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experience with transmission

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I have had HSV-2 for about 10 years. So far I have not transmitted the infection to a partner. I take daily Valtrex, have few outbreaks and always check for sores before having intercourse. Today I had no signs of an outbreak and had unprotected sex with my partner. After he went home I noticed that a small red area had developed that looks pretty suspicious. Other factors are that we showered right after and he has HSV-1 which I heard reduces transmission. I am freaking out right now. Has anyone been in this situation...and has it ever turned out favorably? I will never forgive myself if I spread it to him.

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I'm going to say that it is most likely from friction or irritation. Yes, there are times when Valtrex doesn't stop outbreaks, but it is usually very good at it. And yes - HSV1 is somewhat protective against HSV2, but not very much.

I guess the question is: does he know that you have HSV2?

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I would agree and say it is friction/irritation.

you know, a while back, my partner and I had sex (with condoms) and I noticed midway through coitus I was having a familiar irritable/painful feeling "down there".

So I made him stop, went to the bathroom, checked out the nether regions....and sure enough I noticed that I had a small red "bump" that looked to be rubbed open. I was desolate and totally worried I had for SURE passed it to him. Told him the bad news and he was like "eh, we will just watch out for it."

It is weird because I almost ALWAYS know when I am having an outbreak. Tell tale signs and symptoms before, then the outbreak itself. This time , it snuck up on me without me knowing.

Long story short...he is STILL hsv negative today. Perhaps the condoms helped. Perhaps the virus was just weak at that particular outbreak, thus, didn't transmit. perhaps it is HIS formidable immune system. Perhaps all of the above.

SO...you never know!! hence the reason I tell people to always use condoms (I know I know, they are not 100% against transmission, but so what!!? They can be FUN and they are nice and neat and tidy!) and to just clean up well afterwards. That is all we can do.

Five years and still no sign of herpes in him. So......

Try not to worry to much.

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Try a Lysine supplement for cold sores

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    • Stupida
      @srinivas thank you for the suggestion. Are you on antivirals? How long have you had HSV? How well do you feel now that you are taking the supplements?
    • Trace67
      It doesnt really mean much yet. They still dont know if the herpes is taking advantage of a diseased brain or causing the disease. Furthermore, there is evidence that Alzheimer's might be caused by oral spirochete disease and even Lyme. Many of you could have oral Spirochetes but the Lyme and is less likely. https://globallymealliance.org/pathogen-cause-alzheimers-disease/ https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5008232/ https://newsblog.drexel.edu/2016/02/10/do-infections-cause-alzheimers-disease/   Of course it could be both! Maybe having hsv-1 and oral spirochetes quadruples the risk.  In my opinion the spirochete theory sounds more likely and its hard to dismiss neurosurgeons and caretakers getting Alzheimers from a disease that was previously thought to be non contagious. I'd worry more about Spirochetes.  
    • Rgs77
      Did ldn work.
    • honkschonks
      I wonder if people in the military are tested for hsv, because the general public isn’t. You have to specifically ask for it and many doctors don’t even see the point because it’s “so common”. It’s very possible he has it and has no symptoms or very mild random symptoms. Sorry to hear what you’re dealing with. It seems like women’s symptoms are worse than men’s.
    • WilsoInAus
      No that’s not the issue at all. The absolute vast majority of nerve pain is not caused by herpes. Hence it cannot be used to reverse engineer a diagnosis of herpes. That is exceptinally dangerous and we must do all we can encourage proper diagnosis.

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