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I'm new here

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Hi everyone.I am new here and just got diagnosed with genital herpes.I really think I have had this for years as had mild symptoms that I never paid attention to until now with my first outbreak.Has anyone else had mild

symptoms over the years?I guess right now I am just scared when my next outbreak will be.as this first one was so painful.I am on acyclovir.does anyone take meds on a daily basis or is it just when you have an outbreak.

Any advice and encouragement right now would be so helpful.

thanks so much


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Hi Katherine,

I always hate welcoming new members to this club but there aren't many places to go for answers to this.

There are lots of members here who have had such mild symptoms that they didn't recognize it as HSV. Some members take the anti-virals daily for suppression and some take it on an outbreak only basis, it's all up to the individual and the frequency of their outbreaks. You'll probably determine which works best for you when you become familiar with your pattern.

My hopes for you is that they are rare occurrences and that this virus is easy on you.

So, welcome, and if you need help, whether it's support or just answers, feel free to ask.

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I to hate welcoming new comers to this forum. I sure hope you find all the comfort you need here.

I am new to this myself. I was diagnosed 4 months ago with genital herpes type 1. i do not know what type you have, but from what I have read and was told that type one genitally the outbreaks are not has severe and not as frequent because it prefers the oral area(lips). Type 2 usually prefers the genitals and most people do not have symptoms or if they do they are mild while others have outbreaks any where from 4-8 times a year. This virus varies from person to person depending on location, what type and the persons immune system. I take Valtrex daily even though my Doctor told me i did not need to, I chose to because it gives me some control over a virus that in my mind controls me. (on some days not all). I have been outbreak free for 4 months, so i guess as far as how the medication will help you only time will tell you that. But it does seem like before you were diagnosed you seemed to of had mild ob, so maybe this is what it will be like for you. I wish you the best and will say a prayer for you. Take care. :p

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Welcome Katherine,

Just to share my experience with you, I was diagnosed a year ago when I had my first outbreak. I haven't had another actual outbreak since. I've had prodromal symptoms but they never went into a full blown ob. Hopefully you will go a long time inbetween too.

To the right of this forum page there are links to loads of valuable information on how to manage the virus. Everything from diet to the emotional aspects of having hsv. Reading as much as you can about hsv will help you feel like you have some control over the virus (and your body again). It's been a huge help for me.

Nice to meet you ;)

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La Femme

Hi Katherine

You've come to the right place for answers. I am also very new here (2 weeks and 1 day old to be exact). I was also diagnosed with GH but am not sure what type I have.

I am not as well educated as others in regards to the virus, but I can share some of my experiences. You mentioned in your post that you have had mild symptoms. What symptoms have you actually had?

As for me, I've never had an actual sore on my genitals nor on my lip area. I have had a raised bump that would recurringly appear right after sex. This bump would go away within a matter of a few days. It never really hurt, but I felt just a little discomfort. Other than that, I truly have never noticed anything. If I had to self diagnose, I would say that I'm asymptomatic.

My diagnosis shows that my IgG anti-body count is 40.2 which means its an old infection (I wish I knew how old). Other than my mind playing tricks on me every time I feel an itch down there, I have never had an outbreak.

Not sure if any of this helps, but I'll be more than happy to answer questions if I can.

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Thanks everyone

Thanks so much everyone for the warm welcome..I have had such mild symptoms over the years.I would just be sore inside and itchy sometimes.esp on the outsideI.but just thought it was dry skin. thought it was just me.But never gave this a thought until I actually had my first episode..I am going to my gyno in a week from now.I am hoping she will give me more medicine in case I have another outbreak.I have been soaking in epsom salt and usuing my hairdryer on cool setting to try and dry me out.It does help.The hardest part was when I first had it the intense pain when you had to go to the bathroom.that wasn't fun..

I am so glad that we have so many people that can relate to one another here and knowing we aren't alone.


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