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  1. Hello, I was diagnosed with hsv1&2 earlier this year. I was prescribed 1g of valtrex (valacyclovir) a day for suppressive therapy. Valtrex helps greatly with my symtoms, but I recently had to leave my job for health reasons and will no longer have health insurance to get prescribed valtrex. Does anyone know where I can purchase valtrex (valacyclovir) online without a prescription?
  2. Looks like there is now a site that's in English selling Amenalief (amenamevir) for the rock bottom price of about $95.43 USD a day. ($668 shipped for 14 x 200mg pills at 400mg/ daily dose). Amenalief is one of the helicase primase-inhibitor class of drugs that has been around for the better part of a couple decades, but has just recently made it to market in Japan. Pritelivir is also a member of this drug class. For those that have less than stellar results from current antivirals, helicase primase-inhibitors are likely to offer a relatively impressive improvement in quality of life assuming
  3. Hey all-- So last week I was diagnosed with genital HSV-1. My doctor did a swab test. I really was not expecting the results to be positive for herpes, I'm still in shock, scared, and confused. What is really confusing to me is that my doctor while he was doing the swab test said he "didn't see any blister". What I have is very tiny and it feels like a tiny ingrown hair. It is very hard to see even with a flashlight. I went back to visit with my doctor to discuss the results and again he said what he swabbed did not look like a normal herpes blister, but it could have popped or broken, an
  4. Learningtolivewithhsv

    Advice for GHSV-1

    So I made it to month four without a visible sign of an outbreak. I had a really bad outbreak in the ending of April and was diagnosed with GHSV1. My initial outbreak took about a month to heal and left scars (a lighter pigmentation from my overall complexion on my genitals). Sadly I have been ridiculously paranoid to the point I have taken two 7 day treatments of Valtrex. More than likely it was probably just yeast infections (I get them way more than I should, even before getting hsv). I also take lysine twice a day and three times a day when I feel like an outbreak is coming on. I’ve been a
  5. Lab11

    Long term Antiviral Use

    Hi, I'm wondering if anyone on here has been on antivirals for many years like me. I have been on and off for 20 years. Most recently on for about 3. I am starting to worry about damage to my kidneys. My doctor says all my tests are fine and has no concern, but I am going to try to go off for a while. Anyone on here have the same experience? I have had hsv for 25 years and am 47 years old. I am so freaked out by both the possibility of damaging my organs and of going off and getting constant outbreaks. Could use someone in my same situation to talk to. Thank you!
  6. If you’ve followed this ASP2151 thread, you may know that I’ve been taking amenamevir (Amenalief) for about two months. In these two months, I have had absolutely no symptoms and no side effects to speak of. I’m ordering blood work soon to confirm that there are no major changes in important biomarkers (kidney, liver, heart, etc.) but I haven’t experienced any side effects that I could observe myself (headaches, diarrhea, insomnia, mood changes etc.) However, there is no data about the effectiveness of valacyclovir + amenamevir on reducing HSV recurrences. Two months of being on this combinati
  7. Since May I have been taking Valtrex. At first it was 500mg once a day then it increased to 1000mg once a day in June after frequent outbreaks persisted. I've had a total of 9 outbreaks since May and was diagnosed with hsv2 in March of this year. The past three weeks I've had severe dizziness, especially when lying down and getting up in the mornings. Today my doctor suggested taking acyclovir 400mg twice a day. Has anyone switched from acyclovir to valtrex and experienced better results/less breakouts?
  8. Scenario, I had a sexual encounter with a person in early January, I was afraid of any STD did two weeks after i got a full panel test. All results, except HSV1 were negative (I've had HSV1 for a long time). I got tested again (independent anonymous lab) 5 weeks 4 days post exposure and this time the IGG results forHSV2 cane back as 1.03. Scared, the next week I went to my doctor AND to an anonymous lab (just for comparison). My Dr results were IGG 1.08 and other lab was 1.06. My doc said positive and I stated daily valtrex. Now, 12 weeks and 2 days after exposure, my HSV2 IGG is
  9. So 4 weeks ago I tested positive for HSV 2. igg levels 1.36 took test about 1 maybe 2 days after my risky exposure which I suspect is where I contracted it I started taking Valtrex. Anyways I was taking 500 mg of Valtrex since once a day. Also taking an assortment of l-lysine ginger root, oregano oil topical and pill vitamin c list goes on. I have always eaten very clean but for that month I really tried to fast primarily on vegetables and fruits. I also decided to work out a lot of cold showers etc.. So one month goes by I get tested Igg comes back igg .92 HSV2 that's
  10. 1 st of all I want to say I wear condoms, EVERYTIME, but sometimes they do break... Would it be ok to take valtrex every time I drink and might have sex with a new woman? Maybe take 1000 mg or so, and discontinue the next day? I have no side effect with Valtrex (herpes retro viral drug), and it stops outbreaks 100%. My fear is that taking Valtrex intermitently for only 24 hour regiments might make herpes stronger, possibly resistant to Valtrex?
  11. yupitsherpes

    Why are there no commercials?

    One would think that a drug with virtually no side effects, and a majority of ppl unknowingly carrying an sti would get some air time. I don't understand. The stigma and the ignorance is frustrating and I'm tired of carrying around a 'dirty little secret'!
  12. Hi all, I have hsv2 and am wondering if Valtrex could trigger outbreaks. I realize this question sounds absurd, but bear with me. I have never used Valtrex before about 2 weeks ago when I started taking 1000mg daily for suppressive therapy (I have had hsv2 for 6 months and had 2 outbreaks so far, so I figured suppressive therapy wouldn’t be a bad idea). A few days after I started daily Valtrex therapy, I got an outbreak. Is it possible that by some mechanism Valtrex could trigger an outbreak? I realize there is no scientific data to back this up, but I am wondering if anyo
  13. Hi All, I was diagnosed with HSV-2 Herpes 8 months ago and it's been a roller coaster ride. I've learned to accept it, and have been trying to maintain a positive outlook on my situation and life. However, I constantly having reoccurring outbreaks. I'm talking about every week. Once an outbreak clears up, another follows shortly after. For the most part they are mild, but I can definitely see sores and bumps in the same areas, and automatically know it's another outbreak. I am currently talking Valtrex daily. I also take Vitamin C, Echinacea, Lysine, and Garlic pills daily. I excerci
  14. Link to nice description of the 3 main antiviral drugs and chart below. http://www.emedexpert.com/compare/herpes-antivirals.shtml
  15. I’ve been diagnosed since a year and 4 months with Herpes type 2, I haven’t had any outbreak since my intial one. I have been testing my IGG level every three months and it’s always a low positive (sometimes it’s slightly higher when I’m stressed out). Which technically means that the virus is not that active in my body. Anyway everytime I would suspect a sexual activity with someone, I’d take valtrex before days. This guy gave me oral sex, what’s his chances of contacting herpes?
  16. Hi guys, I am newly diagnosed being exposed to genital herpes late August 2017. Beginning of Sep I found blisters on my scrotum and some bumps and red colors on my penis glans that were visible when erect. IGM was positive of both HSV 1 and 2 but IGG was negative. Although the blisters cleared up, I still sometimes see different bumps and discolorations on the penis depending on the time of day and mood. I took an average of 500mg of valtrex everyday for 2 months and then stopped for a few days before I took the 3 month IGG test which showed negative again. I am going to take the test ag
  17. Beached4life

    High dose of Valtrex not working?

    I was diagnosed with HSV2 two years ago now. I take 1 g a day for suppression. But the biggest issue is that I still get outbreaks once every couple of months as well as chronic bacterial vaginal infections. Does anybody else have issues with keeping this virus at Bay?
  18. GingerMiss

    Valtrex side effect questions

    If anyone hadn't seen my last post I was recently diagnosed with HSV-2. I'm on my last day of Valtrex and I'm curious if anyone else has experienced symptoms of a UTI when taking Valtrex? The first few days I found it harder To pee, and it was a tea color instead of normal...today it feels like I have a UTI, so I've loaded up on cranberry supplements but I'm wondering if that's the valtrex or the virus? I had heard the virus can affect the urethra as well, but my outbreaks seem to only occur along my panty line on the left side, and not on my actual genitals so I thought it was worth ask
  19. Evictorious

    Just diagnosed and struggling

    I was just diagnosed this week. I am still wrapping my head around all of this. A week ago I just thought I had a yeast infection, multiple trips to the Dr, tons of swabs and test and now it's confirmed. My bloodwork IGG test showed positive hsv1 my swab test showed positive for hsv2. I do not know how I got this and that is so maddening to me. I was married for 15 years, and the last year got divorced, I have had mulitple sexual partners since then. The majority of the time I used protection. I met an amazing man that I have been dating for 4 months and he developed symptoms the same day I
  20. I contracted GHSV1 from an ex over a year ago. I haven't had an outbreak since the first one. My doctor told me the first year is usually the worst & prescribed me Valtrex 500mg, which I take, but not consistently everyday...I have missed at least a week. Especially since I do not have outbreaks, or have sex I just choose not to take it every day. So here is my problem, and I feel really terrible. I've been dating this guy who works in the medical field...we had a discussion about herpes one day, and he said it wasn't a big deal to him. That would've been the perfect opportunity to tell hi
  21. Does anyone know of a doctor in Germany (preferebly Berlin) who would prescribe Valacyclovir? The dermatologists I went to all refused because they said it was too expensive and they were afraid of getting in trouble with the health insurances. I need it because Acyclovir is giving me diarrhea.
  22. Sandraberry

    To take or not to take.

    Hi! So I started seeing this guy and I told him I have herpes. He said ok it's not a big deal and from his understanding it's usually nothing huge to worry about. He said he has friends who are in relationships where one person has it and the other doesn't. Well I've not had sex since I was diagnosed in march. I also have not had another outbreak since then. I know a lot of people take medication daily to help stop transmission. Is it really beneficial? If condoms are in use, I don't have frequent outbreaks, and it's not happening during an outbreak? I'm really new to this and I just nee
  23. I think I was exposed 7 weeks ago to the virus, and even though I have not been diagnosed yet, I am sure I have one of the two types of Genital Herpes. I My original post is this one: ( I went on the 19th to read the second set of results. The sample was taken on the 12th (4 weeks after exposure). The test they performed was once again the IgM test, and came back negative. But as many of you have read, that test is unreliable and an IgG test is the one that should be perfomed at 12-16 weeks after exposure. So, I have to wait until that time to get that lab work done.
  24. Hello! I am newly diagnosed with hsv1 and 2 from a swab. I got these from a new partner who did not know he had them, and has been supportive overall. We did use a condom. I hadn't had a partner for a few years prior to this. About a week after our night, I started to have flu like symptoms and vaginal pain but no blisters. I figured it was either a bladder infection or yeast infection or both. I finally went into my family doctor who said it could be herpes based solely on my symptoms and a new partner, but also noted she only saw redness and no sores. Sure enough, she was right. Smart lady.
  25. I've seen some people say things like "I pop an antiviral before I get a bikini wax". Does taking an anti viral before a potentially OB triggering activity work? It's not something you have to take every day and build up in your system to work? I was just diagnosed and I'm having my first outbreak. They gave me valtrex to take for 10 days . Not sure if I should ask for another script for days when I ride my bike or other things like that
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