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Top Herpes Prevention/Treament Techniques

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Hey everyone,

I have seen that this has been attempted before, but since I am a stubborn mule and I am going to give it a try again.

In your PERSONAL experience with the Big H...

What prevention techniques have been most successful for you?


After an outbreak what treatment techniques have helped the healing process?

As for my opinion, I unfortunately have none. I have had this stupid thing for 10 years and haven't had an OB (or at least none that I was aware of) until Wednesday besides the initial. Not only was it an OB, but a bad one!

Quite honestly, I haven't done anything in the past years to prevent it, but have generally tried to live a healthy lifestyle just because.

So now that one popped up after all this time (I think I figured out why and am working on those issues) I feel like a newbie at this. I bought all this stuff in hopes of treating the stupid OB and now being more concious of prevention.

I think input in one thread from the experienced would be a great resource!

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I have had this thing for more or less as long as you...but unfortunately I have had quite a few obs during this time...

So perhaps you can give us some reccomendations based on your healthy lifestyle that kept you OB-free? :)

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Quite honestly I have lived as if I didn't have it. When I was diagnosed with it I was so upset and devesated because I believe I got it from my cheating dirty scummy boyfriend at the time OR there was an unfortunate acquintance rape situation. It was awful.

Anyway, after the first outbreak and the official nod from the doc and I just did what I did. I have to admit I wasn't the picture of health back then.

In the last 10 years I did turn to vegetarianism (now a meat eater again) and tried to eat healthy, but I always ate the food on the "no-no" list. I drink beer and I have at times drank A LOT of it. But like I mentioned I never did any of this because of the herpes. I did it because I want to live a long, healthy life and wanted to be proactive vs. reactive.

Even though I am not a veg head anymore I have remained aware of my diet. That isn't to say I haven't slipped up, I love ice cream and Peanut M&M's.

Why an outbreak now? I am in a situation that has created a lot of stress and lack of sleep and I have ALLOWED it to alter my personality thus losing the laid back positive attitude. I totally believe in the mind/body connection and I honestly believe this OB is my body telling to take a step back and re-evaluate.

I wish I could say I did X, Y, Z and that is why I haven't had an OB since my first, but I can't. Of course, I may have and just overlooked it because it manifested itself as a bump and never developed into a full blown OB. Like mentioned the only thing different in my life has been my ultra crappy attitude and letting life get to me.

Step 1 - Recognize the problem, Step 2 - Change the problem. Hello day spa! LOL!

Here's to de-stressing!


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Thanks, so now we have something...The less meat - the better chance of less occurences of HSV.

The more sugar - the more possibility of OBs.

Meat= not so good

Sugar= bad

Lack of sleep=bad


Positive attitude=GOOD

I know this already but I have to remind myself all the time :D:roll:;)

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herpsuffero8, how were you able to live as if you didnt have H? Didn't it cross your mind anytime you were in the position to be physical with someone? How did you handle that issue?

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I mean I didn't completely act like I didn't have it. I dealt with that when necessary and no one I have ever been has contracted it, at least that I am aware of. Of course I have been super selective and my list of men is very, very short and I've been in long relationships with all of them (married to two of them, arggh).

But besides that the initial telling that was it. I don't let herpes define me. It totally sucks that I will have it for the rest of my life, but I can think of much worse things to have. Also, it probably helps that I haven't had to think about it often because I didn't have recurrences often. I just never had it in the forefront of my mind all the time.

It is what it is you know? I can't change it, I can only deal with it the best I know how.

I wanted to point out about the meat thing, I was a vegetarian for 7 years and then I moved overseas and being a veg head became uber difficult. For the last 3 1/2 years I have been meat eater, but not as heavily as I was pre-veg head days. I still have the veg head mentality, but I don't eat meat every day, or even once a week. I do eat fish and eggs though. I am not a big milk drinker, but I eat cheese and yogurt. I drink Soy Milk in place of cow's milk. I am a walking contradication! LOL!

As for the sugar thing i can't say for sure, because I definitely have a sweet tooth aka fat tooth. I love sweets and have consumed mass amounts of it in the last 10 years. Sometimes all at once, but mostly spread out. Hehe.

I mean I am not going to stop living right? I've given up a lot bad vices that I want to hold on to some of the small pleasures in life.

Lack of sleep, crappy attitude, stress definitely uber bad. Aye Caramba!!!

Oh, I had been reading about this Purell phenonemon on this post and ok, I have an OB, but I wanted it to heal a bit faster. So I tried the Purell and it "seemed" to work. Of course I don't have something to compare it to because this may have been the normal healing time, but it is all scabbed up now. It burned like, well, you know what! Gosh! Has anyone else had any success with Purell?

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