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Found 12 results

  1. I started getting a really sore finger a couple days ago and then these bumps started showing that eventually turned into what you see in the pic. It's really painful. I looked around online a bit and it kind of matches the description of herpetic whitlow? What does everyone else think? I have HSV2 but didn't realise it could spread like this? The only thing I can think of is from itching or applying cream pre-OB. I've started taking my anti vitals and keeping a plaster on just in case
  2. I was diagnosed with HSV2 in the form of whitlow on the palm of my hand over a year ago. Since then I have had breakouts almost every single month, sometimes more. I take valcyclovir 1000mg daily and had been ob free for a couple of months. I missed one day of medication and am now struggling with a terrible outbreak. My anxiety is through the roof- especially with the fear of viral shedding when I don’t have an ob. When I have an ob I am EXTREMELY fatigued and can barely function. Does anyone else get run down this easily? I know it’s only supposed to happen with the first
  3. Meepovnickova

    Many Questions

    Hi everyone. I was recently just diagnosed with herpes whitlow on my finger and it came back positive for HVS-2. While I understand that one can get herpes anywhere, it's still quite baffling. I have struggled to discover what is going on with this finger for over a year. Until this point, where I had a full recognizable herpes outbreak in the location, the only symptoms I had were a slight itching, appearance of a bump that would later disappear while the rest of my finger would become inflamed and infected. I went to various doctors several times and they all thought it was anything and eve
  4. Confusedmw

    Herpes whitlow

    Can anyone on here with herpes whitlow describe it to me? Originally my dr had told me I had dishydrotic eczema. I had a ton of small blisters when she told me. Now I only get a couple at a time on my middle finger on the side. It doesn't bother me much and I don't have finger pain but it is itchy.
  5. I have herpes whitlow on my right hand. I take antivirals but sometimes occasionally get an outbreak on my middle finger. I have a long time ago got outbreaks on my palm but since taking antivirals daily this doesn't really happen anymore but I still feel occasional itching n tingles but don't get sores. I worry about passing this onto my baby due in September. am I supposed to wear a glove for the rest of my life? Anybody else experienced this worry?
  6. Hi all, 12 months after my HSV2 diagnosis (whitlow as well as G) and I finally got bored of googling every possible complication or unusual symptom related to this virus. My mind and body have been struggling for this past year, but it's mostly back to normal now. Haven't had an OB in almost 4 months now. I remember the panic during my first one.. it was at the start of a weekend, so I couldn't go anywhere to at least feel like I was being pro-active - all I could do was lie in bed. I couldn't believe my luck - 3 partners total (always protected, but failed on occasion) - I felt dirty and su
  7. Well, Iam a little confused, Thought I had hsv 2 , and think I DO. , I do get Herpes Whitlow .40%er.....lucky I guess.... Never any cold sores. once in awhile small blister on penis, not on every OB. Herpes Whitlow comes on 2 x to 4 x a year.....Now if I have trauma to hand, it comes. STRESS, can bring it on.. Herpes Whitlow. Right NOW I am having worst OB ever , all fingers are swollen , with small bumps, TIPS of fingers very sore. Thumbs cracking lots of PAIN. I got hsv 2 about 6 years ago. I get a small pain down below,ass itches, small pain peeing,.than BAMAM...HANDS break out....
  8. jabo0987

    Herpes Whitlow?

    So there are two pimple like nodules on my middle finger. Ever since getting HSV2 ive been freaked about everything. I usually even wash my hands with hydrogen peroxide even though who knows if it works. I know its a possibility that during urination with a unknown breakout that there is a chance of contracting herpes on the fingers. I was wondering if anyone has this and how they treat it, does it come back as often as normal outbreaks in the genital area?
  9. My hand has blossomed into the monstrosity. Anyone have an opinion or personal experience with whitlow? My dr said it was a reaction and gave me steroid cream but I'm not convinced. It is in the same location on my other hand as well only less severe. Any advice would be appreciated, Help!
  10. Hello All- First post and I'm happy I found this forum. I'm a mid 40's female and have had HSV1 since grade school. Always nasty outbreaks on my lips, but never anywhere else. As careful as I was, it spread to genitals. For years I had no idea the tiny slits I'd get once in awhile inside my vagina walls where OBs. Not until less than a year ago did the gHSV1 ramp up. Additionally, I'm now 99.9% positive I have Whitlow. Again, now looking back, I may have had it since a child, but it never fully introduced itself like the past few weeks. I'd get hard red bumps on my fingers, in-betwee
  11. I was just diagnosed (swabbed) with whitlow (HSV-1) after finger to genital contact with a female who has never had an outbreak (allegedly). From what I have read, this is an extremely rare way to contract the virus and I have a few questions I was hoping someone could answer for me.... 1) How long will I know if I autoinoculated another part of my body? My initial signs of OB occurred 9-10 days after contact. I popped the blister not knowing what it was, washed it immediately, and began applying antibiotic with another finger. 2) Do anti-virals lower the chances of autoinoculation?
  12. Snugglebuns

    Herpetic Whitlow?

    Hey all! Newbie here. I've yet to see a derma about this (smart huh?), but upon doing EXTENSIVE research, I've come to the conclusion that what I've been suffering from as a young child (9-10 y/o) is Herpetic Whitlow. Readings claim that people most prone to whitlow are dental assistants and children. Basically, every month or few months, I get a blister-LIKE bump on the sides of my fingers, or the pads of my fingers, or around my nail beds. Starts off as a painful bump, which then forms a small white almost center to it, under the skin. At this point of the outbreak, if I squeeze them, they j
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