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hey guys =[

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Im 17. Yeah well a week and a half ago I recieved oral sex from some girl. Day or two after I started to hear rumors about her having herpes and stuff, even though she says she doesnt. Several days ago I started to notice a small red rash on my penis along with really small bumps. I then noticed yesterday it got bigger and now its basically covering one part of my penis, and is starting to get itchy. I basically know that I have it, since the symptoms match up with what iv read.

And now im just so depressed. I just started going out with this girl who i really like (not the one i got it from) and now this happens. Im probably going to go to a doctor soon... but as for right now... im really depressed about it... have cried over it, blah blah. So yeah, what can I expect from here... like in the next few days, then weeks, etc.

thanks alot guys.

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Sorry to hear about what you are experiencing right now in light of your situation. It would have been a good idea if you had gotten in to see the doc by now for a swab culture. At least it may have been possible to give you an accurate diagnosis if that were done early in the game and you might have had some answers by the end of the week.

If they do a swab when you get in to see him just remember that if it comes back negative it could be that it just missed being able to detect any viral load and you will have to wait for another outbreak to be swabbed.

If thats the case you could have the blood test and same goes there. If you do it now it can come back negative because it takes time for you to build antibodies but at least you would know that you didn't have it before. Blood tests are accurate between 12-16 weeks for most people.

If hsv is what you are dealing with here and the rash starts developing into blisters, it's not going to be a picnic. You can dab some peroxide or alcohol on them to help dry them out, (warning, it burns) but when they reach a scabbing stage, keep them dry and don't pick at them. They will be on the way out at this point.

Please be sure to practice good hygiene while you have sores and wash your hands thoroughly any time you touch the area or you could spread it to other areas of your body.

Good luck with the doctors visit and I'll be hoping for you that it isn't hsv. If you need some help, let us know.

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Hi and welcome! I'm glad you found us. This is a great place for support.:)

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Thanks to both of you above me ^

Ok, question now.

I first started noticing a small red blotch about a week ago, and then on Sunday I noticed how it spread alot, to both the head and shaft. It's Wed now, and nothing has really changed. What should I expect is the coming days?

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Try a Lysine supplement for cold sores

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    • Stupida
      @srinivas thank you for the suggestion. Are you on antivirals? How long have you had HSV? How well do you feel now that you are taking the supplements?
    • Trace67
      It doesnt really mean much yet. They still dont know if the herpes is taking advantage of a diseased brain or causing the disease. Furthermore, there is evidence that Alzheimer's might be caused by oral spirochete disease and even Lyme. Many of you could have oral Spirochetes but the Lyme and is less likely. https://globallymealliance.org/pathogen-cause-alzheimers-disease/ https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5008232/ https://newsblog.drexel.edu/2016/02/10/do-infections-cause-alzheimers-disease/   Of course it could be both! Maybe having hsv-1 and oral spirochetes quadruples the risk.  In my opinion the spirochete theory sounds more likely and its hard to dismiss neurosurgeons and caretakers getting Alzheimers from a disease that was previously thought to be non contagious. I'd worry more about Spirochetes.  
    • Rgs77
      Did ldn work.
    • honkschonks
      I wonder if people in the military are tested for hsv, because the general public isn’t. You have to specifically ask for it and many doctors don’t even see the point because it’s “so common”. It’s very possible he has it and has no symptoms or very mild random symptoms. Sorry to hear what you’re dealing with. It seems like women’s symptoms are worse than men’s.
    • WilsoInAus
      No that’s not the issue at all. The absolute vast majority of nerve pain is not caused by herpes. Hence it cannot be used to reverse engineer a diagnosis of herpes. That is exceptinally dangerous and we must do all we can encourage proper diagnosis.

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