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Found 7 results

  1. Surprise

    Test results at 13 weeks

    I jus got my test results back and I'm soo confused. I have been having nerve pain and pain in my left hip. Some back pain but found out that I have low vitamin D which can cause back pain. However, I have still been following my mother's regimen and I have some new symptoms of butt tingling and scalp tingling and ear pain. However, my test results are still NEGATIVE! I believe my mother's regime is working. I'm baffled, but I'm happy! I will test again at 16 weeks and continue my treatment 💪🏾 . However, I have heard about some people testing neg for up to a year out! Therefore, I'm still worried but hopeful
  2. Surprise

    Test results at 9 weeks

    I got my test results back today and 2morro is my birthday. I went back and fourth on waiting until Saturday to look at the results so I could enjoy my Birthday in peace but I couldn't. I did the unthinkable and I looked at my results and they were negative!!!!! I'm sooo happy and I think I'm done with re-testing at least for now what a Bday gift I truly believe my mother's regimen along with my added supplements help create another neg test I know for a fact that I came into contact with this life long disease. However, it doesn't have to be I truly believe that if you come in contact with this disease that you can beat it with the right regimen. I'm bringing in my B-day with a 😊
  3. Please be honest https://ibb.co/pKqQKnN https://ibb.co/TkqZJ5y This pic is six days after I took both of the pictures above. If I had herpes would it heal that quick I don't see crust or scan. https://ibb.co/K7sXPM4
  4. Got results back and there neg for hsv2. I took both IgG and IgM I know that I should be happy but I'm frustrated Abt the not knowing. Currently I have no sypmtoms as of now except early this morning some tingling in buttocks I had drinks last night don't know if it was the sugar that could have caused the tingling. Nonetheless, I went off my fast yesterday back on it today. However, no itching, burning, stinging I'm a little worried Abt my mom's regime don't know if it's curing or supressing test results. I have decided at least for now not to retest but sometimes I change my mind and do it anyway. Sometimes I'm impulsive soo if both are neg is it a good thing?
  5. I took another test at 7weeks post exposure and the internal medicine Dr gave me both test Igg and Igm. I hope that I'm not about to stress myself out again about the test results. Then I was told to wait 7-10 days which it never takes that long to get results. Anyway can someone shed some light on testing I would love to here about your experience and any advice on Igm test results. The CDC said that the Igm tests were not very good and often gives false positive. However, when I shared this with the internal medicine Dr he disagreed he said the test we're accurate. Since I've joined this group I have gotten a lot of info from u guys and I trust your opinion more. Plz advise
  6. I got my results back and it's neg for hsv2 6 weeks after exposure. However, I have oral hvs1 so I think I have some immunity to hsv2 will this effect my results? For example can my partial immunity delay a positive result for hsv2? Is the blood test accurate? Should I retest Plz advise?
  7. Had unprotected sex aug 14, got std tested results came back positive for chlamydia I then got medication which gave me positive results for bacterial vaginosis. Told tdoctor my symptoms and after taking a swab of my cervix during a wellness exam she told me nothing looking out of the ordinary. Fast forward to now, I'm still getting itches and stings from time to time in my vagina and for about a month now I have been having back main mostly lower back pain arm aches leg aches feet aches hip aches and pelvic aches. (Could this be prodrome?) During this time I have had a big bump that looked somewhat like a cyst that just went down on its own and peeled a bit but never popped. For a while my Anus was always itchy but that subsided once I forced myself to stop scratching. I have had bumps or pimples on thighs and the bottom of my butt cheek that also never popped and just went away on its own (assumed pimples or razor bumps) Haven't had any swelling in the lymph nodes though. Sometime last week my clit had a tiny pain I say tiny bc I barely even noticed it, but there was small pain while I peed and a day later I look in the mirror and notice redness around it. Didn't hurt or itch when I touched it. I'm On my period now and so far as of today I haven't had any lower back pain. Now idk if all of these symptoms have come from my worrying, as I have been having anxiety about herpes since the unprotected sex in august, but it's driving me crazy I look in a 5x mirror everyday noticing every little bump freaking out wondering if it could be herpes and then when it goes away I feel a bit better just to find something else the next day. but when describing these bumps to the doctor she says they're more than likely razor bumps or pimples and to go back once and if they ever ooze and I haven't been back bc like I said they never popped nothing ever oozed out of the bumps I seen. Today while checking in the mirror I noticed some red or flesh colored bumps I'd wet much appreciate if someone looked at them for me ! Please give me some type of feedback I am praying on this ! The first thre pictures are from today the 4th pic was about two days ago. https://m.imgur.com/SAV1s00 https://m.imgur.com/GbIj2WU https://m.imgur.com/qWvuvNE https://m.imgur.com/sBX0nlw area at the op of my vagina two days ago (1st pic) and now (2nd pic) https://m.imgur.com/gBWR9N5 https://m.imgur.com/7fxl90Z @WilsoInAus please offer feedback!! Thank you so much
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