror the same emotions I experienced when I first got infected: DENIAL, ANGER, FEAR, FRUSTRATION, DEPRESSION, OBSESSION. I think we have a different perspective because we are all infected with a "lifelong" virus vs. a short-term, potentially life-threatening illness. It sounds bad, but I feel like I am downplaying being infected with COVID-19 because I consider any "short-term" viral infection to not be as signif
  2. Hey all, Found this on GEN-03, the vaccine that couldn't fund the final trials. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/31103365?dopt=Abstract Seems like they are trying to find investors possibly. Does anyone have insight on this? I would love to have a series of vaccine shots versus a daily antiviral pill.
  3. Not a cure - but making strides https://www.newscientist.com/article/2217255-herpes-vaccine-to-be-tested-in-humans-after-best-result-yet-in-animals/
  4. Full paper here: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0264410X18315652 Note sure if anyone wrote about this. I couldn't find any results for VC2 in the site's search. This is a live attenuated vaccine from Louisiana State University. The results do not seem super promising, as reducing shedding/recurrance by < 70% pre-clinical is common in many discontinued vaccines. Still, research is being done, which is always great! Prophylactic conclusions: "Our studies also showed that VC2 vaccine decreases the clinical severity of acute and recurrent HSV-2 disease in guinea
  5. I'm sure a lot of you Google "hsv2-cure" daily like me. Looks like there may be a twinkle of hope. Not a cure, but at least some new news. https://www.precisionvaccinations.com/gen-003-therapeutic-bivalent-vaccine-candidate-genital-herpes-simplex-virus-type-2-hsv-2
  6. ManagingIllness

    Reality of New Vaccines

    I want this to be a real, straight up, informative dialogue about the timeline of new vaccine's and what their impact will be on the lives of those with HSV. I will try my best to impart my knowledge of the process and the current state of affairs. Please correct me where I am wrong, and present further developments. I want people who are newly infected to read this forum and get a thorough understanding of the state of upcoming therapies for HSV, specifically therapeutic vaccines. Firstly, please read this page in full: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Herpes_simplex_research. It covers all t
  7. There are only a few things that keep me from ending my life. My son, God, and my family. I can't understand why we get so much false hope. Researcher claim timelines for cures that may never come. It hurts!!!! Yes, I got myself into this situation, but I would love to believe that one day I could be free of this virus. I'm afraid to work and even hug my own child. Then there is the question of how long have I had type 1 since it is not tested for in the standard panel. My mind can't take much more. @Hansje I love the post that the moral body is what has this virus and in the after life it wil
  8. http://ir.genocea.com/releasedetail.cfm?ReleaseID=1041589 This was kinda expected after the phase 2 results? So, what's next? Which vaccine should we be rooting for?
  9. Hello everyone I posted yesterday indicating I had spoken to Dr. Veloz about my situation, she has indicated I am a good candidate for the vaccine with my symptoms. Does anyone know what type of price ballpark I can be expected to be quoted? I remember seeing something on this forum recently indicating they thought three injections (which is what she told me I need) would be around $4500. Can anyone confirm this information is correct?
  10. https://www.change.org/p/minister-ministry-of-health-and-long-term-care-hsv-1-2-to-be-added-to-the-std-panel-of-testing?recruiter=44235138&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=copylink&utm_campaign=share_petition&utm_term=share_petition
  11. Found a good article what do you think ? https://www.smithsonianmag.com/science-nature/can-we-gene-edit-herpes-away-180968551/
  12. Today i saw on Dr Josh Blooms comments about he is saying he contacted to Albert Einstein’s researchers to have interview about their vaccine. I think this interview will make clear about how is going with their vaccine.
  13. Hi all, I reached out to Prof Frazer of Admedus Immunotherapies; you may know that he was the person who developed the vaccine for HPV (genital warts). I explained to him that I was trying to find a way to help, potentially though crowdfunding. I was quite surprised when he replied and passed my e-mail on to the CEO, Neil Finlayson. Now granted, the company is not that big, so passing on a mail isn't that surprising. However, Finlayson did e-mail me to say that their capital was currently directed at HPV research and in order to do Phase 2b HSV trials they were looking for $6m. Could I he
  14. Hi all, As you know, Prof Ian Frazer is working on a HSV2 vaccine. He is known for having developed the HPV vaccine. The company that he works for is Admedus Immunotherapies, which has Admedus as the major shareholder. I was watching the video from the Nov 2017 annual general meeting (see below) and at about 42 min the COO of Admedus says that they have addressed the issue of not enough cash going to Admedus Immunotherapies by getting an external party to major a major investment (announcement to follow soon). You will see that the COO talks about the HSV and HPV research they have
  15. http://www.profectusbiosciences.com/pipeline/pbsvax.html#hsv-2 HSV-2 Profectus is developing a GeneVax® prime/VesiculoVax™ boost therapeutic vaccine for herpes simplex virus type-2. This vaccine is designed to ameliorate disease and transmission by preventing HSV-2 reactivation and shedding.Program Status: Antigen discovery stage. Unmet Medical Need: Herpes simplex virus type 2 is a sexually transmitted virus that causes watery lesions in the skin and mucus membranes of the genitals. It establishes latency in neurons, from where it can sporadically reactivate to cause shedding/
  16. What do you guys think about this article about a doctor following studies about how apparently in Paris the live attenuated vaccine for shingles pretty much cured oral outbreaks in all the patients compared to the control group for years? http://jeffreydachmd.com/2015/06/shingles-vaccine-for-recurrent-herpes-simplex/
  17. Yet another vaccine candidate in preclinical stage https://www.genvec.com/product-pipeline/gv2207-hsv-2-immunotherapeutic
  18. Those results look promising for suppressing outbreaks if it is true. But if these results have been known for so long why hasn't it been made known for HSV1&2 sufferers so they can have some relief? The study doesn't say but I wonder what, if any, impact it has on shedding and replication.
  19. What do think will end up being a workable cure for those already infected with HSV-1 and HSV-2? 1. CRISPR/Cas9 2. CRISPR method discovered by Salk team with no cutting. Thus would likely put the HSV virus into a permanent latent state. 3. HCV virus peptide. This may be Abe to remove the virus without harming the cell (?). 4. One of the few vaccines in the works. 5. Vaccine from HHMI using a mutant HSV virus with gD deleted. No news for 2 years but apparently they are working on it. What’s going on? 5. Forcing the virus to stay awake and detectable by the immune s
  20. For all the vaccine, CRISPR and other work we know is being done for HSV1/2 do you believe there is likely also just as much work being done off the radar that the general public is it not even aware of?
  21. How many years away do you imagine a workable therapeutic cure will be?
  22. Interesting: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Herpes_simplex_research
  23. There are so many wealthy people in the world afflicted by herpes 1 and/or 2. Celebrities and rich and powerful people suffer from these diseases the same as the rest of us. If there was concerted effort and money applied to it this could certainly be solved in the nearer term but alas there is no such movement or focus. This needs to change.
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