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Found 9 results

  1. Hi, I have consistent folliculitis in my genital area that has been confirmed before when I went for doctors appointments. I just had a boil on my outer labia about 3 weeks ago. When I noticed the bump(which was under the skin) there was a raised bump below the boil that was not firm at all. Everytime I applied pressure with my finger to the boil, pus would come out of the other bump. I assumed they were connected. Two days after that I had sex with my boyfriend and a few days after that, I noticed that the bump that was not firm was now red. It kinda looked like a blister so that concerned me. When I squeezed the bump pus squirted out, then a clear liquid. I put a hot towel to it and pus and blood popped out with some clear liquid. After that was drained out the bump was no longer raised and just went flat. The next day it was still red but lighter in color. It went away quickly and the firm boil above it also went down alot but I can still feel it under the skin if I search for it. Was this an outbreak or just bacteria? Can folliculitis or a boil turn to a herpes blister? All feedback is welcome and I am scheduling a dr appointment as soon as I can. Also I want to add that I am an African American woman and I was told my curly pubic hair could cause more boils and folliculitis.
  2. Hi everyone, I recently had unprotected sex with a girl, the day after I noticed my penis glans was red and sore. Since that my glans has cracks and is still slightly red, I get an occasional itchy glans. Just wondered if you could help me. Photos of my penis will be attached .Thank you
  3. Hi expert, I'm currently awaiting muy swab result but meantime I'm nervous to know if these symptoms are herpes related: 1. Feel something crawling on my vagina and I feel itchy from it 2. Burning sensation inside vagina and feel painful too 3. Feel swollen on my vagina lips and inside of the vagina. Painful and red vagina.. I feel very raw skin 4. No obvious sore/ulcer found inside or outside the vagina I went to my doc and after she examine she told I do not have ulcer hence she insist it was not herpes. But she dignosed me with trich as she mentioned I had frothy discharge. After finished 5 days of antibiotics symptoms does not go away and swab for trich came back negative. I request my doc to swab me for herpes this time. Is my symptoms likely to be genital herpes? I'm so in pain and uncomfortable down there. Can't wait another week for my swab result.
  4. Jacob()()()

    Help me

    I’ve had this bump, it was red big, but not painful. I popped it, stupidly. It’s Been two months. The bump hasn’t changed, it doesn’t burst, it doesn’t itch. When I feel it, there is like a ball inside the bump that is hard. What is it. I’m so worried.
  5. Oceansateskylar

    Please help I’m worried

    Hello everyone I’m 16 almost 17 and a couple weeks ago I had a patch on my face that I thought was herpes it looked like it a little but I didn’t know It didn’t hurt or itch or anything. It finally went away but now weeks later my one part of my gum is a little swollen and my eye lid is a little swollen. I’m really scared they don’t itch or anything. My eye has a little reb mark at the corner or my eye lid. I just am scared I don’t know what having heroes would mean for me. But anyway any thoughts
  6. Canitreallybe33

    Does this Look like herpes

    I received oral sex protected about 5 months ago , also penetration protected. I have no symptoms other than my penis glans and scrotum havesignificantly changed. A doctor told me to let my penis out more often to get some air, but when it does it gets super wrinkly and ugly looking , like if it has excessive skin. But when it's fully erect it looks perfectly normal. Also it looks ashy and more white. I've tested both hsv1 and 2 igg for 5 straight months and all of them have been negative. Thanks.
  7. Does this look normal or does it look like a penis with herpes? Never paid attention to my penis till I had sex and then started to worry about stds. Seems to wrinkly/cracked , doesn't hurt.
  8. Hello Honeycomb! As you know there is a petition going that was recently posted to help get Dr. Halford in front of some important people to discuss his vaccine. Ok, I am in a research group and it has been said that the petition is going to the wrong person. The petition is going to Rational Vaccine instead of congress. I posted this in one of my groups hoping at least this would bring awareness to hsv. Whoever started the petition please have it forwarded to the right people. @passionatepisces
  9. Today I was diagnosed. I still don't know how or why this has happened. I've been with only my husband for 8 years. He has never had a Herpes 2 break out--that he can remember. I'm just so hurt and confused right now. I did sleep with 2 others before my husband but that was almost more than 10 years ago. I know 90% of people who have it don't know but really? 8 years with my husband and I get diagnosed?? And right before we want to try for our second child. I'm so stressed now. I don't want any harm to come to our next child. Sorry that was a lot
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