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Found 7 results

  1. Looks like there is now a site that's in English selling Amenalief (amenamevir) for the rock bottom price of about $95.43 USD a day. ($668 shipped for 14 x 200mg pills at 400mg/ daily dose). Amenalief is one of the helicase primase-inhibitor class of drugs that has been around for the better part of a couple decades, but has just recently made it to market in Japan. Pritelivir is also a member of this drug class. For those that have less than stellar results from current antivirals, helicase primase-inhibitors are likely to offer a relatively impressive improvement in quality of life assuming
  2. Learningtolivewithhsv

    Advice for GHSV-1

    So I made it to month four without a visible sign of an outbreak. I had a really bad outbreak in the ending of April and was diagnosed with GHSV1. My initial outbreak took about a month to heal and left scars (a lighter pigmentation from my overall complexion on my genitals). Sadly I have been ridiculously paranoid to the point I have taken two 7 day treatments of Valtrex. More than likely it was probably just yeast infections (I get them way more than I should, even before getting hsv). I also take lysine twice a day and three times a day when I feel like an outbreak is coming on. I’ve been a
  3. Link to nice description of the 3 main antiviral drugs and chart below. http://www.emedexpert.com/compare/herpes-antivirals.shtml
  4. Does anyone know of a doctor in Germany (preferebly Berlin) who would prescribe Valacyclovir? The dermatologists I went to all refused because they said it was too expensive and they were afraid of getting in trouble with the health insurances. I need it because Acyclovir is giving me diarrhea.
  5. Hiya, I just wanted to firstly say how relieved I am that I found this community. The work you all have put in over the years is so impressive and you have collectively created an incredible resource. THANK YOU! I was wondering if I could reach out to all of you and ask for some help. I have been recently diagnosed with gHSV-2 but my first OB was two years ago. Each OB after the initial one took place while I was travelling and I could never get to a Dr in time for a definitive test. In a a way I am now relieved because at least I know with certainty what I have. In the last
  6. I have HSV2 and am currently taking 500mgs of Valacyclovir daily. My partner does not have Herpes. He is aware of my status and we have always had sex using condoms. I recently went to a new ob/gyn and when discussing my current birth control she told me it was pretty safe for me and my partner not to use condoms if I am using daily suppressive therapy. Is this true? I feel like it would be so great for him to not have to use condoms, but I also want to keep him safe. Is the risk of him contracting it so low as to be negligible?
  7. Constant Diplomat

    Unusual Valacyclovir Script

    Hey All, So I picked up a script today for Valacyclovir 500mg (generic brand Vaclovir) 30 in the box, to have on hand in case of OBs. On both the script and the printed label thing from the pharmacy, it says TWO tablets, THREE times daily. Now, I've only had this periodic style of Valacyclovir once, but from memory it was ONE Tablet, TWICE a day... Ie, Morning and Night. I had Famciclovir once which was ONE tablet THREE times a day. Anyway, I just wanted to hear from the hive as per what to do. My logical brain tells me that the doctor may have printed me some kind of script for
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