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New HSV-1 Diagnosis...need advice please!

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This is going to be super long, but I am really broken and need some advice.

Three weeks ago my monogamous partner of two years and I went to the Caribbean. He was snorkeling a lot and got a pretty bad case of sunburn.

5 days after we came home we had a night of really intense oral sex. I have very small sensitive breasts and am usually against him sucking too hard on them but we were both really into it that night and in addition to the oral sex, he was sucking much harder than normal on my nipples.

Over the next few days, my nipples were very sore and sort of chaffed but this seemed appropriate. About 5-6 days afterwards, I started getting flu like symptoms, and my nipples seemed to be getting worse instead of better. I had body aches, chills (but no fever), and worst of all, diarrhea for the next 4 days. I took immodium and vitamins and was putting neosporin on my not healing very well and extremely sore nipples.

From having diarrhea for all of these days straight, I started to get a really sore bottom, which seemed normal for how gross I had been feeling. The diarrhea went away, but I was starting to get really worried about my nipples. They were both now starting to look as if I had sore bite marks on them, although this is not what had happened. I felt embarrassed, because it looked as if I had not known when to say when, but I called a gyn I had seen here in New York (I moved here 4 years ago and have yet to find one I really like, so I have been going to different ones each year).

I made an appointment for her to look at my nipples, and she felt that there was not an infection, but to be on the safe side wanted me to go on antibiotics because of the human salvia factor. She suggested using lanolin cream on them. She also asked me if anything else was going on and I told her I was having a really sore bottom from a stomach flu. She asked me I wanted her to look at that to since I was there and I was like sure, why not.

As soon as she looked at my bottom, she said this looks like Herpes. I started freaking out and saying there just sores from diarrhea/wiping and she was insistent that I should have a culture and blood test done. She also gave me prescriptions for Valtrex and Zovirax, but said I could wait to fill them until my results came back. I did however start taking the antibiotic she put me on.

Still in shock, I had both done and came home feeling awful. That was Tuesday. Not long before we began dating, my partner and I had both been tested for STD's, although he is sure he was tested for herpes but unsure if it was only for Type 2.

During this week, I went through every emotion, I was actually feeling angry at this gyn for throwing this at me, when to me it seemed clear that it was not herpes. I had my partner examine me and there were two tiny sores, but my whole anal area seemed red and inflamed. I had no irritations or sores in my vaginal area.

Today, I called for my test results, totally expecting her to say that they were negative. Instead she said that my culture was positive for Type 1 herpes and my bloodwork was negative for both. She explained that this indicated I had never been exposed to the virus before and this was a first outbreak. She said that my partner must have Type 1 herpes and must have given this to me. She said to go get the scripts filled and call her after 7 days of taking the Valtrex to come in.

After having a mini meltdown, I am coming to terms with this. My partner did not and has never that he remembers had cold sores. I mentioned the sunburn in the beginning, because in reading tonight online I found that this can cause a dormant virus to reawaken. Has this been anyone else's experience?

What I am really concerned about now as well is my nipples. I was so shocked when she gave me the results that I didn't ask her about this, but again after researching tonight I see that what may be going on is herpes on my nipples as well. When I was at her office, she never mentioned this either. Can anyone share if they have had this experience? Now that they are healing a bit more and looking really close tonight, it does look like small blisters are underneath what was more of a wound before.

As I said, i am feeling so broken and worn out. My nipples have been so sore now for almost two weeks, and it is extremely painful still to have a bowel movement. Seeking any advice on similar situations, things to eat to feel better, vitamins or herbal remedies...any help would be so appreciated.

Thanks so much

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Hi lola,

I'm sorry to hear that you are going through all this pain. I don't know how much I can offer in terms of foods and herbal remedies other than lots of members here use a multi-vitamin, Vitamin C, l-lysine and an immune support supplement. If you can check the Treatment Zone section you may find more info there.

As for the sores you want to do what you can to keep them dry. Some will take epsom salts baths to aid in healing and you can dab some peroxide, alcohol or witch hazel on the sores but only until they start scabbing. At that point you are on your way to healing and it will almost be over. Considering this has been going on for two weeks you may be close to being over this outbreak. The Treatment Zone may have some suggestions for topicals also.

I hope it's over for you soon and that you'll feel comfortable in the very near future. If you have any more questions, we're here to help. I do want to warn you though, it's kinda slow around here on the weekends so be patient. Let us know how you're doing.

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I'm sorry to hear this has happened. Your guy could have been asymptomatic and not shown signs until the sunburn brought them out. He could have been infected his whole life and not known.

I don't know about the nipples, but assume you could get them anywhere on your body. I would definately call the doctor on that one.

I have genital HSV-1. Because it is not in its "preferred" location, you can expect that any future outbreaks should not be as severe and if you eat right, will be uncommon. Some never have another one after the first.

When I was diagnosed, I did the complete opposite of everyone here. I was fine with it. I looked at how it would affect me day to day and decided it definately wasn't as bad as my other health problems. It took being catheterized and then back on the single scene before the reality really hit me.

Things will turn out alright. It really isn't that bad, though it feels terrible now. Once you get through this initial outbreak, it will get much easier.

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Try a Lysine supplement for cold sores

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    • Cas9
      OK sir, let me explain so even you can understand. When I speak of inaccessibility, I'm referring to the immune system; i.e. In general, the immune system does not enter cells and kill viruses. Further, because the herpes virus resides in the neuronal cells, the immune system wont kill those cells (for obvious reasons) to clear the virus. The end result is that the virus is inaccessible by the immune system and the virus remains for life. My statement is/was accurate.  
    • NewToTheHive
      Well guys, i had the talk... and it went even worse than I thought. He refused to talk to me in person, so I had to do it through text. He said “well I’ve never had symptoms, so I’m not getting tested. You work in the medical field, you probably paid someone to fabricate those test results to try to trap me into a relationship. I will have no further contact with you” ... and then he blocked me from everything. And THEN less than 24 hours later, messaged my old room mate asking her to come over for a beer and movie night.  HES DISGUSTING!! I was considering taking legal action against him, because with his total lack of sympathy, and the fact that he tried to sleep with my friend less than 24 hours after I told him, I think he knew he had it and just didn’t care... so I messaged his ex on Facebook to see if She knew he had it. She wasn’t sure but she is definitely going to get tested now... she told me he is an extreme narcissist and emotionally manipulates people. ... after doing my research, it all makes sense.    So since hes not sorry, I decided to do some type of revenge. I reported him for fishing without a license, and having a trailer with no tags. I’m not sure if he got cited or not, but the cops definitely investigated... because about an hour after my complaint I got 4 consecutive calls from a blocked number less than a minute apart.... he was angry and trying to reach me.    Im just devastated that he did this to me and doesn’t even care. He lead me to believe he cared about me
    • WilsoInAus
      Well you’re nearly there. As you say you can’t patent a natural substance such as vitamin C. Anyone can use it and develop their own product.  Nothing stopping this with your mushroom then!
    • Godcanhealme
      @WilsoInAus Another display of ignorance, here’s an example, vitamin c is found in nature, you cannot patent vitamin c, but you can make your own mixture of compounds where vitamin c is the pertinent substance and patent that mixture,  regardles though, the main ingredient is an extracted compound found in nature, or perhaps they synthesized a very close mimicking compound so yes you can patent naturally occurring compounds if you know how to make it original like the example I gave above 
    • lennyblastoff
      possibly not there are a few members on this site who got the vaccine and gpt a bad reaction to it 

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